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December 07, 2007 11:03 AM UTC

Jared lies through his teeth...and no one cares

  • by: JohnL

As we all know, Jared paid for a trip to Iraq for himself and another person taking a private vacation. Instead of being honest about the political purpose of his trip, he repeatedly makes it sound like a welfare mission with United Way.

In a post on Daily KOS…

This was an NGO mission

In my case, I went with the United Way to help build ties between Iraqi NGOs and American NGOs and donors, and recieved a lot of success and encouragement from the Iraqi side.

Jared Polis

by Jared Polis on Sat Nov 24, 2007 at 04:57:10 PM PST

At a town hall…

At a town-hall meeting Wednesday night, Polis said he went to Iraq “with the United Way Denver chapter” to work on “building ties between Iraqis” and relief agencies.

I understand that some of his “supporters” on this website are simply employees…but as for the others, at what point is this two-faced candidate going to be enough for you?

I know it is hard to face facts (just look at how long people that supported Bush stuck with him), but at some point I hope most of you are going to see the light. The suave young millionaire party insider is no outsider progressive. Like most politicians, he has painted a picture of himself that is half true at best. What suprises me is that so many intelligent people have bought it.


11 thoughts on “Jared lies through his teeth…and no one cares

  1. .

    It’s also about possibilities,

    and about what kind of future we want to shape.

    You are rightly concerned about the past as an indicator of the future,

    inasmuch as you think that,

    if JP can spin the facts about the nature of his trip to Iraq,  

    he might lie about other important matters.

    Heaven knows we don’t need anymore liars in Congress.  

    Now, my opinion doesn’t matter, since I’m not even in CD-2.

    But I believe the Iraq trip, for all its apparent or perceived misdirection,

    hints that JP just might have the spunk and abandon that its gonna take

    to lead the Congress in a new direction.


    he could end up like Denny Kucinich,

    a voice in the wilderness that nobody hears.  

    So maybe you ask the wrong question,  

    “at what point is this two-faced candidate going to be enough for you ?”

    Maybe a better question is,

    “should the voters of CD-2 vest their only seat in Congress to this odd fellow,

    this guy who [allegedly] tries to misrepresent the nature of his travels to Iraq,  

    in the hopes that his jarringly different approach to politics can actually make a difference,

    on the war, on the environment, and on other important issues ?”


    It’s a gamble.

    With Joan, you pretty much know what you’re going to get.  

    With Jared, there’s a chance that he will be so atypical of what is expected of a Congressman

    that his peers refuse to work with him.  

    A Representative in the House is only effective at moving legislation if he or she can make deals with others.  

    There’s a good chance that Jared won’t be able to do that.  

    Is that risk so great that it trumps the thing that makes JP so attractive as a candidate in the first place –

    if elected, he will surely shake things up.  

    Is it worth it to CD-2, and the nation, to get JP in Congress to confront old thinking and business as usual ?

    Even if he brings home no bacon ?

    Hey, I live in CD-5.

    I know all about ineffectual representation,

    both with Lamborn now

    and with Hefley before.  

    The thing is, with these guys, there was NO upside.

    No confronting the “good ol’ boys” networks, no flashes of brilliance,

    no benefits to the District.  

    EXCEPT: in his final years, Joel did stand up to GOP corruption.  

    On balance, he ended up a credit to his District.  


    So, Boulder/ CD-2 voters, you need to decide if its worth spending your one Congressional seat on someone who is such an unknown quantity.    

    If the Pelosi Congress was bringing the war to a close,

    maybe there’s no need to gamble.  

    If you’re confident Hillary will win, and that she will fix the Mess O’ Potamia,

    why take a chance ?

    But if it looks to you,

    as it looks to me,

    that the candidates for Prez that would provide the needed leadership to restore American values and get us out of the Empire business

    (e.g., Kucinich, Paul)

    have no chance of winning,

    then maybe your District should take that gamble,

    for the good of the nation.

    I’m just sayin’.


    1. Your writing style threw me off at first. Then, there are some major positions that we disagree on that made me a bit more critical in my reading of your posts.

      But your almost folksy cadence, and offerings of alternative views in a way that is non-confrontational, yet so insightful, makes me want to chuckle as to how I could have overlooked what you were saying for so long.

      If I have not said it before, for I will surely say it again, thanks for the contribution.

      1. .

        But this is generally such a welcoming forum, that I feel free to just ramble, sometimes.

        I guess I could proofread for more than just spelling errors.  

        My understanding as a Christian is that I’m supposed to evangelize 24/7,

        and you probably see that I try to do that in my posts here.

        But maybe “evangelize” is the wrong term.  

        I guess I really am trying to get people to see how much we have in common, despite our differences.  

        You, Mr. Toodles, are an important part of the success of this website.  

        Even the CD-5 conservatives prefer this site to any other.  


    2. Nice analysis.  I would only suggest that Polis could end up more like Barney Frank…not because they’re both gay…than Kucinich.  Dennis is a little bit crazy; but, Barney is just kinda odd.  I think most people that know JP find him to be rather odd at times but absolutely passionate about what he does.

      Anyway, just a thought.  Again, nice commentary.

      1. .

        He’s writing another couple of articles for the Washington Post on Mercenaries, due to be published in the next week or two.  

        He called this week for some ideas, and just let me ramble for over an hour.  

        At the end, he wanted to say what an oddball I was, but in a nicer way.  

        This guy was nominated for a Pulitzer in 2006 (he was a finalist,) but he was at a loss for words.  

        I know it.  He knows it.  JP knows it about himself.  

        It doesn’t have to be said out loud, but neither does it hurt when people do say so.  

        In fact, it can be liberating.  

        1. I read about half of it a few years aho when it came out.

          Anyway, I just read a few of his WaPo pieces and they’re quite interesting.  I look for his future stuff.

      1. Sock puppet would be a more accurate description than troll. I am honestly concerned about the number of people I see as being duped by Polis. I understand and appreciate your comment. You point out that he is an unknown quantity, and that is my primary disagreement with you. If someone took the time to spell out how many blatent lies have come from his lips, not to mention saying one thing and doing another, I’d argue that he is a known quantity. A dishonest politician whose sole motivation in what he does and says is getting elected. Those kind of politicians are the worst kind, and we certainly don’t need any more.

        And bluehotmama, my diary is only inflammatory because Jared’s actions are inflammatory. The age of this account doesn’t change the facts which (sorry Barron X) I do believe are what politics in a democracy should be about.

        1. .

          Maybe you could help one of his opponents ?

          I personally was so impressed with JP going to Iraq,

          that I haven’t even studied the issue of how he characterized it,

          or how it was paid for.  

          Legit issues, no doubt.

          But I have personally invested an awful lot in first attempting to prevent,

          and now attempting to end,

          the endeavor in Iraq.  

          I’ve accomplished nothing.  

          Passion isn’t enough.

          I hope that Jared has the ability to take it to the next level.  

          Just hearing about Steny Hoyer cutting a deal to give another $70 B to the war, no strings attached, reinforces my doubts that either of the 2 political parties has any interest in ending the war.  

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