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November 12, 2013 04:41 PM UTC

New Report Confirms Paid Recall Campaign, Documents Assault

  • by: Colorado Pols


FOX 31's Eli Stokols reports this afternoon, a very bad story for the recall campaign against Sen. Evie Hudak:

Mike McAlpine, one of the organizers behind the Hudak recall effort, has denied hiring Kennedy. A Washington Times article Sunday reported that “so far the group is relying on its army of volunteers to collect signatures, but Mr. McAlpine said they may soon have to turn to paid signature-gatherers.”

Early on in the recall campaign, McAlpine acknowledged the financial assistance and support of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners.

RMGO’s Joe Neville, when interviewed Tuesday at the Recall Hudak Too offices on 64th Avenue, didn’t deny that his group was the one paying Kennedy.

“From RMGO, we’re going to take the $5 and $10 donations that we get and do whatever possible to make sure that this happens,” Neville said.

But let there be no more doubt that Kennedy is on the ground gathering signatures in Senate District 19, and has been for some time now…

While the confirmation of paid petition gatherers working the signature gathering campaign against Sen. Hudak–despite the false insistence by organizers that they were not–is the focus of today's excellent and detailed report from FOX 31's Stokols, a video clip posted to this story of an apparent assault by a pro-recall operative is perhaps the most shocking new disclosure:

[O]ver the weekend, a Democracy Defense Fund worker with a hand-held video camera was threatened by another signature gatherer who does have a criminal record.

A YouTube video shows John Canino, dressed in a neon yellow ‘Recall Hudak’ shirt, confronting the worker with a hand-held video camera and threatening him.

“You don’t have permission to take my picture. That means I can smash your f***ing camera,” Canino tells the volunteer.

Citing the Fourth Amendment, the volunteer responded, saying “I have every right to do this. If you knock it out of my hands, that’s assault.”

That’s when Canino’s hand slaps the camera out of the volunteer’s hands and the clip ends.

We too were forwarded a copy of recall petition gatherer John Canino's lengthy criminal record. Canino's record includes such charges as auto theft and harassment, and he is presently the subject of a permanent protective order. As you can see in the video clip above, Canino very clearly committed unprovoked assault against the person holding that camera. While wearing his day-glo "Recall Hudak" T-shirt.

In short, this man just did more to prove recall opponents right about the unsavory nature of people being dispatching to street corners, and even door-to-door to collect signatures, than anything Democrats could have done themselves.


32 thoughts on “New Report Confirms Paid Recall Campaign, Documents Assault

  1. Thank God for the Hudak recall proponents' support for my right to bear arms! I guess I'm going to NEED those second amendment rights to defend myself from the violent felons they're stationing in my neighborhood. 

    Wait… maybe they could just NOT send violent felons to patrol my neighborhood in the first place… hmmm…. never thought of that.

    1. Of course you still do have the right to keep guns and use them to defend yourself without recalling Hudak or anyone else, with or without the help of violent felons who have no conception of rights and no idea how to behave.

      Wouldn't it be ironic if this guy came to your house doing door to door, you answered the door wearing an I Support Hudak T-shirt and he intimidated you so you reached for your shotgun beside the door and shot him, putting his RMGO friends in the position of having to applaud you for exercising your second amendment rights? 

            1. Exactly… I would rather kill someone attacking me than lose my own life or lose a family member, but that doesn't mean it would be anything other than a horrific tragedy. Killing another person, even to save your own life, is one of the most traumatizing things that an otherwise mentally normal person can experience. I rate it only the tiniest notch above dying. 

  2. My research still shows that nobody's paying Kennedy Enterprises on the reports filed as of Oct 22. They are definitely paying petitioners, but out of the $23,000 funds generated by the recall hudak too campaign. Rocky Mountain Gun Owners has contributed about $1100 cash as of last October, and over $10,000 to politicians who aided in the recall effort: Brophy, Neville, Baumgardner, Marble.

    The next filing date for recallhudaktoo is November 21. RMGO's next filing date isn't until January 14, 2014.  If there is a professional petition gathering organization being paid, it will show up then. Meanwhile, recallhudaktoo is obviously hiring people without checking their backgrounds, and there really are some serious safety concerns.

    1. Gee, let's tease this the rest of the way out. RMGO doesn't want its fingerprints on the recall campaign,.So they "donate' to  Brophy, Neville, Baumgardner, Marble,etc. I wouldn't be surprised if that money then was passed along to an "independent expenditure group" who is paying the circulators. Here's hoping someone does some more digging.

  3. I just talked to a friend of mine who has been VOLUNTEERING at the Hudak recall every day. I directed her to the video. She says she has NEVER seen this man at the recall office. There are literally dozens of VOLUNTEERS working on the Hudak recall campaign, some don't do any more than get a T shirt and go home.

    Until you can prove that this person was anything more than an idiot who happens to be wearing a recall Hudak shirt, this doesn't prove anything. Did you check his party affiliation? I'll bet he's a Dem plant.

    1. Kennedy acknoledges they have paid  signature collectors on the ground.

      So this proves at least two things.  That guy committed assault and battery. And you will say anything to deflect criticism.


      Why not just stand on the facts?

      Hudak voted for background checks and magazine limitations, which most people support.   Do you support background checks?

      (If I was going to bet, I'd predict Canino is from out of district or even out of state. But I'd still bet you $100 that he's not a registered D.) 


      1. Kennedy didn't acknowledge that they have paid signature collectors in the Hudak recall. Laura Carno's organization was paying people to canvass against Amendment 66.

        Given that, Eli Stokol's reporting of interviewing canvassers who said that they were working for Kennedy seems pretty solid.

