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December 07, 2007 06:49 PM UTC

The Inflation of Hyperbole

  • by: Go Blue

As the Roan debate heats up the Oil Company front-group “Americans for American Energy” are adding hyper-inflated rhetoric to the debate. The AAE does not want Coloradans to consider what the consequences of drilling ontop of the Roan could be, but rather have previously said they want for people “to keep their eyes on the $1 billion prize for Colorado.”

Today, Greg Schnake told Coloradans

“Every moment they delay a leasing decision, it is going to cost Colorado potentially $1 billion in money that could be used to literally turn around the state’s fiscal condition.”

You hear that? Billions are lost every single moment that we don’t go along with what the Oil Companies demand of us. Oops, there goes another billion, and another billion, and another billion, and another billion…

Not to worry though, Republicans have Big Oil’s back.

“If the governor supports a balanced approach to energy production on the Roan, we will sing his praises on the Capitol steps,” said Republican state Sen. Josh Penry of Grand Junction. “If he doesn’t go along with drilling on top of the Roan, we will continually remind him of the millions of dollars he walked away from that the state needs.”

This type of rhetoric from Penry is not surprising given the GOP’s history of beating up on those who don’t go along with their monied interests.


26 thoughts on “The Inflation of Hyperbole

  1. I know you have never tried to mask you political leanings or alliances, but with the amount of time you are on this site, couple with your seemingly unwavering support of the Dems in Colorado….I wonder….hmmmmm….maybe you work for someone that has some skin in this game??

    I personally like paying $3 a gallon and being dependent on foreign oil.  Why try and tap our own resources in this state?  Makes sense to me.

  2. The point is, is that the Republicans in Colorado and nationally are bought and paid for by the oil industry. When it comes to destroying our backyard, I hope we can at the very least take our time and look at the consequences closely before we dive into an ill-conceived plan like Iraq. When Republicans see dollars they want to jump into things without laying out a strategy. Kinda like what they want to do with the beltway. Let’s practice smart growth and common sense…

  3. OK, first thing, EdM, natural gas is not the stuff that you pay $3 per gallon for your car. Thus, drilling on the Roan is not going to change the price of gasoline. Completely different issues here.

    Second, I find it almost laughable that the industry water carriers are demanding that we “keep our eyes on the $1 billion prize.”

    What they don’t tell us is that we’ve been hemorrhaging over $1 billion per year the last five years because Colorado gas has been sold at a 20% (and more) discount compared to the going rates for gas out of Louisiana. (The October differential for Colorado gas was over 50% off the Louisiana price.)*

    This makes a potential “prize” of “up to” $1 billion look like peanuts in comparison to the annual actual losses we have incurred and will continue to incur if we practice business as usual.

    We don’t yet have the pipeline capacity to get our natural gas out at market rates. None the less, industry keeps drilling and producing more and more. Thus, in the last 5 years we’ve lost the future opportunity to sell over $6 billion in gas resources because they’ve already sold it at firesale prices.

    Drilling the Roan now will not contribute to a solution for this fiasco. We need to slow down production until pipeline capacity increases and allows us to sell Colorado gas at fair market prices. And, if they keep making improvements in drilling technology, then we may well want to consider drilling some of our more precious natural areas in 15 years.

    Slowing down, and focusing on the prizes linked to efficiency and conservation, is what we need to do. Now.

    *Data available from the COGCC (

      1. There go those cold hard irrefutable facts rearing their ugly head again.  Let’s not get distracted by them, remember, keep your eyes on the million dollar prize !

        1. one BILLION dollars !  I stand corrected.

          Josh Penry also has an ancient tattered map with a big X marking the exact treasure spot on the Roan Plateau.  The map was found off a sunken spanish galleon centuries ago, only to be found recently in a dusty storage attic at the Brown Palace.  Bring your pick axes and shovels – to the loot mateys !

          1. …when I worked there.  Time on my hands, especially graveyard shift.  There is a room on the tenth floor (technically the roof floor) for the historian.  Hotel registers going back to Day One, file cabinets of photos and newpaper stories, etc.  As a history buff, I loved spending time there.


            Hotel dick

              1. althought it’s volunteer.  That room is where everything is stored.

                Wanna hear about the guy that got parboiled in his bath tub?  He was mighty well done when discovered, his meat fell from his bones.

  4. “If the governor supports a balanced approach to energy production on the Roan, we will sing his praises on the Capitol steps,” said Republican state Sen. Josh Penry of Grand Junction.

    Ritter could cure cancer and Penry, Inc are not going to sing his praises. This is the most laughable part of a ridiculous statement.

  5. Let’s recall that in AAE’s “Win $500 cash by guessing the Roan’s bonanza” survey, AAE is encouraging fiscal conservatives to weigh in with this prod:

    “Completing this survey is especially important if you think this money ought to be returned to the taxpayer instead of being spent by government.”

    So which is it, Mr Schnacke?

    Should Roan revenues be used to:

    “Literally turn around the state’s fiscal condition”?

    Or be refunded to poor, oppressed Colorado taxpayers?

    Or should we just conclude that you and your flackies are willing to say literally anything to anyone in order to maximize your paymasters’ profits?

  6. I did I did!  

    It was the strangest thing, though with only the aid of a carpetbagging state senate candidate can one seeks what it hides to find.  

    It was in a dream, in the flickering glow of a flaring gas well, methane bubbles burbling in the beaver pond, and the young whippersnap was fresh off Scooter McLobbyist knobby knee…

    Gaslandia had been plunged into a slumber  under the rule of the evil Democratic potato-farmer with a suspicious name, who had stolen the prince’s throne.  The lawyerly McPrince had given up the throne in order to seek treasure across the mountains as a corporate McLobbyist, and young Penry had set his heart upon it.  But he needed a cause…

  7. how not drilling right now costs any money.  The natural gas isn’t going anywhere, right?  It will still be valuable?  What’s all this “every moment” stuff?

  8. is still in the ground. If the gas is left there until methods are found to remove it that do NOT harm air quality, that do NOT harm water quality will it be worth less? Is it not likely that if that gas is left under the Roan for 5, 10, 15, 20 years that it will be worth even more?

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