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November 13, 2007 09:16 PM UTC

Tancredo Tries to Scare Voters Into Supporting Him

  • by: Colorado Pols

In an effort to boost his Presidential campaign, Rep. Tom Tancredo has gone the scary route with his latest campaign ad – as in, try to scare people into voting for you.

As M.E. Sprengelmeyer explains:

On Monday he unveiled a new television ad that shows a hooded man slip into a peaceful shopping mall, set down a black backpack – not far from where children are playing – and then, boom!

Interspersed with images of a bloody body and the destruction from recent terrorist attacks in London, Spain and Russia, it argues that this could be “the price we pay for spineless politicians who refuse to defend our border against those who come to kill.”

But one Iowa political analyst called it such a “brute” appeal for fear, that it’s not likely to help Tancredo’s long-shot campaign here in the nation’s first presidential caucus state, nor prompt any of the other candidates to respond, as Tancredo told reporters Monday was his real goal.

“This is just blatant, raw fear images, and they’ve never worked in the United States, period,” said Bruce Gronbeck, a communications professor from the University of Iowa who teaches a course on politics in the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

You can watch the ad here.


36 thoughts on “Tancredo Tries to Scare Voters Into Supporting Him

    1. The YouTube ad is in Diaries. 

      Well Done.

      Americans have never been scared by an ad except when they have been.

      It started in 1932, continued in 1964 and here we are.

      Effective. Nothing new.

      University of Iowa pacifist professors have no credibility.

      1. but it is also a lie.

        Terrorists flew here on airplanes from Europe or crossed in a car from canada. No terrorist has crossed through the desert of Chihuahua.  Why should they? The Canadian border is wide open.

        Border security is important, but don’t confuse spanish speaking, catholic, job seaking immigrants who happen to be brown with arabic speaking, muslim, terrorist who happen to be brown.

      2. that they have all the credibility you do.

        It is an effective ad, in that it’s getting people to talk about Tancredo. It remains to be seen whether it will accomplish anything else.

      3. John McCain said it best: obstructionists like Tancredo with pie-in-the-sky ideas like rounding up and deporting “20 million” illegal immigrants are blocking sensible, realistic, ACHIEVABLE immigration reform – thus resulting in amnesty through inaction.

        And it’s typical Tancredo to lump “20 million” illegal immigrants in with Islamic terrorists.

        He’s a loser, and we won’t have to see another of his commercials after about another two months.

  1. If he decides tomorrow to drop the whole thing and run again in CD6, MY CD6, he’ll get re-elected without having to spend any more than he ever has. Sigh…

    1. Beyond “illegal immigrants bad.” Tell us something we don’t know. Tell us how to achieve a realistic SOLUTION.

      It’s so easy for him to sit on the backbench in Congress and run his Al Sharpton-like vanity campaign.

      1. I think Tancredo has given realistic solutions to the immigration problem just as some democrats have given their realistic solutions.  The problem is what I see as realistic and you see as realistic are probably two completely different things.

        I personally don’t see a problem with gathering up every illegal in this country and sending them back home to wherever that may be and telling them that if you want to come live here, that is fine, but their are rules and a process that you need to follow in order to do so. I don’t have a problem with just enforcing the rules that we already have in place as one solution to our immigration problem.

        I am sure that many would find what I just said as unrealistic to our current immigration situation. But the problem is that people are coming up with solutions left and right and no one is actually putting anything in place for fear they might lose their job in the next election.

        In regards to Tancredo’s ad, he is just saying that if we don’t hurry up and take SOME action then the consequences could be catastrophic. At least he has the balls to point out what could happen even though no one wants to hear it.

    2. If Tancredo is really concerned about terrorists he ought to be raising the alarm about actual terrorists, actually  based in Pakistan, a country that has an actual nuclear arsenal and a dictator hanging on by a thread. 

      All of that is actually happening as opposed to all the American malls that are not being blown up by non-existent terrorists who are not entering from Mexico as opposed to the  actual terrorist who flew into the country legally and were living here legally when they boarded those plains on 9/11 and committed actual acts of terror.

