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November 30, 2007 03:34 PM UTC

Open Line Friday!

  • by: Colorado Pols

“If we are going to start rewarding no skills and stupid people–I’m serious, let the unskilled jobs, let the kinds of jobs that take absolutely no knowledge whatsoever to do–let stupid and unskilled Mexicans do that work.”

–Rush Limbaugh


67 thoughts on “Open Line Friday!

  1. …that he has Mexicans either directly or indirectly employed by him?  He sure as hell doesn’t mow his own lawn.

    In this case, I’m not pointing out hypocrisy.  It’s that he is dependent on them and then won’t treat them as human beings.  Even stupid and unskilled people who are hard working should be recognized for the latter and the former overlooked in conversation.  

    1. I listen to Rush often, and I’d say I’m very sensitive to racially ignorant comments.  Something like this would really stand out.

      Is there more to the quote, pols?

      1. The quote is from 1993, talking about NAFTA and how people were terrified that white collar jobs would go south of the border.  What Rush was talking about was globalization, and he makes a very good, and decidedly non-racist point.

        Here’s a little more of the quote:

        “If you are unskilled and uneducated, your job is going south. Skilled workers, educated people are going to do fine ’cause those are the kinds of jobs NAFTA is going to create. If we are going to start rewarding no skills and stupid people, I’m serious, let the unskilled jobs that take absolutely no knowledge whatsoever to do — let stupid and unskilled Mexicans do that work.”

          1. That was a long time ago, but I would expect him to me a free-market guy.

            Nice Pols, though.  Is there anything contemporary or poignant about taking a 14-year-old Limbaugh quote out of context as a header?

            Surely you have more material than that – hell, Lamborn is a serving Congressman.

            1. Relevance is everything.  As an “R,” I enjoy Colorado Pols for the participants (mostly perceived by me to be “D”) contribution to a well rounded discussion.  Manipulative postings to advance an agenda erode the web-sites credibility.

              Pols, your lucky you have quality bench strength.

              1. I think they just want to get us going in the morning. Everybody reading this site already has a well-formed opinion about Rush and stuff like this won’t change many people’s minds.

                1. You’ll notice they’ve taken up the trend of calling this “Open Line Fridays”…  While a number of talk show hosts have adopted this meme (Jay Marvin and Thom Hartmann among them), Rush is well-identified with the term.  They’ve been doing Rush quotes every Friday for a while now along this theme.

                  Whether they’re new or not, they are conversation stimulants as Aristotle points out.

                  1. I don’t listen to any talk radio so I didn’t know about the “open line” thing. And although I noticed a lot of Rush quotes lately I hadn’t kept track that they were happening on Fridays.

          2. Rush has been extremely fortunate in finding high paying work that can be done by a big fat stupid drug addled white guy too lazy to research most of what comes out of his big mouth.

            1. He’s not drug-addled any more. He’s very up front about his addiction, and told people to lay off Gore’s kid when he was having trouble.

              I think that line of insults against him is pretty deplorable.  Why don’t you use your superior powers of reason and outwit him instead of your inferior powers of maturity to insult him?

                1. I was very hypocritical myself before I cleaned up.  I was never ‘caught’ for anything, but I’m just trying to impart that it’s fairly typical addict behavior across party, racial, or economic lines.

                  Anyone deserves credit for getting clean or sober in my book.

                  But I’m a fascist.

                  1. seems to have a habit of calling for sensitivity after they spend years trashing people, often innocent ones, over things like looks, habits, race, religion.  Then suddenly when their side is’s boohoo….we shouldn’t attack people personally.

                    Tucker Carlson is NOW all about not trashing Rudy’s private life and three wives and how that’s not really fair.  

                    Boo hoo for them.

                    Rush is a misogynistic pig who insulted women and minorities on a regular basis.  NOW, we are supposed to be sensitive to poor Rush?????

              1. Scratch “fat”and “drug addled”.  His comments are still stupid and the fact that so much of what he states as fact turns out to be blatantly false backs up my claim that he is too lazy to do research.  He rarely gets through one hour of one show without putting out false info. And I don’t care what the “context” of this quote was.  It’s still stupid, ignorant racist and childish.

        1. the context doesn’t change anything.  

          For all of his bellowing about “liberal elitists”, Limbaugh is demonstrating (once agian) that in fact, it is he himself who is an elitist.  

          “NAFTA isn’t going to affect the well educated or highly paid employees, so screw those who are uneducated and low paid.  Instead of letting our own stupid and unskilled Americans do these jobs, let’s let the stupid and unskilled Mexicans do them.”

