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December 06, 2007 10:05 PM UTC

Polis Endorsed by Rep. Tammy Baldwin

  • by: Colorado Pols

CD-2 candidate Jared Polis was endorsed today by Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI), one of only two openly gay members of Congress, as well as a PAC focused on the election of gay and lesbian candidates.

Polis’ connections in the GLBT community are an important component to his continued fundraising success, with a national and increasingly political constituency. Of course, they have to live in CD-2 to give Jared what he needs most. Release follows.

For Further Information Contact:

Wanda James                                                              

Jared Polis for Congress                                              

(720) 987-5160



“Jared Polis will be a strong voice in Congress for the entire Second Congressional District,” states Rep. Baldwin.

Boulder, CO – Thursday, December 6, 2007 – Representative Tammy Baldwin, America’s first openly lesbian member of Congress, and the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund today announced their endorsement of Jared Polis for the Second Congressional District of Colorado.

“Jared is a true Progressive.  His strong stance in favor of universal healthcare, his fight to end the war in Iraq, and his demonstrated leadership make him the best possible choice for the people of the Second Congressional District,” stated Rep. Baldwin.

“Jared Polis is an accomplished and committed leader and we are proud to endorse him,” said Chuck Wolfe, president and CEO of the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund.  “Candidates endorsed by the Victory Fund are strong voices within and for their communities, but they also have the courage and honesty it takes to run for office as openly gay or lesbian.  Jared is a positive leader who will be focused on the future.”

About the Victory Fund

The Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund provides strategic, technical and financial support to openly LGBT candidates and officials. It’s the only national organization solely committed to increasing the number of openly LGBT public officials at federal, state and local levels of government.  In 16 years, Victory has helped grow the number of openly LGBT elected and appointed officials from 49 to more than 500.  Roughly 22% of all Americans are represented by an openly LGBT elected or appointed official.

For more information on these endorsed candidates, visit



30 thoughts on “Polis Endorsed by Rep. Tammy Baldwin

    1. but never give any evidence. Not a whole lot of credibility, seems to me, when Polis has just been endorsed by half the GLBT members of Congress and the pre-eminent fundraising arm of the GLBT community.

      This could be huge for fundraising. Probably not this quarter, but watch out next year.

      Is Polis going to have to dip into his pocket at all?

    2. Jared is supported my almost all of the LGBT Community I know.  He also is supported by the and many of the elected LGBT Community members in CO. He has been in a number of the LGBT Community papers.

      This is huge because Victory Fund raises money for LGBT Races across the country.  

      1. It’s a core contentious issue and in today’s world of initiative Democracy, something like that almost has to go the initiative route to have legitimaticy.

        And within the next 10 years, it will pass. The younger someone is the more likely they are to support equal rights. And so death due to old age is slowly turning the vote to favor gay marriage.

        Yes it would be nice if we could just get there today. But democracy is slow and messy – it’s just better than any alternative.

        1.    “I” didn’t even remotely resemble the comprehensive civil union laws enacted by the legislatures in Vt., Ct., N.H. and N.J.  None of those states required a vote of electorate to enact those laws.

            “I” included a couple of the rights of marriage.  There are something like 1,062 identified legal rights and responsibilities tied to a marital relationship.  

            As for this being a core contentious issue, Colo.’s two-parent adoption bill is probably a more core contentious issue than “I” was.  But to their credit, Joan Fitz, Andrew Romanoff and the Governor had the cojones to bring it up as a legislative bill instead of as a referred ballot question.

            And using your logic, should not reproductive rights be subject to a popular since that is even more of a core contentious issue?

            It’s always dicey putting human/civil rights issues to a popular vote.  Remember back to 1992 when we had a civil rights issue in this state subject to a popular vote?  The rest of the country looked at us as though we were a bunch of bigots and/or idiots.

            David, I usually agree with you, but on this one you’re wrong.

          1. I agree that “I” was lame. I was speaking to legalizing gay marriage.

            And yes, if Roe v Wade is overturned, I think how we handle abortion here should also be put to a vote.

            It’s also the only way to make a decision like this final as opposed to fighting it again and again in every legislative election for the next 40 years.

  1. Half the members of Congress that are GLBT. We only have 2 so saying half is not that impressive. Joans record supporting record of supporting GLBT legislation etc. What did Jared do on the State Board of Ed for the GLBT community, that’s right not much and he wasn’t even out in public even though everyone knew. Joan is getting tons of GLBT money, so this is really no big deal.  

    1. I don’t know what JFG’s record is on GLBT issues. Might be great for all I know. But if your whole argument against Polis is that he “didn’t do much while on the School Board (what could he have done?) and wasn’t out in public” that’s not only weak but a giveaway that you don’t understand the GLBT community very well. Being out or not out is a very personal decision and should have absolutely no bearing on whether someone is “pro-gay”.