      The man never met a real threat he wasn’t happy to ignore while dreaming up imaginary enemies.  If he’s so damn vigilant why couldn’t he even be bothered to police his own basement? It was full illegals back when he was taking the low bid from a contractor with the illegal crew.  He sure wasn’t interested in going after illegals then.

      This is just his ticket to notoriety and a lucrative career as a professional hatemonger. 

      1. to believe that we don’t have terrorist among us now who are in this country illegally?  It is my understanding that every security agency we have believes this to be true. 

        Why is it that anytime someone talks about illegals that that you automatically assume they are talking about our neighbors from Mexico?  When we talk about securing our borders, for many including myself it means keeping out all illegals who wish to do harm to our country.

        By the way do you even know Tom Tancredo or do you base your opinions on what you see on TV or read in the newspapers?  I have known Tom for about 10 years now and I wouldn’t call him a hatemonger just because he has strong beliefs about the immigration problem in this country. That would be like calling me a pedophile because I love my grandchildren. Tom simply sees a problem and has worked hard to bring that problem to the forefront of the national debate and apparently it is working.

        1. that you believe we haven’t had any exploding malls because of this incompetent administration’s anti-terror operations and the handful of pathetic homegrown bozos they’ve arrested? 

          I don’t believe terror attacks are out of the question but the over the top hysteria promoted by Tancredo isn’t very helpful or fact-based.  We definitely ought to have secure borders but since there have been zero known cases of terrorists entering the country illegally through Mexico and killing anyone over the past 6 years, while our President has sent thousands of Americans and Iraqis to their graves in a war unrelated to the terrorist threat  and Al Qaeda and Taliban are headquartered in a country that has nukes and a dictator holding on by a thread, I think Tancredo’s priorities are ridiculous.

        2.   Because that’s where they’re building “the Fence.”  Why isn’t “the Fence,” Tancredo’s last erection for the American people as a U.S. Rep, being built along our northern border, too?
            Maybe it’s because the people up north are white while the people to the south are brown.  Tell me again why this isn’t being fueled by racism…..

          1. There aren’t 12 million Canadians illegally residing here. 

            Not sure why any Canadian would want to come here, anyway.  The Loony is better than a Greenback, universal health care, and a generally more civil society.

  2. … to speak plainly about what we all understand re: Tom Tancredo: He is a racist through and through, and his anti-immigrant campaign is the Western U.S. version of the old Confederacy anti-African American racism. End of story.

    “Illegal” is the new code word for “nigger”…only Tancredo’s “niggers” are Latinos who look different than he does, who speak Spanish, and who are most likely Catholic. That’s a combination that lots of Anglo Coloradoans can’t stand, and never have been able to tolerate except as gardeners or migrants. Once they started settling down into jobs, it was time to call in Tancredo.

    His latest ad is an outrage. It says: those “illegal immigrants,” those swarthy people speaking Spanish, might…probably will…plant a bomb and blow you up. Let’s round them up and shove them south of the Rio Grande. BE AFRAID, Anglos, and forget all that b.s. about “all men are created equal.” Naturally, everyone else in CD-6 is a perfectly law-abiding citizen…only these Latinos, well, they’re “illegal,” and therefore deserve no compassion, no consideration, no rights. Round ’em up and head ’em out.

    Better to divert the attention of people toward this dire threat operating the lawn-mower in your backyard than to concentrate on the grotesque distortion of “democracy” American-style that has come to mean: “Corporate interests buy candidates, buy elections, funnel wealth to the few at the expense of the many.”

    Right. Watch out for bombs, people of CD-6. How embarrassing to say your district sent this super-racist to Congress over and over.

