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December 12, 2007 09:21 PM UTC

Abortion Protesters' Harassment Disgusting But Legal

  • by: Matt C

( – promoted by Colorado Pols)

Colorado Confidential’s Jim Spencer published a column today relating the story of a local man who is the center of unwanted attention from anti-abortion activists because of his involvement in constructing the new Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood headquarters. The man, whose name has been withheld at his reques, had his home phone number emailed to a blast list by a group called Colorado Families Against Planned Parenthood. Zealots were encouraged to call his home and express what they felt. Rightly so, the man fears for the safety of himself and his family, but there isn’t much anyone can do….this behavior is legal!



34 thoughts on “Abortion Protesters’ Harassment Disgusting But Legal

        1. We’re talking about the same one, right?  Where they fight, come to the realization that they don’t remember why they’re fighting, and go out for dinner?

  1. When you’re co-operating in such a proximate way with an organization that kills off unwanted children, you deserve all the legal harassment you can get.

    That construction project even applied for its permits under false pretenses, and its organizers need to face charges:

    “Documents filed with the City and County of Denver show that The Weitz Company has provided false information in order to obtain permits for a new Planned Parenthood facility.

    Demolition and construction permits were applied for by Weitz in the name of United Airlines Inc. The City of Denver then granted permits based upon the falsified applications, effectively granting permits for the building of an abortion clinic to United Airlines! UAL is the former owner of the city block that is slated to become Planned Parenthood’s new 52,000 square foot abortion headquarters.”

      1. .

        are you saying the guy is a “lunatic” and a zealot” because he disagrees with you ?  

        He and several other people say that they believe that the “thing” growing in a woman’s womb is created by God,

        in His image.  

        Some of those folks say that they believe that the fact (as they see it) of their Divine Creation is what makes them human and valuable,

        not their accomplishments or heredity or age or anything else.  

        And since many premature babies are viable,

        they believe that,

        at some point before birth,

        the “product of conception” is a person, with rights, same as you and me.  


        I’m guessing that your main point of contention with these folks is

        at what point does that lump of cells deserve to be called “human” and considered a person.  

        Some, perhaps including you,

        might say that point is at birth,

        or after 2 trimesters, or some other point in development.  

        I know of one ancient culture that put that point at 100 days after birth, possibly because so many newborns died back then.  

        But some folks cannot believe there is any definitive point,

        starting at birth and going backwards,

        when that lump was not a person before and was a person after.  

        So they take the intellectually and spiritually lazy way out

        and say that personhood is vested at conception.  

        As you know, I’m of that school.  

        I don’t boast that I know the lump is a person at conception,

        I apologize that I cannot answer the question affirmatively,

        and have to weakly rely on the default answer.  

        But then that default answer, if true (?),

        or if not true, then the best available answer,

        demands action.  

        To us fanatics,

        God created us to do Good, to do His Will.  

        Oops.  I’ve come back full circle.  

        They (we) are zealots, I guess, after all.  

        But I offer that it is not always because we want to control other people’s lives,

        or impose our values, morals or religious beliefs;

        sometimes it’s because we are obliged to protect what we consider the lives of humans not yet born,

        but human nonetheless.  

        1. …that the Bible has absolutely no reference to the beginning of life and abortion, so the position you hold (which I do respect) is one created by Christians.

          Especially so since the Jews believed that life begins with first breath and not a moment before.  Like a new Sabbath day, Christians have taken a lot of notable liberties from the teachings of one who came not changing one jot or tiddle.

          Please understand that the start of life discussion can never be won or proven because it is fully subjective.  So, I’m not trying to knock your position or argue.  Just throwing some grist into the discussion mill.  

          1. This position is derivative.

            Not scriptural.

            A lot of stuff my church teaches is not from scripture.  

            Gosh, I think the doctrine that the Pope, under certain circumstances, can be infallible,

            just arose in the last 125 years or so.  

        2. What makes him a zealot is harrassing, what is in essence, a construction worker.  It would be as if you harassed a small DoD contractors because of their involvement in the war.  Protest at PP fine, Protest the guy who mops the floors at home, not fine.  Sounds a little like Fred Phelps to me.

