Fuck You, Peter Boyles

A couple of months ago, we called out a conservative blog here in Colorado after they misused a particular photo of President Barack Obama embracing Gov. John Hickenlooper in a pejorative context. The photo in question, by Chip Somodevilla and distributed via Getty Images, was in fact taken in the immediate aftermath of the July 20, 2012 mass shooting at the Century 16 theater in Aurora, and depicts Obama embracing Hickenlooper while Sens. Mark Udall and Michael Bennet look on in obvious sorrow. Commenters to the blog in question mocked the sadness on the faces of these Democratic politicians, (hopefully) unaware of the photo's origin. To their credit, Colorado Peak Politics immediately replaced the photo with an inoffensive one after we called them out, and sincerely apologized.

Then yesterday evening, we were forwarded this screengrab from the website of radio shock jock Peter Boyles. Boyles, as readers know, has taken a major media role in the pro-gun recall attempt currently underway against Sen. Evie Hudak of Arvada.


This is the same Getty Images photo taken right after the Aurora shootings that Colorado Peak Politics posted. As you can see, it's been…accentuated to show how, well, you know, how sad they all are. There's little doubt at this point that whoever edited this photo was aware of its origin–it's in the metadata of the original image–and even if they weren't, they could have found out why these Democrats looked sad in about five seconds of Googling. Heck, Boyles himself claims he's a devoted reader of our blog. We called this out already. We did again more recently when Ken Buck's campaign misused a similar photo.

Bottom line: Peter Boyles is a scumbag of the worst order. He is an unrepentant "birther," a comically over-the-top extremist on just about every issue, and as he demonstrated on his way out the door of his last job, fully capable of personal outbursts of violence. The fact that his career survived that incident, and that he is now a central rallying mouthpiece for the ongoing recall movement, is nothing less than an affront to decency.

Monday, shock jock Boyles will defend his sick abuse of this photo. The title of this post is our only reply.

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  1. DavidThi808 says:

    I try to see both sides on political issues. But in this case I agree – fuck you Peter Boyles and fuck you everyone who enables him.

    • jdv says:

      Wow..what a whiny baby.  Try growing up and act like an adult, loser

      • Curmudgeon says:

        You moron, he's one of the only rational voices attacking the Democratic Party on this site. What a shining example of Boyles' target audience. Too stupid to know who's on which side. 

        And what is it about you guys fantasizing that your adversaries are all children?  Is that pesky restraining order starting to frustrate you?

  2. Duke Cox says:

    I have never listened to his show…can't see why I ever would.

    And if you read this, Boyles, you should be ashamed of yourself. I'll bet your mother is proud…

  3. Hawkeye-X says:

    Can we kick off a boycott for him, a local one – easy enough – listen for the advertisers name, and ask them if they wanted to be associated with such crap?


    It will also increase pressure on the station owners to kick him off the air and unemployed right-wing hack with no talent. 


    • JeffcoBlue says:

      I can tell you right now I'll never shop at anyone who advertises on his show. Somebody get me a list of advertisers.

      • mamajama55 says:

          KNUS advertiser's page:  A boycott will be most effective if you also contact the business, explaining why they won't get your business anymore. Spread it on your social media contacts, as well. Thanks!


        • mamajama55 says:

          In addition to these advertisers, Boyles has had events at the Melting Pot Fondue restaurant in Littleton, Experience Israel advertises on his website, as does Colorado Shadow Investigations. and Swedish Medical Center.

          Most effective: let the business know why you won't be shopping there, and will be telling all your friends not to, as well. I'll do it, with the businesses I might actually interact with.

          • BobJohnson1 says:

            Why do you call into the show if you hate it so much?

            • mamajama55 says:

              I'll make this simple enough for you, Bob.

              1. I have no interest in getting Peter Boyles off the air. If his audience likes his self-indulgent, paranoid blathering, their time is theirs to lose.