    1. That’s right, attack Tancredo for bringing up the most relevant issue in regards to being POTUS.  His/Her main job is to defend this country from its enemies, both foreign and domestic.  Let the vapid wax poetic about universal healthcare.
      The argument is about the rule of law. Obviously, you think it doesn’t apply to you and your friends.  Which laws can I choose to ignore?  Should I be allowed to rob banks or people like yourself because I “think” it is my “right?”  Cops should just leave me alone to do my thing because all I have are rights, no responsibilities.  If you disagree with the laws, get them changed.  Just remember that they were created for a reason and reversing them may adversely affect you and/or your children/grandchildren/…
      As for the veiled threats against Anglos, spoken like a true hate-filled bigot.  “Hate whitey and his uncle toms because they don’t agree with me!”  Pure drivel.  Had Vincente Fox actually kept his promise of making Mexico prosperous so that Mexicans DID NOT HAVE to come to the US illegally, we would be having a different conversation.  But he found out how much graft he could obtain by not doing that.  What a great man.
      Next time leave the racist thoughts in the closet.  If you are too lazy to go beyond skin color, you deserve all the misfortune you receive.

      1. Believing illegal immigration is a problem is one thing, but Tom Tancredo is still a racist.  People who care about illegal immigration can do so with compassion and respect for other people.  Tancredo doesn’t just advocate tough immigration policy.  He gives speeches in front of confederate flags; talks about dropping nuclear bombs on the religious capital of one of the world’s major religions; spouts off with insulting drivel toward Miami because of their large LEGAL Cuban immigrant population; and otherwise demonstrates that for him, anyway, “illegal aliens” is a code word for protecting white America from those pesky minorities.

        Again, policies are one thing.  Tom Tancredo just lives in a different world.

        1. Compassion?  So now our immigration laws are racist?  Asking for laws to be enforced is racist?  We’re not talking Jim Crow laws here.  Where is the compassion for me when I cannot afford to send my kids to college but illegal aliens and their children can get scholarships?  Where is the compassion where I have to buy health insurance instead of walking out on doctor bills?  No-fault drivers insurance?  No-fault so that my insurance company has to pay when I’m injured by someone here illegally.  Where is the compassion for victims of murder and rape committed by illegals?  Your sense of compassion only includes illegal aliens?  What about legal aliens and US citizens?
          Speeches in front of confederate flags?  One incident where a confederate flag was in the same room.  Show me a picture of him standing in front of it.  Oops, don’t want to confuse the facts with your beliefs.  Are you going to scream about the racist politicians who address La Raza and such groups?  Let’s hear it.
          And Miami, post the drivel.  Post the “racist” comments.  More along the lines of addressing people who want to be Cubans living in America and refusing to become part of this country.  Can you say balkanization?
          And then back to whitey.  Only people like you are talking about those “pesky minorities.”  The rest of us are talking about US citizens vs. non-US citizens.  “Undocumented worker” is just a code word for semi-slave labor.  Of course we know that those lazy Americans didn’t show up to apply for jobs at Swift after arresting the illegals who stole the identities of US citizens.  And if they did, I’m sure you would call them racists for applying for those jobs. 
          Please, keep dancing around the issue by playing the race card.  You’re dead wrong and only crying wolf.

          1. In any case, take what positions you like on immigration policy.  This advertisement remains an attempt at racist fearmongering, as are many things Tancredo has done.  This isn’t about his policies; it’s about his behavior.

            1. Racist?  Which race?  No race is ever mentioned in the ad.  The only ones mentioned are “Islamic terrorists,” “Jihadists,” and “spineless politicians.”  No race mentioned or implied. Period.
              Fear mongering?  Yes it plays to the fear of one or one’s family being the victim of a terrorist attack.  Necessary?  Yes, because luckily we have not had another attack here since 9/11.  Unlike Israelis, Americans have to be reminded because they are easily distracted by bright shiny objects and professional sports events.
              It is all about illegal immigration policy.  The fact that him bringing it up offends your sensibilities is beside the point.  What should bother you more is that other politicians do not want to discuss the issue, but would rather smooth your feathers with talk of government subsidies.  In fact, it should insult you.  Burying your head in the sand doesn’t resolve issues.  It only makes you an easier target for your enemies.

          2. …do they get their visas before takeoff, or is “legal” status granted by a special immigration processing office in Area 51? Tell us, please; we promise not to tell anyone else outside this blog.

