Greg Brophy Slams Stephens, “Amycare”

Video above from a Republican "Meet the Candidates" event in Estes Park this past Saturday, attended by Republican gubernatorial candidates Greg Brophy, Steve House, and Mike Kopp. There was a lot of uninteresting boilerplate discussion at this event, but it turned briefly lively when an audience member brought up the subject of Colorado's new health insurance exchange–known to many conservatives derisively as "Amycare" after its chief Republican proponent Rep. Amy Stephens. Stephens, as you may know, is now a candidate in the crowded GOP U.S. Senate primary.

Brophy doesn't have much use for Stephens or "Amycare."

AUDIENCE: I've got three questions, but I need to ask one, that's my hot button. These health care exchanges. What are we going to do about Amycare? [Pols emphasis]

BROPHY: First and foremost, though, I actually think it's going to fail of its own weight, really really soon. You can't have 335,000 Coloradans lose their health insurance this year, and guess what–even more are going to lose their insurance next fall because the small business mandate will kick into effect next fall. And everybody, or almost everybody who is employed by a small business they get their health insurance through is going to lose it then also…

We can, and if we have a Republican legislature we can repeal the health care exchange law. Period. Just repeal the darn thing. And it's failing also…

Mel's asked this question before, he's kind of wedded to the idea of the second place finisher in the Senate primary being the Lt. Governor. But what if that person was a supporter of the health care exchanges? That would be absolutely unacceptable to me… [Pols emphasis]

We pointed out a few weeks ago that Brophy seemed to have decided that bashing his fellow candidates for Governor was his only real option since his own campaign can't raise any money. But now Brophy is starting down the path of bashing any Republican candidates running in 2014.

As you already know or at least should know, Brophy's spiel about 335,000 Coloradans who have "lost their health insurance" is nonsense–but nobody in this forum was going to take issue with that. There's no mention of Stephens by name from Brophy, but the stated goal of repealing her signature achievement in the legislature, and the unequivocal judgment that no supporter of the health insurance exchange would be "acceptable" to him…safe to say, everyone in that forum understood what Brophy was getting at.

Next time we write that Stephens has base problems, you don't have to take our word for it.

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  1. Moderatus says:

    Whatever happened to the 13th Commandment? Brophy should know better. Bad form.

    • BlueCat says:

      Who cares? Amy is going nowhere.

    • hawkeye says:

      Stephens is a RINO … 13th Commendment does not apply.

      • roccoprahn says:

        I don't know about that. Stevens is a wild eyed anti choice zealot, was employed by focus on the family for a long time, and kisses up to the gunzos. Her teabag resume is actually pretty strong.

        Her only "mistake" was caring about the uninsured and the cost lack of coverage brings the taxpayer via, for instance, the ER. 16 years ago, when republicans were touting "individual responsibility" and the virtues of health care reform, when she worked for Owens, then Bush, she'd have been a "staunch, rock ribbed conservative".

        Wow, how times, political dogma, and definitions change within the republican party with a not  completely white POTUS. 


    • Davie says:

      What is it with Republicans and numbers?  It was the 11th Commandment.

      Oh, wait, now I know where you got that:

      Herman Cain invokes '13th Commandment'

      You really go for flash-in-the-pan candidates?

      • BlueCat says:

        How embarrassing for Modster. Unless he's really a big Hermanator fan. Maybe he could fill us in on the missing 12th commandment?  And speaking of Hermanator. remember when some Rs were talking up a constitutional amendment that would allow the Governator to run for President? Back before Obama brought forth the birthers? How popular the Governator was?  In today's GOTP, I suppose he's considered several levels lower than a RINO.

    • Curmudgeon says:

      Yoo vill not speak against anuzzer Republican!  Yoo vill not violate zee Seerteentse Commandment!!  

      Wow.. who knew Moddy was such a GOP party groupthink thought police Nazi?

      Oh, wait… we all did.  

  2. Early Worm says:

    Why do they hate "Amycare?"  If you repeal the state exchange, Coloradoans get the federal exchange. Do they think that is better?  Are they in support of federal control? Assuming tne answer is no to those two questions, why are they foaming at the mouth to repeal the state exchanges, especially since it is so clearly "going to fail of its own weight, really really soon?"  I am not a fan of Stephens, but these attacks are senseless. 

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