              2. I do have an interest in getting a photoshopped picture of the aftermath of one of Colorado's recent gun tragedies off of the Boyles site. I find it deeply offensive that someone on Boyles' team thought that cracking jokes about amendment 66, (Sorry Hick, I really thought this would work this time)  was an appropriate use of a mass shooting news photo.

              3. To that end (getting the photo taken down) and hopefully getting an apology from Mr. Boyles, I was prepared to spearhead a drive to put public pressure on Boyles and his team. Many commenters on here had written and called in, reasonably polite requests under their own real names, to take the photo down; all of these were ignored, and no response was returned, by KNUS, by Boyles, by his team.

              3. Therefore, we took it to the next step. If you (because I assume that you are at least a Boyles listener) dont like that escalation, you should have talked with Boyles about it yourself. To you, he might have listened. Even right wing Christians don't usually exploit photos of a tragedy to make political points.

              • mamajama55 says:

                And I forgot point 4. Since our polite, low key efforts  (emails and phone calls and facebook posts on his podcasts) were all ignored, we did go to contacting advertisers. And we got his attention, finally. The photo was taken down.  Power of the pocketbook is an age old tactic used by left, right, and center.

                5. Since he did take it down, I'm done. I have no desire to continue this, but hope that he doesn't keep on posting really offensive photos like that one.

                6. It would be nice if Mr. Boyles would apologize to the woman he "outed" as mamajama55 on his show. That lady is a friend of mine who retweeted my posts months ago. She had absolutely nothing to do with any efforts against Boyles or the Aurora photo, and you should immediately stop saying her name and info on the air.

                • BlueCat says:

                  Wow. Don't expect these scumbags to care about your innocent friend.  Since they apparently think of the tragic deaths of children as great material for a "funny" cartoon they must be completely devoid of the most minimal human decency. 

                • BobJohnson1 says:


                  There are millions of offensive photos on the internet. I guess you can go after them one at a time.

                  My problem is not the photo, it’s Evie Hudak. She’s another New Yorker who came to Colorado with her N.Y. ideas.

                  Don’t mind me, I just HATE everyone who is not from Colorado but somehow think they need to move here with the idea that should try to change the way we do things. This was a great place to grow up but no longer a great place to live.  


                  • dwyer says:


                    It is Texans that I don't like….you know like Bill Owens.  Then there are Californians…like Jennifer Karns (sp) who dropped by to tell you native Coloradoans what to do……and as for New Yorkers….Mikey Rosen comes to mind….

                    I am not a nattve; but I have been here for over 55 years….like so many new Coloradoans, we came here because the military brought us here….is that okay with you? Bobby J?  I mean Colorado is still part of the US…..defending it was once something Coloradoans were proud of..

                    • BobJohnson1 says:

                      Hi Dwyer, 55 years… and we let you stay? You must be okay then. As for any others who come here, my home for 60 years and 4 generations, come to Colorado, move here because you fall in love with the state, but please stop trying to change it to something like the place you left to come here.

                    • dwyer says:


                      and we let you stay?

                      johnbob, in 1876, Colorado came into the Union and the United States Constitution prevails where the Columbine grows.  All US citizens have the right to freely travel across state borders and live in any state they wish.  I suspect that you are not really a coloradoan nor a US citizen.  Certainly, you are ignorant of our laws. Perhaps you should go back to where you came from…..some country that hates America and wants to sow conflict in our country….

                  • BlueCat says:

                    You do know, Bobby, that the overwhelming majority of Colorado's population support expanded background checks, don't you? And if you think it's because most Colorado residents come from other places well that's life, buddy. Things change. You don't get to preserve  moments in time under glass. The majority that supports expanded background checks is the real Colorado circa 2013.

                    • BobJohnson1 says:

                      Hey BlueCat, you're quite the little fact kitty. Did you know that outside the metro area the rest of the state could care less what you or I want. Maybe you should go back to Calf.

                    • Duke Cox says:




                      … on behalf of my Native American cousins…get your ass back to Europe, Robert, son of John.

