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December 03, 2007 04:15 PM UTC

Monday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“You pissed on my rug.”

–Lyndon Johnson


59 thoughts on “Monday Open Thread

  1.    They will soon be able to reclaim their party with a solid conservative candidate who calls himself the only true Christian Leader in the race!

      Mike Huckabee has dislodged the “Man with Two Faces” (a/k/a Mitt Romney) for first place in the latest Des Moines Register polls of likely caucus goers.  

      This means Romney will need to spend some of that money he has stashed away trashing Huckabee.  My guess is that he’ll label Huck a tax-and-spend conservative (as opposed to a borrow-and-spend conservative) and an immigrant lover.

      In desperation, Romney has now changed positions (there’s a first) and will address the issue of his religion in a major campaign speech this week.

      I think he and his competitors should take it one step further.  Since the GOP is the Party of God, they should stage one, full debate solely on theological issues, including whether members of the LDS Church really are Christians, how many angels can dance on the head of a pin, and what would Jesus do when confronted with a clemency request from a death row inmate.  (Huck dodged this last question in the U-Tube debate, but they shouldn’t be let off so easily.)

      The really sad news in this latest poll is that John McCain has dropped to a fifth place tie with Ron Paul in Iowa!

    1. You know build two wooden altars, sacrfice some animals, douse with water, and pray like hell…..

      Whichever one lights up, we can be sure God approves of.  

      1.    There is no truth to the rumor that voting materials will be printed in “tongues” in those red states which are required to having materials printed bilingually.

          1. Bloomberg has been investigating Rudy’s suspicious expense accounts since he got into office from the sounds of things.

            My guess is, he planned on waiting until Rudy got the nomination and then dropped the scandal bombshell on him, leaving him with most of the disaffected Republican voters.  Unfortunately for him, the cat got out of the bag a bit early.

      1. Everywhere you go up in the mountains along the Front Range, Ron Paul signs have sprouted up like weeds.

        Huckabee’s surging, but I keep hearing rumors of serious ethical lapses that haven’t really been aired nationally yet.

        Romney’s seemingly been laying low for a while, but he’s going to have to come out into the open to counter the surge from lower down the contender ranks, and that will open him up for more attacks.

        Gonna be an interesting race, folks.

        1. One hell of an interesting year in presidential primaries and politics.

          “May you live in interesting times.”

          Stuff our great-grandchildren will read about. Er, assimilate via electronic brain memory modification channels….

    2. Is going to come out in his speech Thursday and explain that he is actually a Baptist, and he just thought he was Mormon all this time, so can you please vote for him now ? It’s an honest mistake.

    1. The man is a prostitute for people with upscale bank accounts. Is it any wonder that several of the self-loathing, closeted, people whom have made themselves rich by hating on gays would be among his clients?

        1.    Meanwhile, Craig made a 27-year political career out of towing the bigoted, party line on all the hot button social issues while raising loads of money from the right winger.

            My guess is that Haggard was a lot more successful in raking in the loot, but Craig isn’t exactly financially destitute.

                    1. He says he isn’t, but allegations persist.

                      I’m just reporting on the “Foghorn idiot” controversy, not bashing him.

                    2. Next you’ll be telling us every culture has equal value.

                      My statement was intended solely to make a point; namely, that the fact that someone is stating an opinion does not mean they are not “bashing” someone else.  Nor does it mean their statement is credible or entitled to “respect.”

                      “Homosexuality is a sickness” is not just an ideoligical opinion; it is a belief about the facts of the world.  It is also a belief so counter to the evidence as to suggest its holders are blinded to facts by their animus towards a group of people.

            1. This is the whole problem with your and your participation here.

              Jesus hisself could say, “Foggy, you are wrong.”  You would say to Jesus, “Prove it.”

              The record of Haggard dissing gays is long and substantiated.  

              1. Mostly with the same fervour others reserve for sporting events.  You can hardly claim to be offended when other bashers bash you or yours.