          I guess that is why he sent his maid to retreive his Oxycotyn instead of doing it himself.

          1. Don’t you think that’s a good argument for attaining as high of a skill level as possible?  

            The biggest problem we could economically create for ourselves would be to artificially inflate the wages of the unskilled.

            Do you disagree?

            1. An artificial deflation of the wages of any workers would be a huge problem.  (Especially when those same workers’ safety protections are removed.)

              Economic stratification is also a very large problem that we have been creating for ourselves.

    1. but are any republicans truly sane? or should I argue that “I can make a poll say anything”? nah, I’ll just laugh and be thankful my mental health is… good.

          1. Wouldn’t I be “oversensitive” instead of “insensitive”, though?

            If someone came on here and said: “All Dems are insane” they would also be a shmo.

            1. I have very liberal tendencies.

              Sometimes I’m unrealistic.

              Sometimes I feel like a victim.

              Sometimes I take myself far too seriously.


              How’s FL?  Hope all is well for you down there.

              1. Florida still sucks, just like when I left 35 years ago.  Hot and more importanty, humid.  The coastline is certainly pretty, but only the rich can afford such properties or boats.  

                Being a roommate to two 90 year olds with all the family baggage and my dad’s Alzheimer’s is very stressful.  

                I’d rather be in Denver.  

    2. ..They are self-reporting!  Gimmeabreak!

      Put those 4,000 folks through some evaluations and see what happens.

      Remember, self-described cons have statistically significant more nightmares than libs.  I wouldn’t call that an indicator of good mental health.  

  2. I know that this doesn’t effect just about any of you but Regent Michael Carrigan’s crusade against smoking on campus was narrowly favored by 51% of survey respondants.  There are some strange inconsistencies in the survey results, but they are what they are.

    I for one think this is BS…and I don’t even smoke.  Banning smoking outside?!  Come on…  Is a little smoke anoying…sure.  But enough to ban smoking OUTSIDE?

    I know that being a Regent is an unpaid position, but there’s gotta be something more important than this for them to be wasting time on…

    Ugh…I love my dear old CU…

      1. Though, the University (I think) never claimed it was supposed to be scientific.

        Some 80,000 people got emails about the survey…pretty much everyone w/ a current CU email address…and responses were voluntary.  Hence, people who were indifferent didn’t bother to respond.

        I’m at least glad to see that those of us on the Boulder Campus were against the ban 52-48…

  3. They claim its the butts.  Horrid things, reducing tourism and all (one of their straight faced claims.)

    So they will make a smoking area at the pavillion…….where people gather and eat.  

    I’m neither a smoker nor a non, by most definitions.  A couple of cigars a week. Most smoking laws do not impact me, although I do think the CO law is a stretch.

  4. Are you kidding me?

    Another Boulder Internet entrepreneur announced Thursday that he will join the political fray that has become the 2nd Congressional District race. Bill Hammons, a former employee at Newsweek magazine who moved to Boulder and began a Web site,, is running as a member of the Unity Party of America.

    The 33-year-old outdoor enthusiast joins three Democrats – former State Senate President Joan Fitz-Gerald, Internet entrepreneur and former State Board of Education Chairman Jared Polis and Colorado Conservation Trust Executive Director Will Shafroth – in the race to replace Rep. Mark Udall, D-Eldorado Springs.

    Hammons, who helped found the Unity Party in 2004, supports a balanced-budget amendment and the elimination of federal taxes on annual income below $30,000.


      1. check out this from his own website:


        The entry is at the bottom of the linked page.

        November 29, 2007

        8:34 AM MT

        The Case of Colorado v. Hammons

        So I was arrested last December for an extremely serious crime. I had been charged with 3rd Degree Sexual Assault (possible sentence: 10 to Life as a Sex Offender). I should point out here that, unbeknownst to me, I had originally been charged in August with a misdemeanor of unlawful sexual contact. I failed to answer the two notices of the summons sent to my address….

        1. But I will say DA’s will not generally plea a sex crime to a non sex crime if they have any evidence–the risks of having it bite you are too big.

          1. best pure entertainment show on TV!

            I remember seeing the episode (and laughing until I nearly peed myself), but I honestly can’t remember the context…

            I barrowed the quote from a “quotes” website.

            1. I almost peed myself over that line too!

              My more favorite episodes are when Peter and Lois run against each other for school board president; when Lois cheats on Peter with Bill Clinton (NAFTA!  NAFTA!), and of course, when Stewie kills Lois.

              Actually, I can’t think of an episode I didn’t like….

              1. the one where Peter takes a bite out of Lois’ nose (his sandwich)?