                  • Curmudgeon says:

                    So, Bobby, by your logic of who was here first, the Apache, the Arapahoe, the Cheyenne, Pueblo, the Shosone, and the Utes can tell you to get the hell off of their land, right?   Right.

                    Times change, Bobby. It's progress. Crying about it won't stop it. Learn to live with it. Or, live with it as long as you can stand it.

                    • BobJohnson1 says:

                      You call this progress? Let's shut down a radio show but let Evie completely insult a rape victim.

                      BTW, I am 1/4 Apache.



                    • BlueCat says:

                      Like your side never boycotts anyone, Bobby? And about your metro crack. Cities and 'burbs are just as"real" American, just as "real" Colorado, as anyplace else and we happen to have more votes. Reality doesn't take to being frozen in time. 

                      If you no longer like what the entirely "real" Colorado is now, you're welcome to move on which is what Americans have been doing from the beginning.  "I was here first and I don't want to see any changes" didn't work for the Native Americans who were here in Colorado first or the Spaniards who came next and it's not going to work for poor "real" Colorado you, my boy. The only constant in life is change.  The real anywhere is no more or less than what it is at a given point in time and wasn't and won't be at others. Deal with it. 


                      And, by the way, we didn't all move here from California, not that being from there would make any present day Coloradan any less real or relevant or deserving to be heard than you think you are.  


                • 5280crazy says:

                  Mama you look eerily like Hudak/Doubtfire is this you Evie? Your anger reminds me of her too. Evie is that you?

              • BobJohnson1 says:

                It's just a photo. There are so many other things out there that people like BlueCat and Dwyer can spend time getting worked up about. 



      • AlphaOmega80537 says:

        RIP – 1st Amendment sad

        • Duke Cox says:

          Right in the middle of an exercise of 1st amendment rights, you say such a thing? Do you understand that the first amendment means EVERYBODY gets to say what they want? Not just you?

          Is that news to you?

          • ElliotFladen says:

            Unless people try to use the force of government to strip Peter of his radio show, the first amendment isn't really relevant here

            • Duke Cox says:

              I didn't bring it up.

              Blogs, in and of themselves, are an exercise in first amendment rights.

            • dwyer says:

              I would like to use the force of government to make boyles clean up his act……the air waves are public.  I would like to bring back the Fairness Doctrine so that radio shows would be balanced among all points of political philosophy.  I also think the FCC would have a process in which talk show hosts who lie or broadcast non-factual information as factual would have to make a correction.

              It is the unbridled access to the public airwaves to distort, lie and present only one partisan viewpoint that I think has played a large part in the polarization of my country.


              • mamajama55 says:

                I'm trying to remember the "good old days" of talk radio, and I must have tuned it all out until my 20s.

                When Alan Berg and Peter Boyles were in their heyday on the Denver airwaves, which was when I was listening, was the Fairness Doctrine in effect?  What consequences did they have when they slandered someone?

                I'm just curious.  We have to move forward from where we are now. I do wish there was some penalty to be paid for deliberate spreading of lies and slurs.

      • jdv says:

        No one cares where you shop

  4. mamajama55 says:

    Boyles contact info, one more time:



    studio line 303-696-1971 (probably screened, but worth a try)

    Station general info:



    Brian Taylor Vice President/General Manager 303-750-5687



    Here also is a link to the KNUS advertiser's page.

    I'm looking at starting a Care to Action petition, will post when available.


    o I'm posting Boyles' contact info again. As Jason Salzman said, if Boyles treatment of Tom Mauser infuriarates you, at least email Boyles. (peter@710knus.com)  He's getting some new listeners from this blog, although if you're like me, you can only stomach a few minutes of his blowhard schtick at a time.

