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July 25, 2013 10:21 AM UTC

KNUS talk-show host: "I had this vision of these Metro-sexual liberals in Denver looking at that photo and being horrified"

  • by: Jason Salzman

CORRECTION: The “metrosexual liberals” quote in this blog post was originally attributed to Sen. Brophy, when it was in fact stated by the KNUS host Kirsta Kafer.


Last week, ColoradoPols posted a publicity photo of Sen. Greg Brophy and his family, all brandishing big guns.

The Pols post caught the attention of Brophy, who commented on KNUS’ Backbone radio over the weekend:

Brophy: And then those goofs – you know, those lefty goofs over at ColoradoPols — pitched a fit oh, sometime this past week, over a family photo that we have from back in 2011, where every member of the [sneezes] – excuse me, out in the country, — every member of the family is holding [whispers] a scary black gun, a scary black gun. And it’s a beautiful photo, and we had a great time. We shot hundreds of photos that day, right after Christmas when we had the whole family together for the first time in ages.

And they had to make a big deal out of it, you know. And, you know, my guys, [inaudible] wanted to clean some of that up, and I said, “No. You know what? Firearms are part of the culture of rural Colorado. It’s a part of the culture of my family, and if you follow me on Twitter, which is @SenatorBrophy, or on Facebook – Greg Brophy. You know, we’re out at the farm right now today. My brother happened to come down for a family reunion, and guess what we’re doing.

Brophy told the Backbone audience that he was proud of the photo and even promoted it on social media after Pols posted it.

Host Krista Kafer responded: “I looked at that photo, and my first thought was, “It’s kind of like a family ‘Charlie’s Angels’, you know?” Because you have all the guns at different levels, or different kind of pointing – no gun is pointing at a human being, but they’re all pointing in different directions. And then I had this vision of these Metro-sexual liberals in Denver looking at that photo and being horrified. And being like, “Oh no! He’s got guns!” [BigMedia emphasis]

I have to say, Brophy’s family looks nice, even with the firearms, but there’s a big problem here: Kafer is wrong about the guns not “pointing at a human being.”

I guess the fact that I’m an aspiring metrosexual gives me the ability to see that the girl on the left is almost certainly pointing his gun at the leg of the boy next to him. (H/T to Pols commenter Ross Cunniff, who pointed this out on Pols.)

This is one reason I’m scared of guns and proud of it. Accidents happen, even when pros like Brophy or Dick Cheney are in charge.

Brophy hands out the guns to his family, and he has no clue that one of his kids is pointing a big black gun at the other one–or if not at him, way too close for comfort. Yes, it could happen.

Brophy’s daughter could have shot his son.

Yet, on the radio, Brophy said: “You treat guns like they’re loaded all the time…. the reality is, that those of us who have grown up handling firearms – you know you treat them all like they’re loaded, whether they are or they aren’t.”

Brophy: And we have a lot of fun doing [the photo]. I’ve got[ten] a lot of response. You know. I’m just going to punch back, because – you know, I am what I am, and I’m proud of who I am and I’m proud of where I come from. And so I actually re-shared that photo on Facebook again yesterday and it just exploded! I mean, people were just sharing it all over the place and commenting about it all over the place. And, you know, it’s—the hard core Left can want to take away everybody’s guns and think that guns are demonic.

Backbone Radio host Krista Kafer, who interviewed Brophy, owes it to her listeners to get Brophy back on the show and ask him about how his family photo could possibly demonstrate the proper safety rules for guns that Brophy told her he lives by. It’s a serious question.

Incidentally, don’t you think Brophy is a bit of an aspiring Metro-sexual himself? He’s even moved temporarily to Denver. Kafer should ask him if he thinks there’s any chance he’ll be giving up his guns as soon as the Capitol Hill, Metro-sexual culture seeps into him.


23 thoughts on “KNUS talk-show host: “I had this vision of these Metro-sexual liberals in Denver looking at that photo and being horrified”

  1. hmmm . . . 

    "It’s a part of the culture of my family, and if you follow me on Twitter, which is @SenatorBrophy, or on Facebook – Greg Brophy. You know, we’re out at the farm right now today."

    . . . interesting use of the words "culture" and "Greg Brophy" in the same (sorta) sentence . . . gotta' say, I never saw that coming [or even thought I'd live to see the day, for that matter . . . ]

    . . . really can't tell for sure, Is Sen. Brophy Kate Jackson in that picture, or maybe Shelley Hack???

  2. I can't speak for any of those horrified metro-sexual Denver liberals out there myself, but don't you folks just get goosebumps when a diminutive serial overcompensater like Shorty goes off all he-manny on the radio (or, even better, Twitter)???

    1. Bam.  And we can do 'arithmetic':  he's going to need a whole lotta metrosexual liberals to win a statewide race.  His popularity in Dumphuckistan just isn't going to be enough of a populist wave to catapult him into the big chair.  I think I'm going to petition the Wray School District Board of Education to rescind his high school diploma.   He apparently failed math. 

  3. Rifles and shotguns for hunting, varmint control, and home protection miles from the nearest LEO are part of rural culture.  ARs and whatever that RPG launcher the Senator is holding, not so much.  And I'm one of those Denver metrosexuals.

  4. I am a liberal (metro?.dunno) and I will pit my shooting skills against those of that grinning redneck any day. The only reason you need a big magazine is you are most likely a lousy shot.
    How about it, Senator? We have a little marksmanship contest?
    You win…I vote for you when you run for Governor.
    I win…you resign.

    1. Love this comment.

      Also Senator, I'm not one of those liberal metro-sexuals either. Not sure what a "metro-sexual" is any way, but I'm married to a women with kids and attend church more than once per week.  I'm also the former Chair of the Republican Party in Jeffco.  Please see my comments on the previous post about this matter.  They say all I need to say.

      And, if you think we're going to let you idiots become a 51st state, well the only chance of that is if you make DC the 52nd state at the same time.  Of, and forget about the water.  We ain't going to flow it through to you.

      You are a miserable human being.  I hope your children turn out all right in spite of you.  And quit calling my good Christian daughter a "slut" because she takes birth control pills, you ignorant a;kdfsjhpiqweurhqwefr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. My money is on Duke in that shoot-out contest. Anybody want to start a pool?

    Are you still a Metro-Sexual if you haven't lived in Denver for more than 20 years? This ex-Metro-Sexual, current country bumpkin is amused that Brophy thinks he might win a statewide election. Yep. He's been in my neck of the woods, and there was almost zero reporting about the event. That's a long uphill climb is Mesa County gun nuts are the only ones who know he's running locally.

  6. I still say that if Brophy fired that weapon he has in his hands he would end up on his ass (giving him a solid headache).  The little fruitcake lives in his isolated world very well.  Little does he know that Dems are more often soldiers, airmen, sailors and Marines.  We are the ones who handle weapons when it matters. 

    Let the guy spew idiocy and hate, what the hell is a "Metrosexual" anyway?  Is now "metrosexual" the new "Progressive, Liberal, Commie, Socialist, Nazi, Kenyan"? 

    1. It's a way to imply there's something suspect about our sexuality, without having the balls to just call us gay, because, you know… they're trying that whole "outreach" thing……

    2. Actually, it was a term for urban men who are concerned about men's fashion, moisturizing, cool shoes etc. like " the gays", don't you know.  Effete even though not necessarily gay.  I say was because I don't think that term has been in common usage since Sex in the City was a first run series. 

      1. Oh, no, I'm familiar with the term (only in an ironic sense, as my fashion and grooming are woefully uncomplicated), but I'm pretty confident that any time one of his ilk uses that term, there's more of an implication there than of someone just being effete.


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