          I don’t have time to get into a bioethics discussion because it is complicated and my feelings are complicated

          but 2 points

          1. I don’t have a problem with a pro life position–as I said my instincts drive me to protect the right to life–I’m just not sure where life begins

          2.  My gut tells me it isn’t conception, but that someplace in the early 2nd trimester, but I am ammenable to arguments, both ways,(not this week I am busy) that are logical and based on non-religious principles.

          2a.  In my view early termination (or better yet prevention) of pregnancy is the best solution.  Plan B should be cheap and widely available.  Sex ed should be relevant (teen pregnancy went up for the first time in 15 years-is there an abstinance only connection) and birth control should be free.

          3.  We are a civil state, the rhetoric shouldn’t be religious.

          With that I will leave it, as I said I am busy.

          The Pols is a drug.

        1. Gandhi and MLK never harassed individuals at home. They both fought to change the system through the system. That is what made both of them so powerful and effective.

          Kevin Jones is no Gandhi or MLK. He’s a school-yard bully.

          1. .

            David, the guy doing the harassing is Will Duffy.  

            I don’t believe he has posted here.

            Based on my experience at this website, I choose not to take up his situation.

            But I was trying to respond to your reply Wed Dec 12, 2007 at 20:14:42 PM MST

            to the comment by: Kevin Jones @ Wed Dec 12, 2007 at 16:33:13 PM MST.

            Mr. Jones said:

            “When you’re co-operating in such a proximate way with an organization that kills off unwanted children, you deserve all the legal harassment you can get.”

            It appears to me that you responded to this comment by saying that Mr. Jones flunked Democracy.  


            Don’t know much about history,

            but I think the Selma march was against the law.  

            I know for sure that Indians harvesting their own sea salt was against the law.  

            The system was broke,

            so they went outside it.  

            Which is why it is called “civil disobedience.”


            1. (although I think the Selma march did not violate any laws). My point was that we disagree in the political sphere. And in the case of civil disobedience we then face the legal penalty of that disobedience.

              This is the oppisate – they are personally harassing the person in question and there is no penalty for those actions.

  2. I read the story by Jim Spencer. Came away with the realization that, unless I missed something, creepy young will doesn’t play too fair. It must be comforting to be so sure you’re right in what you’re doing that you figure it’s ok to harass a family at their home all the while not giving your harassment target your address. Where I come from, that’s called being a pussy. Grow up diaper boy, grow a set, and try to understand that this man you’re tormenting is raising his own family and just trying to make a living. Did it ever occur to you that you wouldn’t want your family stalked the way these morons are stalking his? Any way, some day you’ll grow up. Or maybe you won’t.    

  3. And each time I read about it I send a donation to Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains.

    Off to find my checkbook …

    Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains

    950 Broadway

    Denver, CO 80203-2706


  4. These social radicals who want to control women could care less that the construction contractor and Planned Parenthood are doing nothing illegal.  In fact Planned Parenthood is closely regulated according to state and national laws.  These social jihadists are no different in their views of women then Muslim fundamentalists who are killing women in Basra because they wear western clothes.

    These phone calls are attempts at intimidation with the intent to create fear in people who are engaged in legal occupations.  It might come as a shock to our social jihadists but Planned Parenthood provides a broad range of health care services to women without making moral judgments about the medical conditions of their patients.  This must be a shock to those who use the Bible as their justification for their extremist positions.  “Judge not”

    If our social jihadists want to criminalize womens health care then let them use the tools of a democratic society to do so.  Resorting to methods of fear and intimidation is both immoral and contemptible.  No wonder the rest of the country rejects their attempts to control women.  No doubt we’ll see these idiots running into Planned Parenthood clinics with suicide belts strapped on them when the “Personhood” initiative is defeated.  What crazy extremists.

    1. That’s why fewer and fewer doctors are willing to provide abortion services. The anti-choice people protest in front of the doctors’ offices (and homes, sometimes), they post the doctors’ pictures on Web sites framed in the style of Old West “Wanted” posters.

      Yet, as somebody mentioned earlier, the protesters won’t give their names or addresses. This happened a few years ago when this same group held a protest at my kids’ high school (they were handing out “information” on the sidewalk). The student newspaper interviewed the protesters and none of them would provide their names. I can’t remember if they allowed their pictures to be taken.