    I'm emailing him, and  copying his boss, Brian Taylor, at what I hope is his boss's email address: brian@710knus.com

    Possible talking/ emailing points:

    • Mike McAlpine did say "Brownshirts" when referring to recall protesters.  Salzman had the audio of it.
    • Mauser was correct in this, although Boyles tried hard to bully him into retracting.
    • He needs to apologize to Mauser and correct on air.
    • Thank him for giving Mauser equal time on his show, and encourage him to be more polite to his guests, even if he disagrees.
    • Nobody's coming to take his guns, or those of anyone he's affiliated with, unless they have been  convicted of domestic violence and have a court order.
    • Is he in favor of convicted domestic abusers having guns?


    studio line 303-696-1971 (probably screened, but worth a try)

    twitter: @knus710#peterboyles

    FB page: News/Talk 710KNUS  comment under the topic "Senator Doubtfire and the Hudak recall petition drive continues"

    Station general info:



    Brian Taylor Vice President/General Manager 303-750-5687



    Here also is a link to the KNUS advertiser's page. We do know that contacting advertisers gets right wing talker's attention – Ask Glenn Beck, if he still gets mail in his dank little corner of the internet, where hopefully he will soon be joined by Rush Limbaugh. 



    – See more at: http://coloradopols.com/my-comments#sthash.VsC03nrt.dpuf

  5. Duke Cox says:

    I am sending out e-mails to them all…

    please do likewise.


  6. BlueCat says:

    Cue Fladen to explain why this is just a "joke" and we're making a mountain out of a molehill. If Boyles really does this blog, let me just say fuck you, you worthless piece of shit.

    • mamajama55 says:

      Fladen is perfectly capable of getting himself tied in logic knots all by himself. He doesn't need a cue, but perhaps a clue.

    • Curmudgeon says:

      Won't happen, BC. Elliott knows it's not worth it to suck up to Broyles (his on-air loyalties lie elsewhere), so he'll either condemn it, or just not show up at all.  Moderatus and n3b, on the other hand, will mostly likely be giggling at how much it's pissed off the libtards.

      • BlueCat says:

        Somehow I don't think it does much for folks in the middle who don't think leaders mourning tragic deaths of innocent people makes for an acceptable cartoon either, not just us "libtards".

      • ElliotFladen says:

        I'm just struggling to see why it is ok to say "Fuck you Peter Boyles" while having multiple posts about just how terrible it was that Tancredo flicked off some people who were against recalling Hudak. 

        That said, I think the OP raises fair points about the picture at issue. 

        • exlurker19 says:

          IANAL, so talking out of both sides of my mouth is harder than it appears to be for EF. 

        • mamajama55 says:

          Elliot, thank you for saying  that you agree that the post raises fair points about the picture at issue.  As far as the title goes, I'm uncomfortable with it, too, haven't linked or referenced it in any of my efforts to get the picture taken off Boyo's site.  I'm sure that Boyles will make like a victim over the title of the Pols post, too.

          But I think it's an issue of hypocrisy – Tancredo is supposed to be a conservative "family values" kind of guy who shouldn't be flipping off nice middle aged people who are "Standing with Evie".  Also, Boyles works for a conservative Christian network-sponsored station, Salem Communications, that also, in theory, would not be pleased with Boyles celebrating and encouraging Tancredo's behavior.

          Beyond all of that, Boyle's promoting of the picture, which mocks the grief over the Aurora shootings, has stirred legitimate outrage over the excesses of the right wing in their urge to deligitimize anything they see as liberal or Democratic…even officials grieving over the tragic murders of 12 people by an armed madman.

          Glad to see that you share that outrage.

          • Duke Cox says:

            and besides…

            people who use profanity are inarticulate motherfuckers.

            • mamajama55 says:

              That's why I haven't objected to the profanity…I figured that you all would just double down on it if I did. But the profanity isn't the point, the legitimate outrage over the picture is the point.


              • Duke Cox says:

                I am an old devotee of George Carlin..

                the language doesn't bother me, obviously. It matters where and under what circumstances. I never swear in public, in church, or around strangers…like that.

                On this site, it is part of the scenery.

                • mamajama55 says:

                  Right, and I agree on Carlin, Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor, that whole comedic tradition. Also, on this topic, perhaps obscenity is the only appropriate response to something as obscene as that picture.  Photoshopping  the aftermath of gun violence to promote efforts to limit gun laws. ….nasty.

