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November 21, 2007 02:07 AM UTC

BeauprezGate Gets More Confusinger

  • by: Colorado Pols

As the Rocky Mountain News reports:

A private investigator from Texas hired last year to dig into Democrat Bill Ritter’s background for a Colorado Republican group admitted today that he asked “a buddy” to access an off-limits criminal database.

Kenny Rodgers, 57, said his friend, who worked for the Harris County District Attorney’s Office in Houston at the time, looked up information in the National Crime Information Center, known as NCIC.

“My buddy who looked it up is in deep trouble because of me,” Rodgers told the Rocky Mountain News.

A Colorado federal agent already has been charged with accessing NCIC – which is to be used for law enforcement purposes only – and providing information to Ritter’s 2006 gubernatorial opponent, Republican Bob Beauprez. Beauprez then ran ads critical of Ritter, a former Denver district attorney, for giving plea bargains to illegal immigrants.

Agent Cory Voorhis’ attorneys this month filed a motion in U.S. District Court in Denver, contending selective prosecution. The attorneys said officials in Denver and Texas accessed the same database for the same information and were not charged.

Harris County began an investigation after the motion was filed, Rodger said.

Rodgers worked as as subcontractor for a Philadelphia investigative firm that was hired by The Trailhead Group, a political 527 committee founded by prominent Republicans, including former Gov. Bill Owens. The group’s aim was to elect Republicans statewide in 2006.

We’d offer some commentary here, but we don’t really understand what’s going on anymore. This story has become (almost) more confusing than Beauprez’s gubernatorial campaign itself.


46 thoughts on “BeauprezGate Gets More Confusinger

  1. Boyles is trying to make Voorhis out like some public hero. There are sound reasons for restricting access to the NCIC database, but Boyles argues that because the crook Voorhis exposed was in fact a crook, that somehow makes it all right.

    If the law is stupid, then change it and allow EVERYONE – cop or no cop – to dig around in the NCIC.

    But for now it’s illegal to access the NCIC for non-official purposes, and as a citizen I’d as soon keep it that way and not give cops carte blanche to go rooting around there – and giving the information to others – whenever it suits their private purposes.

    No matter what their personal motives may be.

      1. He appealed to me. I liked his style, and his “real politics” hid just over the horizen. I had to listen for quite a few months to pick up on his anti-American positions.

        He reminds me of Christians I’ve had the misfortune to have had business dealings with in my past. All too often, having been introduced by them that they’re christian, their dealings would be less than honorable. From my perspective, this type of christian justifies their behaviors in the context of their christian membership. Like…’s ok….I’m doing it for the lord. Ultimately, a dangerous and delusional manipulation.

        Boyles falls into this type of behavior because he is also a “saved” individual. Once, according to him, he was a serious alcoholic. I don’t know why it is that, in my experience, “saved” and “reformed” individuals tend to think they can do and say what they want. Like their “moral” decisions has bought them the “armor of the lord.”

  2. While this is all an interesting footnote to the election, I can’t tell you how much I don’t care.  Beauprez screwed the pooch beginning on day one of the campaign.  He appears to have actually believed the Bill Owens’ echo chamber and spent a bunch of his and a lot of friends’ money on one of the worst campaigns that has been run in Colorado in living memory.  He was wrong on the politics, he was wrong on the values, he was wrong on the electorate values, he was wrong on the issues, and he had some of the worst campaign TV that has been run since the Republican candidate turned his back on the camera and walked away.

    The Republicans are likely to lose at least one State Senate seat, and perhaps two.  They could lose anywhere from 1-3 seats in the House.  They will get Doug Bruce, and at least one member of the Republican caucus will follow Debbie across the aisle when Dougie is sworn in.

    I do not see a Democratic seat in jeopardy.

    For perspective purposes, Marilyn Musgrave has become the moderate, inside the Bell curve, Republican.  Think about that.

    I am guessing that between 25% and 33% of registered Republicans are voting for the Democrat.

    The Democrat delusion is that the voters have moved to them.  They have not, they are just rejecting and voting against the Republicans.

    Look for Bill Owens to endorse Will Armstrong.  The press conference will have young Will – who is not as tall as his father – flanked by Bill Owens, Bruce Benson and Bob Beauprez.

    Look for Bill Owens to endorse Bob Shaffer and start raising money for him.  Pete who?

    Look for the media – who have to be stupider than any group following Colorado politics – to interview Bill Owens on election night and ask him why Udall beat Shaffer  57-43.  We should all video tape Owens’ tap dance.

    Oh, and Phaseline loses another series of elections.  Have they actually ever won any?  Caldara goes into the tank in the shadow of Doug Bruce.

    Colorado slips into a recession about 6 months after the nation does.  Colorado slips into another severe drought, but worse than the previous one.  Tourism goes into the tank – along with all the phony public finance schemes built on tourism.