        But, it isn't showing up in the campaign finance reports of recallhudaktoo, or Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, as of Oct 22. Nov 21 may tell a different story.

        Here's what I think is going on:  recallhudaktoo has enough money, (23,000 as of 10/23) from RMGO's support and internet donations out of Hudak's district) to pay people to gather signatures.

        And, Another 527 group has been created, and is paying Kennedy Enterprises directly, as an "in kind" donation to the recall effort.

        That is what happened in El Paso County with the Morse recall – Carno's group paid Kennedy directly, and it showed up a month later as an "in kind" donation. I think that something similar happened in Pueblo with the supposed grassroots, "3 plumbers" PFR group.

        Be aware that there are undoubtedly mostly volunteers on both sides, and there are paid staff on both sides at this point. They may or may not have much to do with each other, as each group requires different logistics and training.

        That said, recallhudaktoo is obviously doing a piss-poor job of recruiting and training their people, however they're being paid, and should be checking backgrounds, at least, before hiring.

    2. n3b, even you can't really think this guy is a Dem plant so how on earth do you expect to be able to sell that particular inanity to anyone else?  You know a troll's job is to stir things up, get people mad, generate some heat but your crap is so weak it's just one big yawn.

    3. You've got to be kidding me. When will you guys give up this conspiracy stuff?  It's exactly what makes you people so un-credible to those of us who used to be Republicans.  You need to see someone about your problems.

  4. FALSE FLAG FALSE FLAG FALSE FLAG   … t-shirt wearer!  Look SQUIRREL!  While I thought I had accepted how utterly stupid you are, and thus had become immune to the sheer vapidity of your comments, may I say 'Congratulations!'  That was pitifully idiotic even by your standards.  


  5. where is JASON  with his audio or dialogue from the boyles show?….the recall people are talking and boyles is doing damage control…mainly attacking Stokols……



    1. the recall people are talking

      Why is that important to us, dwyer? Is Jason supposed to report the Boyles show to us here? Can't we just listen ourselves, if we wish? Frankly, I don't give a rats' patootie what Boyles says. Or the "recall people".

      Tell me again why I should want to listen that noise?

      1. the reason to listen to boyles is only to hear the "spiel" and the contradictions…it was Jason who posted the audio showing that indeed that Mike of the Recall Hudak team did use the term "brownshirts" boyles…bullying Mauser into apologizing for saying that.

        I listened today to see if boyles, etc. would deny that Canino worked for the recall….

        If people are calling the stations, advertisers or other stations to protest or to urge coverage, it really helps to know what boyles is saying….since he has assumed the role of self appointed guru for the Hudak Recall movement….

        You don't have to listen, DC.  But somebody should. Jason has done an admirable job of following up on what is happening with boyles advocacy of the recall movement….but he is usually a day or two later….

        1. Some of us care. We're like conservative zombie brain eaters, dredging through the muck and dreck, looking for the gems that tell us what in the world these people are promoting now.

          I like to know what the latest rightie talking points and scams are, since they are likely to impact political races and issues that I care about. Today's weird "I can't beleive they believe that" story is tomorrow's Republican talking point. The "Clintons Body Count" story, for example, I predict will be be the "birther" meme for Hillary Clinton's candidacy, along with Benghazi, of course. They're just getting started early.

          So I'll haunt the right wing websites and propaganda, snoop into their finances, etc.

          But I really can't stand to listen to Boyles, or Rush, or any of those guys, for more than 20 minutes at a time. This is what Jason does, or part of what he does, at, which is the archive for Rocky Mountain Media Watch, "a nonprofit organization that aims to hold the news media to their own professional standards, like those promulgated by the Society of Professional Journalists. That is also the goal of the Big Media Blog."

          Salzman does an admirable job of accomplishing this mission. I think he should get a gold medal just for listening to all of that nonsense. It would make my brain bleed to do that day in, day out.

          If dwyer can do that, even occasionally, more power to dwyer.  I just won't take cues from dwyer on what actions to take. I'll make my own decisions on that.  Dwyer, are you male or female? It would just make it easier to write about you if I knew.

          Anyway, so back to boyles….did he admit that canino worked for the recall?


  6. 9News is on air doing a great support job dsying that there is illegal phone calls going around claiming that there is criminals involved in the recall signature collections. 

  7. Keep up the good work Hudak campaign.  It's working.  Are you watching to see what happens to a full petition at the grocery stores?  Are they somehow being separated  so you know who the signature gatherer is for each signature?  Are petitioners "sharing" petitions?

    1. Yep

      My dog and I watched the baggers from the comfort of our vehicle at 80th and Wads while my wife was in the store over the weekend. The opening minutes saw 2 slowskis sign and 3 lookieloos peruse but then walk away after an exchange with the Kennedy paid staffers.. The Good guys showed up about 45 minutes after the baggers started thier operation. and the signatures ceased. In fact, people stopped going up to the table when the anti-recall volunteer advocates made thier presence. We saw about 1 hour and 25 minutes of goober action.

      Some people need only understand what the recall is about to be disgusted with the firearms industry hacks, quacks, phonies and frauds. Hard as it is to believe, many SD19 folks are legitimately so busy makin' a living they didn't know about this bullshit political theatre. So they're going to sign or not sign depending not only whether they're Democratic or pinko bagger, but also based upon who they talk to first. The anti-recall volunteer people are doing a great job. 

      I'm down right now with complications to a really bad foot injury, but volunteered to phone bank from home when reached out to Evie's people.

      You may hear from me soon. 

  8. I wonder if Canino is on probation – if he is, this clearly violates his probation and needs to sit in his ass at Florence until we determine that his skeletonized ass is no threat to Colorado in 2913.



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