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December 04, 2007 09:02 PM UTC

Reckless Republican Healthcare Goals

  • by: Go Blue

On every issue, at every turn, the elected Republicans in this state continue to dellude themselves with ideology over reality. Today’s dailies printed stories on the Colorado Republicans healthcare goals. However, the Republicans pitched their plans in spite of waiting for the 208 health care commission to release it’s findinds from a year long study of how best to insure Coloradans.

More disturbing than Republicans not listening to experts on the issue, is that rather than putting forward sound proposals to better cover Coloradans, they once again rely on talking points.

In the Denver Post

Calling the most expensive of the multi-billion-dollar proposals from a state health care commission “reckless,” GOP leaders announced their own agenda outside a health clinic in a Stapleton Wal-Mart Supercenter.

“Our health care system is still the best in the world,” said Rep. Amy Stephens, R-Monument. “We cannot, and should not, take a wrecking ball to that system.”

In the Rocky Mountain News

Members of the GOP caucus, gathered in front of an east Denver Wal-Mart Smartcare Family Medical Center, announced a series of tax-free bills that would take incremental steps toward making health care more affordable.

“We don’t need to wreck the whole system that we have in order to fix the problem,” Senate Minority Leader Andy McElhany said. “If you have a flat tire, you fix the flat. You don’t reinvent the wheel. Some of the proposals that are coming forward, we think, verge on being reckless.”

And from the GOP’s “news” website, Colorado Senate News

“But let’s be honest,” Mitchell said. “Our health care is still the best in the world.  We don’t need to tear down the whole system. We need to make it accessible and affordable to more people.”

As for the Republican proposals effectiveness

Republican commission chairman Bill Lindsay sought to defuse a fight with his own party. “Really, I don’t see much disagreement here,” he said.

Most of the GOP health care proposals are in line with what the commission will recommend, he said. However, they are among the more minor reforms.

“These proposals they are talking about are very incremental and they are not going to move the ball very far,” he said.

Republicans may be incapable of doing anything without their talking points, but playing politics with our health care is not only reckless but it’s incredibly shameful.  


4 thoughts on “Reckless Republican Healthcare Goals

  1. In front of a Wart-Mart, indeed.  The corporate symbol of everything that has been done wrong in business and trade, and the greed of the Walton family.

    As to “best in the world”, all the statistics prove otherwise.  Empty knee-jerk words.

    As to fixing the flat tire, that’s a metaphor I’ve used many times to describe the alleged health care system:  Patch upon patch upon patch.  We spend more money and time slapping new rubber on leaks than we do delivering care.  

  2. The 5th Proposal of the 208 Commission is making the rounds.

    It’s predicted to cost the state $1.1 billion and will shift an additional $1.2 billion in costs from Medicaid recipients to private payors.  So, you get a tax increase ($1.1 billion) and an increase in your health insurance premium ($1.2 billion).

    The state tax base is about $7 billion (excludes the $7.9 billion Colorado receives from the Feds and the $2.1 billion in earmarked cash fund), so a $1.1 billion tax increase is huge.

    According to the 208 Commission private insurance premiums in Colorado are about $12 billion, so a $1.2 billion cost shift is also huge and makes private insurance even more unaffordable.

    Here’s the old diary:

  3. “If you have a flat tire, you fix the flat. You don’t reinvent the wheel

    You don’t patch a bad tire you get a new one.

    a health clinic in a Stapleton Wal-Mart Supercenter

    are they planning on outsourcing disease to china?  Maybe they’ll give you a dose of lead and some tiger penis to treat your prostate cancer.

    Our health care system is still the best in the world,”

    If you have good health insurance and you don’t get one of the doctors that should have lost their right to practice, its pretty good.  For the 1/3 of americans that are uninsured and the 1/3 of americans that are grossly underinsured–not so much.

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