    Ritter puts on a cherubic and optimistic face.  It begins to melt faster than the snow pack. His administration start a death spiral downward in 2009.  He finally comes to realize that loyal campaign staff cannot really develop solid and balanced public policy and begins to shed them and to try to attract real policy people. 

    Is it too late?  No.  Ritter’s Chinese fortune cookie comes through.  The Republicans gather, they toast S’Mores, they join hands and sing Kumbaya.  They nominate their lesser God. 

    Bill Owens who has been unemployed for 4 years – having no marketable job skills – gets nominated.  Wadhams sheds tears of redumption and begins to sing the Hallelujah Chorus.  Owens, much like Chairman Mao, creates a triumvirate of photos. Bill is in the middle.  He is flanked on either side by a portrait of Ronald Reagan and a photo of Barry Goldwater – smaller than his, of course.

    Ritter wins 58-42.  Owens is devastated.  He has not had this kind of rejection since his family made him move out.
    He is bewildered.  He does not understand why God has forsaken him (God, however, understands quite clearly.  Once again he is cast into the market place with no marketable job skills.  As a mediocre intellect, he cannot even land a position in higher education.

    He creates a “Republican Martyrs’ Club” to gather like souls around him. Bob Schaffer is there.  John Andrews is there.  Jon Caldara is there. The list is long, and gets longer each election.

    Ritter has no idea why he won, but he handles it with his usual smile and cherubic innocence.  Instinctively he knows he does not actually have to acomplish something, he just needs to avoid failing.

    Hickenlooper goes on to a greater calling.  Drew Carey screws the pooch and Hick finds his true avocation.  Game show host.  He becomes the host on the Price Is Right, and sweeps several Emmy awards.

    Ultimately, Hick gets to do a one hour in-depth, and vacuously sincere, eulogy to Dan Rather.  He gets an Emmy for his deep – look in your eyes – reverance of Dan.  He knows he has scored, looks deeply into the camera and just like Oral Roberts says to audience that God has told him that if you do not contribute to his latest series of bond issues that God will strike Denver down and turn the city council into the 13 pillars of salt.

    On a 51-49 vote, the voters decide that we do not need more salt.

    Hick is vaulted upward.  President Ritter threatens to withhold US funding for the UN unless Hick is selected Secretary-General.  Hick is confirmed.  He immediately begins his drive for international bond issues to fund UN programs.  He picks Ken Gordon to be his personal driver.

    And to think.  All this from a state that has devolved from a state to a colony.

    1. We all wish we had the prescience you have. I’d like to take you to Vegas some weekend! Seriously, my only disagreement is your, “The Democrat delusion is that the voters have moved to them.  They have not, they are just rejecting and voting against the Republicans.” I don’t quite get that.

      Otherwise, a very interesting science fiction.

  3. Why does this strike me as one of the least wise defense motions I’ve seen in recent history?  Now instead of one person being prosecuted, they expose a network of people all hired by Trailhead to do illegal things.

    And Republicans wonder why the people aren’t voting for them like they used to…

  4. Gotta love the leftists on this site.  It ought to be “ElitistGate” or “EstablishmentGate” or “ScrewTheWhistleblowerGate”.  Heck, even “RitterGate” is more appropriate.

    The only thing that puts a bigger smile on my face than seeing Rockefeller Republicans go down is seeing Democrats go down.  I’d LOVE nothing more (well, a few things) than to see Bob Beauprez and Bill Ritter sitting side by side in a Grand Jury room, especially if it convenes during the Democrat National Convention.  I would eschew all Christmas gifts for five years if this wish were to come true.

    I hope Ritter gets not one hour of restful sleep for the rest of his term.

    This is DELICIOUS! 

      1. like deporting criminal aliens?  Arresting the employers of illegal aliens?  Arresting those who aid and abet criminal aliens?

        I agree.  Let’s start with Ritter and Hickenlooper, and then go from there.

        1. The state has no authority to deport.  Only the Feds can deport.  The state also has no authority to hold for an indefinite period of time – the Feds have to come pick them up before the drop-dead release deadline.

          So while you can complain about Hickenlooper and Ritter, doing so over this issue is, um… uninformed.

    1. Because Both Ways Bob is the one who paid for someone else to break the law.

      Republicans are all about law and order, unless it applies to them.

      Freakin’ Hypocrites!!!


  5. Colorado GOP/ Trailhead are essentially the same thing, both are corrupt and scandalous and should be held accountable. Dicky and his slimy ways are the reason why the Republican Party is radical, right-winged and out of touch with common sense Coloradoans. I’m just waiting to see what Bob “BS” Shaffer has up his radical sleeve that is designed to screw over Coloradoans. The whole party is so far to the right I think they have forgotten what centric means…

    1. The only difference between a Rockefeller and any Democrat is a set of balls. 

      The Republicans potentially in hot water are not “right-winged”.  They are however “slimy”, “radical”, and “out of touch with common sense”; but no more so than their ideological blood brothers: the Democrats.