    2. I can’t speak for TT, but I know that I, and most Americans, want our immigration laws enforced.  That does not make me a racist.  You throw that word around because you do not deal with the facts. 

      I respect the inherent God-ness in all peoples.  But that doesn’t mean I want all of them here. We can’t solve every other nation’s economic problems by opening our borders. 

      If you want to discuss facts about immigration and stop with the accusations, fine. 

      1. And why is that? Why has this suddenly become more important than Iraq, fundamentalist Islamists, health care, and the environment in your mind? Are there some “facts” that demonstrate so-called illegal immigrants violate any meaningful laws (against robbery and assault, for example) any more often, per capita, than any random group of native-born Americans? (Incidentally the 9/11 hijackers were NOT illegal immigrants; they had visas!)

        The FACT is that there are about 12 million people living and working in this country, filling jobs that need to be filled, having taxes withheld, no different than any random group of 12 million people born north of the Rio Grande except that their personal GPS says “Mexico” insted of “USA”. The obsession with “legal” is really about the character of these people, not about their status under the law. It’s a feeble excuse for racist sentiments; sorry if you don’t like it when it’s called by its proper name.

        On the other hand, do yourself a favor and review the history of immigration laws that you find of such over-whelming importance. When you do, you will discover this FACT: “Immigration laws” were instituted only after a large influx of southern Europeans (mostly Italians) and Russians (mostly Jews) began arriving in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. They were not Protestants and some seemed a bit swarthy. So new laws were passed that included national quotas based on immigration patterns before the influx of Italians and Russians, and the quotas were later revised to restrict even further immigrants from countries outside northern/western Europe. Shame on your junior high school teacher if you didn’t learn about this ugly FACT after you read Emma Lazarus’s poem, which preceded these laws by about 30 years.

        Oh, correction. Silly me. Immigration restrictions didn’t begin in the 20the century; the first limitations were passed in the 19th century, and they only applied to Chinese immigrants. (That restriction–eventually it was a complete ban–wasn’t lifted until WWII, and then only because we were embarrassed to be seen to be barring immigrants from our Asian wartime ally, China.) Europeans welcome without restrictions; Asians barred. Not racism?

        America’s immigration laws have been expressions of racism from the get-go. I “throw that word around” because it is the fact much as you may not like to hear it, just as I suspect you might not like the FACT that far-right-wing GOP  politics have been infused with racism as part of the GOP’s “capture the Southern white bigot vote” strategy of Nixon, Reagan, Atwater, DeLay, and Rove–and now, on his own absurdist tangent, Tancredo.

        Let’s hear it for law-abiding, freedom-living, American Rednecks!

        1. I own two companies in Denver and run a fairly large cattle operation on my ranch in Texas.  Between Texas and Colorado I employ around 75 Mexican-Americans many of them I have known my entire life because they worked for my Father before me.  I have celebrated birthdays and holidays with them and supported them and cried with them when they lost a love one.  They supported me and cried with me when I buried my father.  My children have played side by side with them and attended school with them where whites were a minority.  I doubt you could ever find one Mexican-American who knows me that would ever call me a racist.  I am sick and tired of you people calling everyone a racist just because we care about the security of our country and the traditions it was built upon. Those of us who live in small towns close to the border see how this problem has destroyed our communities and we see it spreading to the larger cities.  I guarantee you I have many law abiding Mexican friends who agree that this problem is out of control.

          I get this feeling that you THINK you are better than me because I do agree that this issue is a problem and if it continues to go unchecked that it will completely destroy our country from the inside out.  I know you are not better than me and in my corner of “Hicksville” you wouldn’t even be good enough to wipe my ass, but I should stop before I lower myself to your pathetic level. 

          The bottom line is simple; there are those who believe we have a problem and those who don’t think it is a problem.  This is America and we debate these issues in a civilized manner and we eventually come to an agreement on how to proceed.  That is what makes America great, but if you don’t agree and think name calling and eventually violence is the way to go then you just made my point for me that this issue will destroy this country from the inside out.

          1. most are not.  Most, like you, are concerned about fairness, economic impact and security.  But some on the anti immigration are racist.