                  • Duke Cox says:

                    The real discussion, in my mind, is with the evolving definition of obscene. A case in point is the plethora of Euro-pop soft-porn flicks that have been cropping up. I don't mind the shenanigans (love ya, Dave), but it gives the congregation at the Eastlake Baptist church a lotta heartburn..and, have you heard a group of thirteen years olds chatting, lately?

                    That is the problem with censorship…it sorta squashes the evolution of human culture. Necessary evil? Ask one of the gentlemen listed above. But maybe we're drifting off-topic here.

                    Even Elliot, confused dreature that he is, can see that the radical right are like children whose parents never taught them that there are boundaries in society that transcend "getting my way". My message to the grown-ups in the room, is…get ahold of your kids, sit them down, and make them behave..

                    • Duke Cox says:

                      sorry for calling you a "dreature", Elliot.

                    • ElliotFladen says:

                      Obscene carries different meanings:
                      1) Obscene can be something that is so terrible it should be illegal and without any first amendment protection
                      2) Obscene can be something that is so terrible that it should lead to you being outside the bearings of polite society (i.e. leading to you being fired from your job, losing your clients, or being driven into a position of shame), yet not be punishable by law. 
                      3) Obscence can be something that is offensive but not have permanent consequences for the person that propounded it. 

                      Probably some other definitions too. 

                    • ElliotFladen says:

                      No worries DC. 

        • BlueCat says:

          Ummm, we're not running for Governor? 

          I'm not appalled by finger flipping per se and don't think I personally commented to that effect. I Just think it underscores the reality that Tancredo isn't a serious candidate, just a huckster of his own lesser rightie celebrity. 

          Candidates running for high office generally at least try to project a little gravitas, a little dignity. Tanc does the opposite because he's in the business of being a smaller market Palin, not a serious candidate. Nobody would be more bummed than Tanc if he somehow stumbled into winning an election and had to go back to working for living. He barely did that as my Rep.

          Since he is completely irrelevant accept in the sense of perhaps making a Dem win in a race easier more likely, I'm happy to let Tanc be Tanc, middle finger and all. 

          • ElliotFladen says:

            While I am no fan of Tancredo, I don't think arguing "seriousness" when Hick campaigns through shower ads, is all that great of a critique when coming from Hick supporters

            • Duke Cox says:

              A fair point, counselor.

            • BlueCat says:

              Dignity and humor aren't mutually exclusive, leaving aside how many of us are big Hick fans.  Neither are seriousness of puprose and a sense of humor. I fail to see what nasty tempered finger flipping and poking mild good natured fun at oneself have in common, regardless. People generally find the latter likable, the former, not so much.

              And you must have missed it when practically everyone here, myself very much included, jumped all over Hick for his "cute" frack fluid drinking antics, the ones he bragged about without ever mentioning that the fluid he was so happy to brag and joke about drinking wasn't the same as any fluid that was actually being used in fracking.  Many of us thought that was both dishonest and asinine and said so. 

              Good try but another point missing fail. At least if it was my comment you were responding to.  If not, say whatever you want but if you insist on hitting the reply in my specific comment box you really should consider yourself obliged to respond to my specific comment.

              You can always use the diary reply button if you don't care to address what I've actually said without bringing (one of your old faves) tangential issues into it such as Johnny does it too or assumptions (based on nothing) that libtards make excuses for Johnny but not for Tanc and I'm a libtard ergo…..whatever.

              Please note this is an example of a responsive reply. Maybe some day you'll get it. Even though you insisted on bringing Tanc into the discussion on this thread which might also meet fail to meet your own (when convenient ) objections to discussing anything tangential to the diary in its thread. I wouldn't have hit your respond if my intention wasn't to respond to your comment, nonetheless.

              I do like the kitten posted as another one of your comments.

              • ElliotFladen says:

                You've created a false distinction between unseriousness due to anger and unseriousness due to humor.  Fact is that Hick isn't "serious" in the sense of his public persona but he still remains a serious candidate (the favorite candidate actually) for 2014. 