                My favorite is when Peter, after sexually harassing a coworker, goes to the women’s retreat (“Now that you have felt a woman’s pain, the healing can begin”), comes home and trys to “breast feed” Stewie.

                1. Yes, that was freakin’ awesome!  I loved how Stewie slowly began to realize what had happened…

                  How about the FCC episode where peter starts his own net-work and Peter does the show “Dueche Bags”

                  “Stop the windshield wipers, it’s only making it worse”

                  1. there’s the “Bumblespit” episode when the family is put in the witness protection plan and the little girl (voiced by Dakota Fanning, by the way) says to Meg, “My daughter would love you.”

                    Classic indeed!

                    And I love the FCC show—especially the song and dance they did.

                    1. The Witness protection program one…didn’t Chris not know his friend was a girl or something?

                      Yeah, the song and dance number in the FCC one was pretty good.  They’ve gotten good at those numbers…”Off to Road Island”, “Sha-poopy”

                      I’m hoping my wife gets me the entire collection on DVD for Christmas

                    2. as I was thinking about it, I think the name of the town was “Bumblesuck”.

                      And yes, Chris thought he was falling for a guy (Sam–which was actually short for Samantha).

                      They are very good at the song and dance bits, but the FCC one was the best.

                      I already own the entire collection (I think there are 4 or 5 sets)–well worth the investment.

                      Oh, and how about Peter’s ongoing battle with the big Rooster?  Classic….

                    3. “Chicken, gave me a bad coupon”.  I remember there was the episode where Peter went back in time and some how pissed off the chicken, setting the whole rivalry in motion, but I can’t remember what he did.

                      Also, I’m trying to convince my wife to let me name our first son “Stewie”.  So far, that’s been a tough sell.  I’ll keep you posted though

  5. I just saw someone asking for signatures on a ballot measure to ban discrimination in employment and several other things.

    First of all, I noted it was an anti-discrimination measure that did not mention sexual orientation; doesn’t make me thrilled, but that’s life.

    More importantly, is this: (a) a measure intended to prevent discrimination against minorities, or (b) a measure intended to ban affirmative action (“discrimination” against majorities)?

    Any thoughts on the measure?  Is it flawed?  A good idea?  Bad idea?


    1. a law banning discrimination in Colorado employment based on gender, race, religion, ethnicity etc., to which was added sexual orientation and gender identity just this year by the legislature and Governor Ritter and went into effect in July (or June perhaps…this summer at any rate).

      I would guess that what you saw was the anti-affirmative action ballot initiative that Ward Connerly’s group has targetted Colorado with.

      1. Ack, and I signed the stupid thing.  Actually a lot of students at the college here were signing, too.  The petition gatherer was doing her job of making it sound like a civil rights initiative.

        I knew, of course, that there was already an anti-discrimination law.  It was made to sound as if this strengthens existing laws.  The lack of sexual orientation was a red flag, since it would be stepping back from the progress made last legislative session; but I chose to ignore it.

        Oh well, I’ll have to help defeat it on the actual ballot, I guess.  I have no doubt it will succeed in making it there.

  6. When 150 global companies sign a petition urging governments to take serious the issue of global warming?

    This from Forbes today:

    Some of the world’s top business leaders are demanding that international diplomats meeting next week come up with drastic and urgent measures to cut greenhouse gas pollution at least in half by 2050.

    Officials from more than 150 global companies – worth nearly $4 trillion in market capitalization – have signed a petition urging “strong, early action on climate change” when political leaders meet in Indonesia.

    The hastily prepared petition drive, coordinated through the environmental office of Britain’s Prince Charles, is signed by leaders from mainstream powerhouse companies such as Shell UK, GE International, Coca-Cola Co., Dupont Co., United Technologies Corp., Rolls Royce, Nestle SA, Unilever, British Airways and Volkswagen AG.

    1. Whether our elected leaders — of either party — have the vision to rise above partisan bickering and actually propose something meaningful is another matter (see DavidT’s comment about corporations as an example of partisan roadblocks (i.e., his unstated assumption that all corporations are bad so we should not trust or work with them to solve a global problem.  The “right” wears similar blinders.)

      1.  The Inconvenient Truth is that being sucessful in politics means pandering to interest groups and not doing anything that generates opposition.

      2.  The Inconvenient Truth is that many elected officials do not have intellectual vision for the large, out of the box thinking global warming entails.

      3.  The Inconvenient Truth about global warming and energy (the issues are joined at the hip) means implementing solutions that some folks will not agree with because it inconveniences them, thus running afoul of Inconvenient Truth #1.

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