            I think the point on this tancredo thread though is that HE is a racist.  In the video he is conflating islamic terrorists with mexican illegals (who are in essences economic refugees) inflaming the debate at the same time he misrepresents it.  It is a fact that Tancredo has taken money from known avowed white supremecists in the past and I have never heard of him returning the money.

            I know that taking money from white supremacists doesn’t make tancredo a white supremacist, but he is very popular amongst groups monitored by Klanwatch:  Groups that are associated with either the Klan, the white pride movement or the american Nazi movement.  So they at least think that he is a white supremacist.

            I think immigration is a complex issue, there is a lot of emotion surounding it  and that we need a solution.  I think tancredo’s race baiting is unproductive and not productive, but I don’t believe you, or others who feel as you do, are a racist.

            1. Good points Phillip.

              Danny, I can just as easily say that that “most” on the pro-illegal immigration side are racists as well.  Nothing to back it up, but I can assert whatever I feel like.  Correct? 

              Let’s get something straight though.  “You” think Tancredo is a racist. “You” can believe and assert anything you want.  Now PROVE he is a racist.  Post the quotes and links to the videos exposing the “FACTS” as some call them.  Until you can prove it, you have no right to say it.  Just because stories in the news highlight comments from “experts” saying he is one does not make it a fact.  (Come to think of it, it is the same “news” story just re-worked by everyone with a web site.)  Should I be able to label you a child molester because I have heard others make that comment and it made me feel in my heart that you were one?  Absolutely not.  Same goes for your comments. 

              As for the Nazi comment, go back and red the books you skipped in your college history classes.  More parallels can be drawn between the Nazis and the Democratic party than could ever be done for the GOP:  Gun control and abortion just quickly come to mind.

              I will repeat what I wrote earlier:  There was NO REFERENCE TO RACE in the ad.  The only reference to race is from those who hate Tancredo and anyone who dares have the same thoughts.  And no reference to nationality either.  It is simply an attempt at censorship by those who claim to be “open minded.”  Probably have never seen the ad, just read what others are spouting as fact.

              Furthermore, I have NEVER heard Tancredo refer to any illegal by their race alone.  And I’d love to see documented proof to the contrary.  Bring it on!  Otherwise put the race card back in your pocket and bring it out only when it is true.

              1. I said most people who oppose illegal immigration are not racists.  Since you did not read what I wrote I will refrain from responding in general, but I must take exception to one thing because it was so eggregious that I must comment (and no it was not calling me a child molestor).

                I did not compare the GOP (or even Tancredo) to the Nazi party.  I would reject those comparisons.  I said that the American Nazi movement (which is a subset of the white power movement) supports Tancredo.

                1. What is left over after you subtract most would be the racists.  And you will find them in at least equal numbers on both sides of the argument.  My personal experience shows that there are more on the pro-illegal immigration side.

                  No, you did not compare him directly, you just tried to link him to them and white supremacist groups with a bold, dotted line.  You are insinuating that he agrees with their beliefs.  As for support from them, I am awaiting a response from Tancredo’s office on whether he accepts donations from white supremacist groups.  If he does, he has lost my support.

                  Clearly you did not read my child molester comment correctly.  It was clearly an example of how making an assertion does not make a fact.  Now where is the proof that Tancredo is a racist?  I’d rather discuss the actual issue of illegal immigration and why it is good or bad for this country, but you have gone down the path of unsubstantiated name calling so that you have a straw man to tear down.  How about we build with bricks instead.  I think we really need some good ole fashioned Missouri show me!

          2. Phillip writes: “Those of us who live in small towns close to the border see how this problem has destroyed our communities …”

            Meaning what, exactly? How does the lack of a visa “destroy your community”?

            1. …or with people along the border.

              Here are just a few examples of community destruction:

              1.  The Tonopah (??) Indians along the reservation border figures that they are spending something like several hundred thousand dollars a year dealing with illegals.  From litter to stolen cars to dead cattle, etc.  They have tried to recoup some of this from the federal government to no avail.