                • BlueCat says:

                  Oh brother. You really don't get how to do this at all do you?  I get that you really don't want to comment on the subject of the diary (remember the diary?) but your best bet in that case would have been, you know, not commenting on this diary.

                  • ElliotFladen says:

                    If you don't want to comment then don't comment.  Nobody is forcing you BC

                    • exlurker19 says:

                      My son is a second year law student at Berkeley and he comes off a whole lot smarter than you do, EF.  His mama didn't raise no mo-rons.

                    • BlueCat says:

                      And that makes sense how? I wanted to comment and did. My comment was relevant to that to which I was responding.

                      Once again, may I salute you for actually getting as far as graduating from law school while burdened with such a severe  reading comprehension deficit? Either you have one or you are being purposely obtuse because the last thing you want to talk about is the subject of this diary, as so often appears to be the case.

                      I'm going with the latter as it is so unlikely you could have achieved so much as getting into law school in the first place with a reading comprehension deficit of such stunning proportions.


                    • ElliotFladen says:


                      I had a legitimate point (i.e. that your "seriousness" argument was overstated).  You responsed by saying the seriousness point was valid because there is a difference between not being serious b/c you are comical and not being serious b/c you are a jerk.  I replied that that distinction was artificial for purposes of this discussion and wouldn't hold up.  At which point you demonstrated the aforementioned seriousness point by acting like a jerk yourself and which I stopped reading your comments all that closely. 

                      So in retrospect (and coming full circle to the point of this tangent you have taken us on) if you want me to treat your comments "seriously" don't act like a jerk half of the time. 


                    • BlueCat says:

                      Elliot, Elliot, talk about tangents! My point about Tanc not being a serious candidate was clearly explained as meaning that he has no serious intention of being elected to anything. That was it. I don't know how I could have been more clear. 

                      You're the one who has gone off on all manner of tangents from there. Could it be that you really have heroically overcome a devastating reading comprehension problem to get an education? If so, hats off!  

                      As to your taking my comments seriously? Nope. Really don't care. I'd have to take you seriously first and you make that quite impossible. Just trying to help you learn how to conduct a cogent discussion. Don't know why I bother. It's clearly hopeless.Good luck and God bless.


                    • ElliotFladen says:

                      God bless you too BC.  Have a nice day. 

                    • Duke Cox says:

                      Man…that is some serious, fucking, civility. Congrats, you two. Now, if we could just do something about the language…

                    • Duke Cox says:

                      By the way, Elliot…

                      I kinda set you up for this discussion by noting what seemed to be a fair point, on your part.. I was wrong. I missed, as did you, that BC was clearly talking about Tancs' seriousness as a candidate and not his approach to his campaign.

                      I blew it…so did you.


  7. Not Dame Edna says:

    A boycott of advertisers would be the strongest rebuke. I also suggest contacting advertisers directly and letting them know that you can't do business with them because they spend their ad dollars supporting that scumbag.

  8. BlueCat says:

    What? Don't they pay the trolls for weekend work?

  9. Davie says:

    Hey, why are you guys being so hard on a certified war hero like Boyles?  I mean, didn't he win 5 or 6 Congressional Medal of Honors when he was a paratrooper with the 101st Airborne in Korea, and then a few more with the 82nd Airborne in Vietnam?

    And I'm pretty sure he jumped out of an F-117 into Baghdad on the first night of Gulf War I.  Here's the video proof!


  10. dwyer says:

    From the Salem Communications website:


    Salem Communications is America’s leading radio broadcaster, Internet content provider, and magazine and book publisher targeting audiences interested in Christian and family-themed content and conservative values. In addition to its radio properties, Salem owns Salem Radio Network, which syndicates talk, news and music programming to approximately 2,400 affiliates; Salem Radio Representatives, a national radio advertising sales force; Salem Web Network, a leading Internet provider of Christian content and online streaming; and Salem Publishing, a leading publisher of Christian themed magazines. Salem owns and operates 99 radio stations, with 61 stations in the nation’s top 25 markets – and 30 in the top 10. Each of our radio properties has a full portfolio of broadcast and digital marketing opportunities.