                And yet you all hide behind the idea that you, one and all, are merely exercising an opinion.

                That said, I see a violence in Mr. Haggard’s language.  He doesn’t merely disagree with his opponents — it goes beyond that, to contempt.  There is no sense of the necessity for the other side, or knowledge that, only by its existence, does he have any meaning.  No, Haggard would prefer that they not exist at all, would wipe them out, so that he could punch through to a kind of heaven on earth.

                I don’t see anything positive in the man.  My opinion.

                1.    I think he’d like to keep Mike Jones around for those cold lonely nights when the spirit moves him to snort a couple of line of meth and get a back rub.

                    But other than that, he’d like the rest of us gone.

              2. If Jesus told me I ws wrong, i would believe Him because He is perfect in all things and I am just a sinner.  

                Dan Willis said: “Is it any wonder that several of the self-loathing, closeted, people whom have made themselves rich by hating on gays would be among his clients?”

                I was just asking what evidence he had.  

                1. ..that if evidence doesn’t fit your view, you just dismiss it, or ask for more.  So, OK, anyone just short of Jesus doesn’t meet your criteria of proof.

    2. If Jones really didn’t know, I find it doubtful that he would recognize Craig today after one encounter in 2004 or 2005 (and, that he can’t remember the dates any more specifically than that doesn’t sit very squarely on my truthometer). How many such encounters does Mr. Jones have in the course of one year? I just think it would be hard for him to specifically remember Craig if he had just one encounter with him, unless he’s known who Craig was all along. Even though I think Craig involved himself in gay encounters, I find it odd and not very credible that Mike Jones is now part of this story.

      It’s time for Mike Jones to be quiet, find a way to earn his money legally, and go away.

      It’s time for Larry Craig to be quiet and go away, too.

      1. The Idaho Statesman(?) and their reporter have recently done some investigative work on this story.  Apparently no fewer than four different male prostitutes came forward with details of encounters with Craig.  The reporter did some investigative work, and while he couldn’t prove their stories, he also couldn’t disprove them based on Craig’s schedule, the prostitutes’ schedules, etc.

        For now, it’s holding up under scrutiny.  And yes, it’s time for Craig to shut up and go away, but he doesn’t seem to want to do that.

        1. Mr. Jones must have an awfully good memory to be able to recall a client from late ’04 or early 05′ and three years later match the face with that of the man in the news. It’s either a really good memory or not very many clients or Larry Craig was a memorable client.

  2. You know what, he accepted the defeat rather graciously. On the other hand, we have GW, who, if Congress passes laws he doesn’t like he simply, with “signing statements” claims to be above the law! On this specific subject, who is being more Democratic, and who is being more dictatorial?  

    1. but, this was more like trying to amend the constitution than just passing a bill.  Hell, it was basically trying to rewrite the constitution…69 Amendments!

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to defend Bush…or good ol’ Hugo for that matter…but if the same thing happened here, there’d be no signing statements…

    2. Yes, he accepted the narrow defeat graciously – for now.  He has, however, vowed to put it up for a vote again soon, and I’m guessing with the control he does have, he’ll be using his (government) resources to try to swing a few voters his way.

      Bush doesn’t bother with all those trappings; he just assumes authority he doesn’t have.  It saves time and effort, achieves some of the same goals, but in the end what Bush is doing is at least more reversible.

      1. But I do get your point.  All those “conservatives” who talked about how the Court was overstepping its bounds and then cheered when it took from the state Court what was theirs to decide.  Nobody respects process — but what is process but the ordering of society out of barbarism.

    3. Are you sure that’s the word you’re looking for?

      As a member of a Unitarian Universalist church, the misuse of this word upsets me so much I may have to convene a workshop on the issue!  There might even be a task force!

      1. Gotta be blue ribbon.  Otherwise, whaddya got ‘cept a bunch of over caffeinated big brain types sitting around talking.

        sarcasm included, just in case everyone didn’t catch it…

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