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November 09, 2007 05:03 AM UTC

Dems scurry to point out Hickenlooper against Dems

  • by: Sir Realist

What were the folks at Colorado Media Matters smoking?

Today they put out an alert that Denver’s uber-Democratic mayor John Hickenlooper is completely at odds with… well.. Democrats.

Apparently a radio host on KOA 850 AM said that Hickenlooper did not oppose Initiated Question 100, the measure Denver voters just approved that makes adult marijuana possession Denver’s lowest law enforcement priority.

Colorado Media Matters jumped to Hizzoner’s defense and put out a piece — http://colorado.medi… — pointing out that the mayor actually opposed Initiated Question 100.

Why on earth would this group — a Democratic Party cheer squad that tries to pass itself off as a media watchdog — draw attention to the fact that Hickenlooper is fighting a MAJORITY of his constituents, including a HUGE majority of Democrats?

This illuminates a very interesting point…

The Democratic establishment will actively highlight that Democratic leaders are at odds with the majority of voters (including a HUGE majority of Democrats), just because they fear conservatives might suggest said leaders are soft on marijuana.

This is a universally stupid PR move and makes Hick look like a sissy who wants to distance himself from the core of the Democratic Party and the very people who elected him.

I have to wonder, if 99 percent of Denver voters approved Initiated Question 100, and some conservative radio host suggested the mayor was not opposed to the measure, would Media Matters put something out then noting that Hick is standing with the 1 percent?

This is “reefer madness” at its worst, and it highlights why many very progressive people cannot bring themselves to put a “D” next to their name.


11 thoughts on “Dems scurry to point out Hickenlooper against Dems

  1. So, the facts don’t fit your theory about Media Matters, and it doesn’t occur to you that maybe your theory is wrong?

    Perhaps Media Matters is a media watchdog. The fact is that large media is owned by powerful and conservative corporations like Disney, General Electric, and News Corp. Consequently, when the media lies it is often to advance the agenda of its ownership.

    Media Matters points out liars, not conservatives. It is not their fault that the two so often coincide.

  2. Media Matters is purely out there to defend Dems at every turn. Maybe every now and again they try to cross the aisle so they aren’t so egregiously partisan.

    But to say they are out to monitor the media broadly and not in a way that helps Dems is pretty ridiculous.

    Believe me, I am a liberal/progressive/would-be-Dem. I generally appreciate that Media Matters calls out conservative nonsense.

    But the fact remains that their post on Hick is ridiculous.

  3. Media Matters’s chief communications strategist is Dennis Yedwab, the Director of Strategic Resources with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. The assistant to MM’s founder is a Democratic pollster and campaign consultant. The Director of Research at Media Matters worked for Senator John Edwards during his 2004 campaign.

  4. We are just tired of the right wing media lying at every turn. Clearly they were not trying to paint Hick in a GOOD light by saying he didn’t oppose the measure.

  5. The right-wing noise machine is troubling and Media Matters does a great job pointing out a lot of their nonsense. But the fact that they felt the need to do this just goes to show they think this marijuana initiative is somehow a “bad” thing that they don’t want people saying our Democratic mayor supports. Yet a majority of his constituents — mostly DEMS — voted FOR it.

    1. The item was simple and clear: Right-wing radio talker George Brauchler lied about Hickenlooper’s position on the ballot initiative. Period. There is not one passage of the item regarding the validity of the initiative or any qualitative assessment of who its supporters at large were or were not.

      Clearly you have no idea what our editorial processes are, let along our thought processes(“…the fact that they FELT the need to do this just goes to show they THINK this marijuana initiative is somehow a ‘bad’ thing…”), and your speculation is contradicted by the fact of what our item specifically says.

      If you don’t like the fact that a Democratic mayor opposed the initiative, that’s your problem, not ours.

      Bill Menezes
      Editorial Director
      Colorado Media Matters.

      1. Media Matters has been silent as Dan Caplis and Gunny Bob have continually said that the organization running these marijuana initiatives is out to legalize all drugs, including meth and heroin.

        They were also silent when the Drug Czar came to town and said the statewide marijuana initiative was the work of George Soros (who did not give one cent to the effort).

        Why no attention paid to those conservative pundits who trash these progressive efforts to reform criminal justice and drug laws?

  6. that this issue was important enough for Media Matters to write about, but there is no interest in discussing the inaccuracies and misleading nature of 95 percent of the reporting on the same issue.

    When it comes to this issue, it appears your group is willing to defend “progressive” OFFICIALS and not “progressive” principles and values against the conservative media.

    The only time MM has ever discussed this issue in the past is when Gov. Owens called marijuana initiative supporters Nazis. You had no problem attacking a Republican over the issue.

    But when there is no Republican/conservative to attack or no Democrat/liberal to defend, MM has been silent.

    This is upsetting. That’s all I’m saying.

    I greatly appreciate the work you all do and will continue to support it.

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