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December 11, 2007 05:00 PM UTC

Rolo the Dog Deserves to Die

  • by: kate

Some animal-rights activists give the rest of us a bad name.

Rolo, a German Shepherd who spends most days terrorizing his suburban Denver neighborhood, recently attacked a woman who was outside walking with her baby. After carefully considering the evidence and listening to many neighbors who reported the dog aggressive and feared for their safety, Arvada Municipal Judge George W. Boyle ordered the dog euthanized.

That’s when motherf*ckers lost their minds.

Read this article or visit this website and try not to throw up.

DISCLOSURE: I like animals. In fact, I like them so much, I don’t eat or wear them. I also don’t like to touch or kiss them. But that’s another post entirely.

Laura Hagan, dog owner from Loo-Loo Land, is an assbag. Of the highest order.

Hagan shouted, “Oh no. It’s my baby, it’s my child.”

Rolo is not a child. Rolo is not a baby. Rolo is not a human being.

Rolo is a dog.

According to Hagan, Rolo attacked Kathy Hardin “only because she was screaming loudly” as Rolo charged Hardin’s baby.

What mother wouldn’t scream at such a sight?

Instead of remembering that we are made in God’s image, not Fido’s, and taking painful but necessary measures to make sure no one is ever harmed again – Laura Hagan is blaming the victim.

Meanwhile, Kathy Hardin, who’s been harmed physically as well as mentally thanks to death threats from crazy-ass fools who believe an animal is more important than a human being, has decided to move away from Arvada .

She can’t take the hate anymore.

But Laura Hagan, with misplaced priorities and twisted values, feels perfectly safe rallying against a judge who is trying to protect the people.

Hagan and her crew of Dog-Loving Dunces have been holding rallies, gathering petitions, and protesting the courthouse as well.

Here’s what the rest of us can do:

Side with innocent children over aggressive dogs.

Call the good judge and tell him that you support his decision to put people first.

Phone: (720) 898-7150

Fax: (720) 898-7164 (available 24 hours a day)

One of Hagan’s frightened neighbors made a great point: “We have to ask ourselves very, very carefully if one of the children in this neighborhood has to die to save a dog.”

***cross-posted at Out in Left Field***


5 thoughts on “Rolo the Dog Deserves to Die

  1. Suffice it to say three things:

    1.  It is never appropriate to try to influence a judge or jurors outside the court process.  Judges and jurors have an ethical duty to ignore you.  It is not improper to pressure the city or a party to the case, if you are so inclined. But, judges are not permitted to receive input about cases outside of open court and duly filed court documents that are made available to all parties in the case.

    2.  This post mischaracterizes what happened and the procedural events that followed.  The original order in the case was vacated on appeal to the District Court, and the matter has been remanded to the Arvada Municipal Court for further proceedings.  A jury trial is currently scheduled in the matter for January 11, 2007.  Also, the Honorable Judge George W. Boyle is not currently the judge handling the matter.  Interested persons can find source documents and more even handed media accounts of the underlying events on the web with an appropriate search, or by reviewing the documents on file with the relevant court clerks.

    3.  The simple name calling directed at Ms. Hagan in this post is uncalled for, does not advance the point of the person making it, and does not fairly describe Ms. Hagan.

    1. 1. Laura Hagan is trying to rally public opinion and I’m offering those who disagree with her a chance to voice their opinion. Did you advise your client or former client not to gather signatures or march the streets?

      2. I took facts directly from Rocky Mountain News and never mischaracterized a thing.

      3. In addition to simple name calling, I raised some serious points about how the safety of children in that neighborhood should come first. You and Coloradobaywatch can’t come up with counterarguments? How sad. No wonder her appeals lost.

  2. It is never acceptable to attempt to influence a judge or jury outside of the judicial system mario games. The judges and jurors have an ethical obligation to disregard you. If you so choose, you may exert pressure on the city or a party to the case. However, judges are not permitted to accept case-related input outside of open court and duly filed court documents that are accessible to all parties.

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