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November 12, 2007 07:41 PM UTC

Steve Ward Enters CD-6 Race

  • by: Colorado Pols

From the Rocky Mountain News:

State Sen. Steve Ward will join the crowded field running for retiring U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo’s seat, he said in a phone interview Friday from Iraq.

“I definitely want to be a candidate, certainly,” Ward said from Fallujah, where he is serving as a colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves. “I make no bones about that.”…

…State GOP Chairman Dick Wadhams is among those who have tried to talk Coffman out of giving up his seat as secretary of state to run for Congress. If Coffman wins, Gov. Bill Ritter likely would appoint a fellow Democrat to take over as secretary of state.

“I remain deeply concerned about turning that office over to someone who wouldn’t be nearly as good,” Wadhams said.

Told Friday of Ward’s desire to run, Coffman said Ward is “a dear friend, and I appreciate his service.”

“I like the idea of another Iraq vet running because we desperately need one in Congress,” Coffman said.

But he said Ward will have too much difficulty trying to catch other candidates when he returns from Iraq in January.

Ward, a former mayor of Glendale and Arapahoe County commissioner, was appointed to Senate District 26 in December. He would be up for re-election in 2008 if he chose to pursue it.

Coffman is probably correct about the difficult timing for Ward. Given that Ward won’t return from Iraq until January, it will be hard for him to go the caucus route for getting onto the ballot, because he won’t have much time to get organized. Ward will almost certainly need to petition onto the ballot.


21 thoughts on “Steve Ward Enters CD-6 Race

  1. The CD6 race always elicits a lot of discussion on this blog but there’s not much feedback on Ward. Is this because it’s a holiday, no one knows him, or that he’s not a contender?

    I don’t really know much about him. Can one of you highly intelligent highly informed pollsters fill us in on his qualifications and chances. If no one posts can a moderately intelligent and moderately informed pollster fill us in?

    1. he is a very conservative anti-tax R but is unpredictable on certain issues.  Also pretty far Christian right but, once again, sometimes surprises. 

      He has served in Afghanistan and now is serving in Iraq. 

      Before moving to Littleton he was mayor of Glendale. 

      While living in Littleton he has served as Arapahoe County commissioner and in 2006 was appointed to the State Senate seat vacated by term-limited Dyer, SD26.

      Dyer was almost defeated by a Dem in 2004, squeaking in by a percentage point and in 2006 Dem Joe Rice won handily in largely overlapping HD38. However, Tancredo did just fine in both SD26 and HD38 in 2006 and Joe Rice was a perfect candidate up against a weak R.  That won’t be easy to recreate.  SD26 is probably considered pretty safe for Rs if Ward runs for congress instead. 

      Ward tends to go from one thing to another a lot and sometimes has conflicts with fellow Rs. Tends to think various people are out to get him.  That’s all I can really tell you as a casual observer.

        1. Just reread my post and need to clear up one thing, not terribly relevant to Ward but even so.  Dyer, having been elected in 2004, wasn’t vacating his seat in 2006 because of term limits that would force him out in that year. He ran for and won a county commission spot which is why there was the vacancy in the middle of his term.  I don’t know why, but th 2006 election and its details seem like a very long time ago already!

          1. The whole history seems a little confusing. I’m wondering if he’s up to a campaign of this magnitude. Sounds like he has some track record having won a Mayoral and County election.

            1. Was Ward also responsible for training the Glendale cops in handling prostitution sting operations?  (See this week’s Westword cover story for more on that…..)

  2. Coffman and Ward will split Arapahoe county votes as well as “we need a soldier vote” helping Ted Harvey with his Douglas County Base and solid support in South Jeffco.

      1. Santa? A Rino? Not likely. He is very giving. That would make him a Democrat.

        Next thing you know, you will declare God to be a pub. Yet, he wants ppl to have free will. Likewise, he does not force us to do anything. That makes him|her a Libertarian.

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