  2. Joan-Hate Crime Legislation

        Ref I on the ballot


    Jared- No bullying measure

          No discrimination for GLBT in schools stuff etc. That’s what he could have done.

    Do your research. I’d rather support someone who has worked on our behalf over the years gay or straight, then just someone who is gay now running for office.  

    1. No matter what you say Jared can and will move the LGBT Community forward in a much more powerful way than Joan can.  He can be a voice and a leader while Joan can just be a vote.  

      1. for the LGBT community. Can’t we give some credit to a nice endorsement without tearing down one candidate or the other? A little perspective, people, please.  

        1. Both candidates would be good advocates.  On a campaign level, ‘the gayer than Jared’ slogan was really stupid and condemning JP for not coming out when U want him too is also lame.

          But there really doesn’t need to be conflict here.  

          I would really like to elect an openly gay man to congress, though.  It speaks volumes in terms of true representation of our country.  

    2. Joan punting domestic partnership to the ballot and then not even contributing to pass it hardly counts as an accomplishment.

      If Ref I had not been referred, the legislature would have passed domestic partnership and the gov would have signed.

    3. To allow Ref I on the ballot (like she had to twist arms in a Dem controlled Senate)? And then not lifting a finger to pass it?

      As a Polis supporter I REALLY hope you work for JFG and this is her strategy!

  3. Tammy Baldwin is a fantastic representative both for her district and for the gay and lesbian community!

    Bottom line, we need more (open, out) gays and lesbians (and fewer of the Larry Craig variety) in Wasington.  I hope Jared pulls this off!

    1. There are plenty of examples in history of minorities not doing a lot to support their own, and there are plenty of other examples of non-minorities doing a lot to support minority causes.

      If the candidates are able and willing to address those issues – and it seems they are – then what their actual minority status might be is beside the point.

  4. Neither one of other releases are news.

    So Will is going to petition on – so what, do we care?

    And Joan puts out a release two months old!

    Jared my friend, welcome to the frontrunner seat!

    1. hate to quote a republican but…

      “don’t be discouraged when you’re getting kicked from behind–it just proves you’re still out front!”  

  5. I don’t work for Joan, or anyone else. I just think it’s crazy that neil, abraham, boulderdem, you have ingested so much Jared Kool-Aid its funny. Congresswoman endorses him, Probably because he donated a ton of money to her so now she has to whether she wants to or not. That’s what happens when you have a ton of money to throw around and whine. As for leading in our community… I don’t remember seeing Jared in commercials for Ref I, if he is such a great voice for our community, as the HIGHEST OPENLY GAY ELECTED OFFICIAL in Colorado don’t you think he should have been in a commercial, maybe a mailing, etc. ? So don’t go telling me he will lead our community, we left that to the straight Mayor instead.  

    1. of course i voted for it. I myself am not gay but i do have a gay family member and I strongly support LGBT rights (yes that includes the T), but I thought ref i was had a terrible message.

      “vote for it , it’s not marriage” it wasn’t going to pass anyway why wouldn’t you use that money to put out a good message, that would make some steps towards equality. Instead that money was spent saying its ok to be against gay marriage but you can still vote for  ref i because its not marriage, I was very disspointed in this message.

      I don’t know how Jared felt, but that was my gut reaction to the message.  

    1. Yes, angry people out to attack Jared. We meet nightly at 7pm and plot our anger towards Jared.  Then we do things like order flowers, make  e-greeting cards, and send them to people we hate. You probably believe this which since you are all conspiracy freaks and think everyone is out to get you.

  6. I understand that it does but why are we as a society still at a point that a candidates sexual preference (or gender or skin color) matter?

    So JFG gets Emily List money, JP gets Victory Fund money, and why? What’s key as a couple of people posted above is what they will do for society if they are in office.

    1. People’s life experiences inform their perspectives. As a gay man, my life experience is, in many ways, different from yours.  JFG, as a woman, has had life experiences that are different from ours and it informs her politics.

      If it didn’t matter, 50% of congress would be female; 12% would be african american; 15% would be hispanic etc., etc.

      The fact of the matter is straight, white males hold power in this country that is disproportionate to their representation of the population.  That is why you see “identity politics” taking place.

      There are many people who simply will not vote for a woman or a gay person  

  7. in working important legislation is what will be of most benefit to the GLBT community.

    JFG is a strong legislator who has proven herself to be a real supporter of GLBT issues.

    Polis hasn’t impressed me in the least… Frankly, he’s kinda proven himself to be a bungler. How can such a Rep help CD-2 or the gay community???

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