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November 21, 2007 07:36 PM UTC

BeauprezGate Opens Coordination Questions

  • by: Colorado Pols

We talked yesterday about the weirdness surrounding the BeauprezGate controversy, and the story just keeps getting weirder. A private investigator has admitted to looking up information used for the illegal immigration ad run by the Beauprez campaign, but who was he working for?

As the Rocky Mountain News reports:

Who Rodgers was working for when he sought information on an illegal immigration case is unclear. He said he was hired by a Pennsylvania man doing research on Ritter’s cases, but he’s not sure who hired the researcher.

The motion filed by Voorhis’ attorneys states that the Colorado Republican Party hired Rodgers, but that’s news to Bob Martinez, who was state chairman in 2006.

“I have no idea what the heck they’re talking about,” Martinez said. “If someone was hired, it was without my knowledge.”

Rodgers also was doing work for another Colorado Republican organization, the Trailhead Group, founded by prominent Republicans including former Gov. Bill Owens.

Trailhead no longer exists, but its former director, Alan Philp, said Tuesday that that Rodgers was researching an unrelated Ritter case for his group and that they never discussed any illegal immigration cases.

“Trailhead had no involvement in the production of the (Beauprez) ad, any discussions leading up to the ad or any research on the ad,” Philp said.

Rodgers said he was directed to find out which county in California had prosecuted an illegal immigrant who had been given a plea bargain by Ritter’s office. He said he was told it was needed for a Beauprez ad.

We won’t pretend to understand all of the ins and outs of this story at this point, but a new wrinkle has become clear: Trailhead and the Colorado Republican Party could have opened themselves up to illegal coordination charges (so-called “527” political groups are prohibited from coordinating their efforts with political parties or candidates). Even if they were doing different work, you would think that Trailhead and the GOP would have had the sense to not hire the same people to do investigative work, but apparently not.


54 thoughts on “BeauprezGate Opens Coordination Questions

  1. …that this might uncover some more illegal stuff? This is the kind of reaction you get when people are trying to cover up something.

    It will be interesting to see how this unfolds. And if it all comes out over the next year it’s going to be even worse for Repubs in the ’08 election here than otherwise.

    1. The only hope that the GOP has is if Governor Ritter lets them plea bargain down to a “Trespassing on Ag Land” charge well before the elections.

      I can’t say that the Republicans in question won’t do it again if let off, but I’m reasonably sure that they won’t turn around and deal drugs, rape, drink and drive, and murder like the last people Governor Ritter plea bargained with.

      If only everybody involved on the GOP side of this issue were some color other than white…and some sex other than male. 

        1. That still wouldn’t do.  Maybe if they were Democrats…

          What am I saying? “Maybe”…

          If they were Democrats then they could aid and abet rapists and heroine dealers with impunity so long as the rapists and heroine dealers are foreign nationals who are a shade of brown, or if white (the wrong color), they have a lot of money to donate to the Democrat Party.

          Heck, they could aid and abet criminal aliens and still become governor of a state…as long as they’re Democrats.

            1. I knew I smelled something cooking in the Governor’s office.  Did Goven-aider-n-abeter Ritter haul the Easy Bake oven himself, or did he hire a foreign national heroine dealer to lug it in for him?

            2. I’m not going to waste any more time on that one.  The “Bill Ritter is a murderer/drug dealer/criminal etc. etc. meme is something you see scrawled on a piece of cardboard being waved frantically by someone on the side of Colfax.  You know the guy – he’s standing next to the guy waving the “Kerry stabbed the troops” sign.  Not to be taken seriously, but irritating nonetheless.  Have a good turkey day Parsing.

              1. the rape victim in California doesn’t take Democrat Governor Ritter’s “pardon” of her attacker “seriously” either. 

                Rape: Not serious, just irritating.

                She should just buy some heroin from another of Democrat Governor Ritter’s foreign national buddies, lie back, and enjoy the ride!

                Free healthcare, free education, and a free pass from Democrat Governor Ritter to do whatever one wants.  How do I become an illegal alien?

                  1. are even more looney than the leftists in the US.  The Mexicans treat illegals the way we ought to be treating them.

                    I want to be an illegal in Colorado. 

                    1. Go work in the agriculture industry for next to nothing, give up your health insurance, sell your (assumed) surburban home and new car, and learn to speak a foreign language. After you do that, we’ll talk about how bad we have it here.

                      You’re a religious Boyels listener aren’t you? Your talking points are as idiotic as his.

                    2. Rape, murder, theft, shakedowns of those trying to cross into Mexico from the south.  The Mexican government is a total hypocrite on immigration.  Just fine to send us their overpopulation to keep the pressure off, not so fine when a Guatamalean wants to cross into Mexico.

                      I’ll also add that if an American is found working in Mexico without the proper visa, they are deported promtply and banished for a few years.  The visa can take months to get, costs $200, must be renewed annually for $100, and you must notify the authorities of any moves.  And no job changes.