      There is an ob/gyn office in my area that is picketed every Monday by a handful of anti-choice people … my neighbor being one of them. (Having written that, I realize this particular weekly protest has, so far, been ineffective because they’ve been doing it for years. Years. Rain or shine.)

      Frustrating …

    2. These social jihadists are no different in their views of women then Muslim fundamentalists who are killing women in Basra because they wear western clothes.

      If you really believe that,

      then the rest of the post makes sense.  

      But do you really believe that ?  

      It’s my guess (unsupported by evidence) that you know the core teachings of Christianity.  

      I’m just making an assumption here.

      So, in your view, those folks who proclaim to be Christians, while acknowledging their sins,

      they are all phonies ?  Every one of them ?

      Can’t you allow that some are sincere in their declared intentions to protect the unborn as valued human life ?  

      Aren’t you implying that they (we) are really trying to control others and limit their choices ?  

      You deny that it might be a question of not just one person’s rights, the mother,

      but a question of conflicting rights of two authentically human persons ?  

      You dismiss the controversy by wishing it away ?


      1. Unless you’re one of the ones calling up doctors, stalking them, practically living in front of their homes, bringing the “sins” of the parent down on the children of the household, putting up “wanted” posters on the Internet…

        Many of these doctors live in fear of their lives, and rightfully so.  If the people behind these aggressive protest actions had compassion, they would refrain in their actions from the threatening and intimidating actions and hold themselves to a Christian standard.

        The Inquisition thought it was doing The Right Thing™ – it wasn’t, and it was barbaric in the process.  Anti-abortion protesters must hold themselves to high moral standards or risk being sucked down into the Abyss they are fighting against; this leads back to the “works vs. faith” debate – faith is no excuse for murder, terrorizing, and intimidation.

      2. My point is that the Islamic fundamentalists consider it profane for women to wear western style clothing.  It is so important to these fundamentalists that they have killed over fifty women in southern Iraq for violating this tenet.  The goal is to deprive a woman of her right to control her own destiny or make her own decisions.  The goal of the American Jihadists is the same; the subjugation of women so that they are no more than breeding stock chattel.

        I believe there is text by that wonderful teacher that says to do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  It doesn’t sound to me like these Frank Phelps clones are practicing that teaching.  How would you like to have all the secular humanists in Boulder call you day and night and try to intimidate you into not contributing to Frank Phelps church?  This teacher also consorted with the unsavory characters of his time like tax collectors and did so to reveal how insufficient it is to rely on self-righteous religiosity.  I imagine if this teacher were alive today he would probably be friends with gynecologists or who you call abortion doctors because the established religions have degenerated to the same level of self-righteous intolerance.  The story of the good Samaritan and the constant references to forgiveness is in stark contrast to the bitter we/they, you’re my enemy mentality that is so prevalent among the Pro-Birth crowd.

        As far as the rights of the unborn, I am more concerned with the rights of the already living.  Out of all the hundreds of eggs that a woman produces in a lifetime it is her decision which one becomes her child.  I am concerned that rampant overpopulation coupled with dramatic climate change will one day result in a society where abortions will become mandatory for any woman who already has a child.  It is better that we accept that a woman will have one or two opportunities in her life to have a viable pregnancy and it is her decision as to when that will occur.  God doesn’t hold a grudge and withhold the personality of a child born to a woman who had an abortion.  The American Jihadists would do better to spend their time working to improve the world and conserve our dwindling resources but they are so obsessed with their need to control women that this debate will go on and on and on until the planet dies under their neglect.  So it goes.

            1. is a well-known euphemism for beating your kids.  Go read the magazine of the same name.  They feature lots of nostalgia about the Good Ol’ Days when you could hit your brats at Safeway without anyone blinking an eye.

              At least the far right evangelicals are consistent about the torture thing: they love it!

  5. I like that quote…can’t remember who made it.  But, the right wing zealots are not allowed to work for a Human Life Amendment.  That would be the legtimate way to make personhood begin, legally, at conception.  

    However, the power masters of the right will not allow the HLA  to go forward…because it would cost republicans votes if they had to take a stand on this absolute amendment.

    therefore, the power masters just throw peanuts at the monkies…not stopping the inane and legally useless activities..Ironically, .if you believe that life begins at conception, then harassing pregnant women is, of course, a form of child abuse…

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