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October 12, 2013 12:11 PM UTC

How Amy Stephens Might Become A Meme

  • by: Colorado Pols

SUNDAY UPDATE: A few great emailed examples after the jump. Send yours to, or post them in comments below.



Visiting the website of newly declared GOP U.S. Senate candidate Amy Stephens, we were immediately struck by the initial "splash page's" image:


Looking closely at the site's cover portrait of Rep. Stephens, obvious signs of Photoshopping are visible. The setting is outdoors, but the neutral interior lighting of the photo of Rep. Stephens doesn't match the background at all. At the edges of Rep. Stephens' likeness, telltale "scalloping" and jagged edges consistent with Photoshop editing are easy to see.

As it turns out, looking at the source code of the page, there's a very straightforward reason this image looks fake:

amysitebackground amy-stephens

That's because the site's designers produced a cut-out Amy Stephens we can all easily place in any setting we like! No doubt this was convenient as hell for the purposes of web design, but the joke fodder of placing her on a fake "natural" background, or for that matter any background, means we would have definitely not made this ready-made object of ridicule available to the public. To wit, click either of the above images for their full-size originals. Once you've downloaded your own Amy Stephens Anywhere™ (we want credit if this takes off) image, and opened it up in Photoshop or your favorite image editor, the real fun begins! Where would you like to see Amy Stephens?

amyfotf amycare

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. On the internets today, it's perilously easy to fall victim to the most unforgiving sense of humor of the online masses, sometimes even becoming what is known as a "meme." By taking an image of a person or object and placing them in all manner of odd locations, or putting whatever words you like into someone's mouths, millions take acontextual delight in totally random acts of denigration.

This concludes today's lesson on how not to design your campaign website.



amydeclaration staephenstokyobay





8 thoughts on “How Amy Stephens Might Become A Meme

  1. Hey sorry, I was busy all day and just got home! This saves the Photoshop savvy some work, oh yeah.

    The LGBT community thanks you for your support, Amy!

  2. What utter nonsense this page is promoting.  Have you NOTHING better to do than attack this woman?  You can't find anything she did in office to criticize her so you choose the Saul Alynski method of personal attack – shame on you.  How disgusting and low life you are.  

    1. Republicans are dead to me – including Amy Stephens..


      Sorry if you don't like it, then get out of politics and go to pig farming. I hear it's more entertaining.



    2. I was a little uncomfortable with this at first, since attacking female legislators seems to be all the rage right now.

      And Amy Stephens does have some admirable qualities, Republican or not. I remember that she came to talk with a "tough room" of liberals, cohosting a health forum with Democrat Max Tyler.

      But when I look at her voting record, I see that she has voted no on things I and others care about, and these are reflected in the images above:

      • For the marijuana image, she voted Nay on all of the bills regulating and taxing the marijuana industry. 
      • For gay rights, she voted nay on SB11, the civil union bill
      • My particular beef with her is that she voted Nay on HB1081, expanding the sex education curriculum. I could go the rest of my life without seeing a 14 year old trying to squeeze a pregnant belly into a  school desk.

      Yet, Stephen's a "Personhood" fan, voting No on HB1154, the bill that established penalties for hurting a fetus, without establishing fetal personhood, and she voted yes on HB1130, which is the precursor of the Personhood "Brady's bill" which will likely appear on the November 2014 ballot, and which does establish fetal personhood for all "beings", including single cells.  Pinky Reinsch from the Colorado Independent does a good job of explaining the differences on her blog here.  Yet Stephens has gone to bat for rape and incest victims being able to get the morning after pill, which almost makes her a moderate in today's abortion debate.

      And she has voted the "gun-manufacturer" line on every goddamn gun legislation bill, yes or not, just as the gun sellers want.

      So I guess my real problem with Stephens is that she seems to be an ethical, thoughtful person, yet consistently votes against the real interests of women, gays, and victims of gun crime.

      So this isn't an ad hominem attack, it's an attack on her record. I submitted a photoshopped pic with Stephens standing in front of a bunch of pregnant teens – I don't know if Pols can publish it because the teen faces are recognizable, even though it was published on the internet previously.

      And that's not because I think it's hilarious to mock her – I liked her when I met her at that forum two years ago, and I think that she's a person who knows better, yet still chooses to support laws against her constituent's interests.


    3. Actually I can't find anything better to do because of the government shutdown.  It gets boring being at home all day.  Please forgive me for finding mirth in her campaign incompetence and being not better than Ken 'hates his bitchs' Buck but hey it's better than being forced to look at anti-choice posters showing dead fetus' when children are present.  That's low life scum which I'm sure your heartily endorse and probably have a few in the basement yourself.

  3. I really don't care what background Ms. Stephens image gets pasted onto — in my book, and I mean this sincerely, she looks a hell of a lot better and more reasonable on the GOP ticket than Ken (Re)Buck ( . . . and I'm not describing her physical appearance).

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