                      With exceptions, we treat our border crashers here like royalty compared to Mexico.

                    3. There are lots of Gringo entrepreneurs who do the same thing except instead of extorting money from them, they’re forced to work in Tom Tancredo’s basement for sub-minimum wage.

                    4. …because the price of labor is a matter of supply.  Too many people willing to undercut one another.  That, of course, is what unions are designed to do; create an artificial shortage.

            3. I always hated fruitcake. It almost ruined Christmas for me on numerous occasions. Even as a three-year old, my first thought was, “What is THIS shit!”

              Have a great Thanksgiving Parsing!

              1. However, I do like fruitcake.  But what you buy in the store is missing the most vital ingredient, (lots of) rum or brandy poured on top.

                I have an excellent cook friend and he made one from scratch with (lots of expensive) brandy poured over it.

                I assure you, you would like it.

        1. Democrat Govern-aider-n-abetter Ritter DIDN’T let foreign national rapists and heroin dealers walk on “Ag Trespass” charges?  Tell me where I’m wrong.

          You remind me of Chief Wiggim.  A UFO crashes on I-25 and causes a 152-car pileup, and there you are with your hands up telling onlookers, “Stand back. Nothing to see here.”

          I don’t know which is worse:

          1)That you try to defend the indefensible.

          2)That you are allowed to vote.

          PS: I forgot to mention that the aliens in the UFO were illegal.  They won’t be made to pay for destroying the interstate however because the aliens are a shade of green(not white), they didn’t have insurance, they didn’t have drivers licences, they have six anchor babies that they can barely afford to feed, their planet is run by a corrupt oligarchy,…..etc & etc.

            1. suggests that the only thing that is known about Ramos is that he may hang out with heroin users/dealers and may or may not be a user/dealer himself.  What we actually know, based entirely on the “Hate Boyles” article you led me to, is that he is an illegal alien riding around with someone with heroin on the floorboard of his car.

              No I’m not a lawyer.  Only a lawyer would imply that Ramos has nothing to do with heroin based on those, ahem, “facts”.

              I’d bet that the victim of the rape that Democrat Governor Ritter is complicit in would be just as convinced as I am. 

              PS: My mind can be changed.  Maybe as a test of good faith, Democrat Governor Ritter can demand a Grand Jury investigation himself.  Maybe then we can find out what Democrat Governor Ritter knew and when he knew it.

              PPS: As you probably know more about the law than I, is aiding and abetting criminal behavior illegal?

              1. Your characterization of the article as a “hate Boyles” article pulls the curtain back a bit doesn’t it? When you come up with better information than what is found in the article, say pdf files of police and court proceedings, you’ll get my attention. The rest of your response here is pretty flimsy, if I may say so.

                1. a “hate Boyles” article pulls the curtain back a bit doesn’t it? When you come up with better information than what is found in the article, say pdf files of police and court proceedings, you’ll get my attention. The rest of your response here is pretty flimsy, if I may say so.

                  1. There is no greater honour than to have trolls mirror original comments back at the creator. Foggy was good at that. It’s equal to that old school yard taunt….you know the one…

              2. I do not do criminal work so you have to take this with a grain of salt.

                Generally no “aiding and abetting criminal behavior” is not a crime, perhaps you are referring to being an accessory to a specific crime.

                I am not sure what you are advocating the grand jury to investigate.  You can not enpanel a a grand jury without cause.

                Please post the facts on the rape victim.  Are you the guy who hangs out with the painted plywood sign around denver.  Your claims rise to that level.

                Reading the facts from the media matters report, in my opinion “the heroin dealer” charge would have resulted in a not guilty verdict.  A plea was the best they could have gotten.  The law is not what you believe, its about what you can prove. 

                1. jacksh**.  I’m just a blue collar schlub in small town Colorado.  Maybe someone in the Denver DA’s office will let me have access to NCIC.

                  I’ll tell ya what I know however.  I know Democrat Governor Ritter let 152 criminal aliens back out on the street.  I also know that the whistleblower is the one being persecuted.  It ain’t hard to connect dots when they are only centimeters apart.

                  You can weasle and obfuscate your way around anything, can’t you lawyer-boy?  Anything except common sense.

                2. If Colorado’s most popular and famous talk show host was accusing me of being complicit in this sordid affair, and I were completely innocent, my reaction would be far different than that of Beauprez or Ritter.

                  I’d hire a lawyer, but I certainly wouldn’t hide behind one.  The longer this thing festers without any public statement, the more guilty Ritter and Beauprez appear.

                  I’m sure that lawyers for both “men” are crafting statements right now.  It’ll probably be jibberish with no follow up questions allowed.

                1. ….now, isn’t the guy who was bitching about the new DIA for years, even after it was finished?  And the guy who had all the answers on Jonbenet Ramsey?  And good buds with the Archbiship (very pro-illegal immigrant) and Tommy T (well, you know.)

                  Boyles has had his good moments, I recall I was listening to him when the planes struck the towers. But I think his age is causing some serious brain shrinkage.