      1. IMHO, the evidence is overwhelmingly against your conclusion. Granted, the democrats could use more spine, but they don’t hold a candle to the Republican’s slime machine and corruption.

        1. Democrat machine, Republican machine, who cares?  Just because the leftist media chooses not to investigate Democrat transgressions doesn’t mean that Democrat transgressions are any less frequent or serious. 

          Democrats aren’t the true enemies of the Rockefellers, conservatives are.  I have little doubt that George Bush would vote for Hillary Clinton before he’d vote for Hunter, Paul, or Tancredo.  George Bush is a Democrat with balls.  You Democrats ought to be more supportive of Bush.  He’s only doing the same thing in the Middle East as Clinton did in Waco: eliminating the threat to world order presented by a fundamentalist belief in something other than government.

          I guess Clinton gets a pass because he incinerated white people/citizens.  If all of the Branch Davidians were shades of brown, they probably could have gotten off with a “tresspassing on agricultural land” charge. 

          1. I didn’t think you’d show your ill-informed mug around here after the licking you took last time. Well, two-plus months is a long time to get up your nerve. Welcome back, and get ready to lose debates again.

            Remind me again – who did you vote for in 2000 and 2004?

            1. I don’t come here often because I have better things to do with my time than expose your hypocrisy.

              I voted for Bush both times.  If I were a registered Republican, I’d have actively campaigned against him during the primaries.  Conservatives/libertarians aren’t allowed to play in the game of politics however, and I’ll choose the Stupid Party over the Evil Party every time.

              PS: There is only one thing that gets licked when I show my ill-informed mug around here, and they were looking a little dry when I showered this morning.

                    1. Anybody who expresses a belief in Classical Liberalism is a pariah.  I see cameras going up with the same frequency as taxes and anchor babies and I don’t like any of it.

                      All you need to get your way is 50+1.  And when Democrats and Rockefellers get together on a new scheme to screw citizens over, then there is very little the very small minority of we conservatives/libertarians can do to preserve liberty.

                      Don’t worry about me though Ari.  I’ve been kicked so much by the likes of people like you that all of my skin looks like old shoe leather.  Most of the time I can take your brand of totalitarianism (velvet glove?) with a smirk.

          2. Do you know what you are saying?  Or do you just spout gibberish?

            You are like that guy with the sign saying “Clinton raped Juanita” that I see every so often.

            I usually honk, pull over, and flip that idiot off.

            You aren’t even trying to make sense. 

            Are you just trying to show everyone that you are an idiot?


        1. In “Social Contract” he make the case that as a nation grows in size, both geographically and demographically, the government MUST get smaller in proportion in order to be efficacious.

          Rousseau also refers to government as “chains”.

          Do you share those beliefs?

          1. I’m no expert on Rousseau, I just like that quote.

            As to your stated case, I would say that he is wrong.  Flat out wrong.  One of the reasons we have so many government offices, positions, programs is that there are so many of us.  We no longer have that personal interaction anymore. 

            No one bats 1000.

            1. when people expect the government to have the response of a Porche, like with Hurricane Katrina, you’re perfectly satisfied with the locomotive, with its engine still in the roundhouse, that the Democrats and the Rockefellers created?

              And I suppose that when there is an abject failure regarding response, like with Katrina, YOU don’t bitch.  You just shrug your shoulders and say, “That’s the kind of government we want and need.” 

              Regardless, politically, Democrat Governor Ritter is strong.  The law makes it a criminal offense to aid and abet illegal aliens.  Democrat Governor Ritter aided and abetted criminal aliens 152 times.  Many of those he aided went on to commit other crimes like rape.  The rape victim is herself in a position of weakness.  She was, for a very short time, at the mercy of Democrat Governor Ritter while he was a prosecuter.

              We KNOW Democrat Governor Ritter is complicit in the rape out in California, and there is no telling how much heroin got smuggled into the US because Democrat Governor Ritter let the dealer walk (try doing that as a citizen).  As the law is the great equalizer, should the strong Democrat Governor Ritter be prosecuted for aiding and abetting foreign national rapists and heroin dealers who prey on the weak? 

              1. And my you are full of it!

                Glad you are around to show rational people what conservatives are all about.

                Not that any of what you’ve said makes any sense…


              2. You are a moron.

                Under Bush 41, FEMA was, (no pun intended,} a disaster.  Clinton put in a competent person.  It ran like clockwork.

                Bush 43 comes in, appoints a racing horse association director/buddy from college, put FEMA on an ideological disaster (no pun intended) course, and we got Katrina, et al.

                Very suspicious that the good white voters of Florida under Jeb Bush had LOTS of food, water, and aid puh-ron-toe after the FL hurricanes in 2004.

                I would suggest that you do something with that Ritter woody of yours, but this is a family blog.

              3. Because Ritter knew that this person would go on to rape someone.  Because all of them do that.  You don’t even have the facts to back up your insanity.

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