    • Duke Cox says:

      When was the last time anyone reading this post spent time driving for hours through the midwest and the south, listening to the radio? The religious, "gundamentalist", anti-government, baby-killing, "end 'o' the world as we know it" rhetoric is coming from the pulpit, the corporate pulpit…straight to a congregation near you. In every little town throughout the vast red, rural heartland of America.

      It is the same message across the radio bandwidth. But it is a false message. Using Christianity to turn one minority against another, one group against their neighbors and fellow planet riders, is not a christ-like act…more like a Pharisee, as I see it..

  11. dwyer says:

    As far as I can determine, KNUS is part of Salem Communications of Colorado and their website link brings the above statement.

  12. BlueCat says:

    Where's the whole rightie "Can't you take a harmless joke?" crowd on this one? n3b? Modster? Fladen? Anybody?


  13. doremi says:

    Could we dispense with the profanity? Pplease!  No need to descend to the gutter talk of the other side.


    Just returned from helping with the anti-recall effort, and I got my fill of thug-talk out there.  I don't want my compadres to be in a similar realm of language.

    Yes.  Peter Boyles is ugly in his talk, but can't we deal with the fats and stay away from adopting the ugliness of his adherents?



  14. Haha .Nice post. Thanks for post !

  15. notaskinnycook says:

    Referencing the title of this thread nobody's chimed in yet with, "And the horse you rode in on"? ThereI just did.


    • langelomisterioso says:

      Except in the case of Boyles you might want to change the species from Equus ferus caballus to Periplaneta americana. Since the horse is a noble animal that serves many useful purposes.I cannot think of a single useful purpose for Boyles and his kind.

  16. IndependentProgressive says:

    Outrage is wasted on Boyles … the more outrage over his rhetoric and stunts, the better he likes it. What cuts him to the quick, however, is describing him as he actually is: a pathetic old man who is striving desperately to still be part of the action. 

    Boyles is a has-been and he knows it — that is why he has to keep looking for the next 'outrage' to commit, why he has to seek attention with his 'birther bigotry', why he has to glom onto the next motocycle caravan to ride in and brag about, why he has to prove his manliness by speaking at the next gun rally — it is so transparent and so obvious. He is an old man in anguish over his fading relevance and abilities.

    Ridicule is the only thing that will finally push him over the edge one more time and finally lead to his ignominious permanent 'retirement'. Ridicule that is simply the unvarnished, cuel truth.

    As for the subversive gun radicals staging the Senate District 19 recall … they got into bed with this aged angry radio meatball, Boyles ought to be wrapped around their necks like an anchor.

  17. mamajama55 says:

    Victory on Veteran's Day!


    Hey, I don't see the picture from Aurora on his site anymore. There's some BS thing about Obama supposedly purging military officers, the complaint about the Democracy defense robocall warning District 19 people about the recall petitioners, a new one about "OGRE", the Old Guard Republican Establishment which is apparently targeting Kathleen Conti now, the peace talks in Geneva, and THAT"S ALL. He does have a photo of his grandson reading, but it doesn't have anything to do with politics.

    No more Aurora shooting with crocodile tears on the elected leader's faces.

    I don't know about you, dwyer and Jason, but I'm ready to declare victory. Thanks to everyone who contacted advertisers, the station, signed my petition, etc.  If he doesn't put it back up in a couple of days, I'll end the petition, and turn the signatures in.


  18. BobJohnson1 says:

    Interesting that no one can come up with something positive to say about Evie.

    Has she done anything worthwhile?

  19. Aristotle says:

    Hey BobJohnson1, you're unintelligent and a poor reflection of what a citizen of Colorado should be like. Go back east, son.

  20. BobJohnson1 says:

    Hey mamajama55, 

    Look harder, it's still out there. You accomplished nothing.

    What a waste of time.

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