          1. I have to examine the facts.  Plea bargains are generally offered, when the prosecution thinks they would have difficulty proving the charges in front of a jury.

            If we stop plea bargains, we will have to expand the judiciary by at least 5 times.  I think there are about 22 district judges in Denver.  we would need to build 4 new courthouses (in addition to the one we are building).  In addition to expanding the judges we would have to expand the DA office as well as the Public Defenders as the majority of these people recieve government paid council under the Constitution.  We could call your “no plea bargain plan” the lawyer full employment act, as an attorney–thank you for your genoristy with the vast tax increase necessary to pay salaries.

            Many of the people who would be tried under your “no plea bargain plan” would be found not guilty, so they would be released into the public without a conviction on their records.  At least we wouldn’t have to build new prisons.

            As I recall, Ritter’s record for plea bargains is quite comparable to other metro DAs, but that is from memory.

            1. They are illegal aliens, boob.  No plea bargain. Deport criminal aliens.

              I typed that slow so that even you could get it.  However, since your a lawyer (go figure) I probably should have used more syllables and words.

                    1. besides my intelligence? The line of reasoning you used made me wretch when it was trotted out a year ago as an excuse for Ritter not doing his job. 

                      Bill Ritter gave deals to criminal aliens that let them back on the street instead of being deported.  Heck, he could have driven the SOB’s to one of Colorado’s borders and done more of a public service.

                      Thanks to the massive influx of Californians fleeing the hell they turned their state into, Democrats in Colorado can do what they want with impugnity, including turning Colorado into the same nightmare California has become.

                      Be happy Red.  The GOP in Colorado is dead, and after the Rockefeller-Democrat cabal is through with Voorhis, nobody in ICE will want to do their job, which is what THIS prosecution is really about, isn’t it?

                      Plea bargains to illegals.  Yeah right.  That’s as pathetic as your governor.  Californicate Colorado is more like it. 

            1. Unless the Rockefeller-Democrat cabal is successful at quelling the damage.

              Right now their only way out is to drop the charges.  I hope nothing like that is possible because I’m really looking foreward to a bloodbath.

      1. in diverting the conversation away from the Trailhead group and Bob Beauprez so one would expect a little bonus for his efforts from his employers.

        I think the Trailhead group was also accused of some other improprieties during the campaign.  It isn’t surprising that they are also involved in this dirty tricks scandal.  With McCelland coming clean about the Plame coverup this will add to the perception that Republicans are duplicitous liars who will lie, cheat and steal to gain power.  I would add stupid to leave such an easy trail (pun intended) to follow.

        1. I hate Rockefeller Republicans as well.  Bob Beauprez and Bill Ritter sitting in a Grand Jury room during the Democrat Convention is my only Christmas wish.

            1. even for my ranch raised sensibilities. The curtain is pulled back a little more…and exposes you for who and what you are. Reason #23 to give thanks this Thanksgiving. Sunshine being the best disinfectant and all! See you in February of 09.

              1. They believe they are smarter than they actually are.  It doesn’t take much to determine the intellect of an adolescent boy who brags about what a stud he is.  Petty boasting is a sure sign of intellectual vacuity.

                I looked up the other misconduct by the Trailhead Group and it had to do with robo-calls and hit piece ads.  The Republican Attorney General Struthers who must have wanted to become part of Gonzale’s partisan DOJ club declined to prosecute.  It will be interesting to see if Struthers can somehow overcome his partisan instincts and actually prosecute this case.  Isn’t it ironic that Republicans look the other way when one of their own engages in a criminal activity but are oh so outraged that Ritter’s office engaged in plea bargains like every other DA office in the country.

            2. Then we’ll see you next time, when you try to tell us that the sky is green and that Boyles shits Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia. That’s as credible as anything you’ve ever posted.

  2. jjeff is an expert at diversion….the focus should be on Trailhead and Beauprez…not Ritter.  Now can somebody tell me what I missed….if Trailhead hired a PI in Texas who had someone in the Harris county sheriff (?) or DA (?) office use a NATIONAL crime database to look up the particulars on a convicted criminal and give that information back to Trailhead…..WHY did Vorhis have to duplicate the same thing?

    Was Vorhis asked to do that by Trailhead?  Did he come up with the idea independent of the PI in Texas….and how hard is that? Was he being blackmailed? Did Trailhead have him do it to cover up the Texas action?

    It doesn’t scan….that two independent public officials in two different states would be looking up the same information on the same criminal in the same database…..breaking the same federal law about accessing that database for political purposes…..

    Is there something real obvious that I am absolutely missing?  If so, enlighten me. ….I have not been able to follow every twist and curve…family, Thanksgiving…other such trival obstacles….

    1.   The explanation is quite simple:  the right tentacle at Trailhead didn’t know what the left tentacle was doing as far as illegal op research on Ritter, so they duplicated their efforts and doubled the chances of getting caught.
        At least Nixon and CREEP had the good sense to send only one team of burglars into the Watergate at a time.

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