              2.  How about all the babies born in the border cities on the taxpayer’s tab?  I was in Cd. Acuna a month ago and had a great conversation with the owner of a small store.  We were talking about health care and he said that he, indeed, gets most of his care right there in Mexico. Then, “Except for babies, of course.  We go to Del Rio.”

              3.  A relative has a hunting lease on the border near Del Rio.  They are constantly finding trash from illegal crossings and occassionally, vandalism and theft at the camp.

              4.  The legal Hispanics in the border towns don’t like the illegals.  As phillip tells, they sully their good names.

              And on it goes…….

            2. in the 1960’s had a population of around 5000 people.  It was a farming and ranching community with all of the normal business that you would expect to support that industry.  We had a nice small Hospital, two doctors and two dentists in town.

              Each summer migrant workers came to work on the farms and Ranches.  The ones we employed usually were a group of ten men and they normally brought one woman who did their cooking. They came here and worked for 3-4 months and at the end of the season they went home. While they were here if they got sick or hurt the person they worked for took care of their needs. They were hard working good people who only wanted to provide a better life for their families back home.  I spent many hours during the summer with them and most did not speak English but they usually had one person among them that did. What I always got from them was that they were very poor and lived very modest lives but they loved their country and their heritage and they were very proud people.

              Many of the farmers paid good wages and provided decent housing for these workers while they were here for the season but some did not.  So in my town a bunch of the landowners got together and purchased some land and built a very nice housing complex to house the workers while they were here.  This was done with private money and at no time was any government funding involved.  This arrangement worked real well for about 15 years.

              It was around 1976 (the Carter years) that the government came in and wanted to buy the housing complex from the farmers.  Thinking they could better maintain the facility we sold it to them.  At that point things went south real quick or I should say that the south came north real quick. Thanks to Senor Chavez some of the migrant workers started to stay all year even when their was no work.  They started bringing their families to live and the government didn’t do anything to stop them.  Before long we had more people on welfare in our county than actual people that existed on the books. The doctors were forced to provide healthcare to them at a reduced cost or no cost. Our schools went from around 80% White-20% Hispanic to current day 15% White to 85% Hispanic.

              Today our little town is about 3800 people.  But because of all of the illegals in the area, our taxpaying residents which include many legal Hispanics were forced to come up with 16 million dollars to build new schools so all of the illegals would have a place to go to school because there was no more room in the existing schools. Our doctors and dentist have left town to be replaced with government funded clinics were I wouldn’t send my dog if he had a cold.  What once was a beautiful town is now run down with just a few businesses staying to support our local farmers.  Property values are next to nothing and we now affectionately refer to our town as “Little Juarez”.

              My sister-law worked for the school district and she tells of the woman who drives up in a brand new Volvo and comes in and demands free breakfast and lunches for her kids at school.  Because of the wonderful system we have in place the schools district was forced to provide her six kids with free breakfasts and lunches compliments of the good hardworking “Legal” residents of the fine State of Texas.

              Oh I almost forgot, even though we have all these people without visas in our community, the farmers and ranchers still have a hard time finding help during summer.

        2. And I NEVER said that immigration is more important than the war in Iraq, did I?  That’s the problem debating from an emotional engine, the conversation can go anywhere.

          Such antics smear all the rest of your arguments.  Take a deep breath, turn off your hyper-emotion switch, and let’s debate.

          No need to cut and paste from your diary, that’s what the diary is for.

  3. The ad frightens kids.  it could dampen holiday shopping in malls. And, if Tancredo has credible evidence that terrorists are walking around, he should cite his source. mall security should be increased

    the one thing I know about tommy is that he has been anti-mexican since his north denver days.  Long before illegal immigration became a problem…..he just did a seamless turnover

    1. Tancredo’s giving interviews attempting to justify this ad by implying he’s on the same page as the FBI in identifying this threat, specifically the alleged threat against shopping malls. Wrong. After its recent tip to law enforcement about possible Al Qaeda attacks on malls in Chicago and Los Angeles was leaked to the media, the FBI strongly asserted that the tip was based on uncorroborated intelligence and was not credible.

      Read more here: http://colorado.medi

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