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November 06, 2007 08:15 PM UTC

Who Will be the Democratic Nominee for President?

  • by: Colorado Pols

Here’s the last poll. Now get to voting on who you think will ultimately win the nomination.

Who Will be the Democratic Nominee for President?

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24 thoughts on “Who Will be the Democratic Nominee for President?

  1. The media has started to question and attack Clinton, and she hasn’t been as stellar during the debates as she had been.  She is falling back from her previous dominant position.

    In the meantime, Al Gore is speaking like a candidate.  He missed the Michigan filing deadline, but it sounds like the primary there is going to be less than fully attended anyway.

    1. But it really has only been one debate where she was truly a punching bag.  She’s def going through a lull…it’ll be interesting to see how/if/when she bounces back.

      1. Obama and Edwards are too weak to stop Clinton, and she’s double talking her way to a general election loss.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if she drops a lot of the double talk, asserts herself on key positions and goes on to win the nomination. But having shown her true lefty colors in the primary, she’ll be very fair game in the general election.

        Rudy will win the White House going away, and, given the corruption of the Democratic Congress, he may carry the GOP back into power in Congress, too.

        1. you could end up being right.  A year away from the general I’m not going to call your prediction insane like I’m sure others would…but I do entirely disagree.

          If Rudy wins the Repub nomination, he’ll be a strong candidate.  Any Dem that doesnt think that isnt thinking straight.  Outside of NM, AZ, NV, CO, and OH, the electoral map really isnt that different.  And none of those are Dem or Repub “locks.”  (I dont think there’s any way CO goes to Hillary…but the trends are hard to argue against and I’m not going to do it…)

          There are those who of course think CA and NY come into play w/ Rudy as the nominee…I don’t.  Kerry won CA by 10% and while it would be closer in a Rudy v. Hillary matchup, those who cite the ’06 Governator gubernatorial landslide don’t understand how bad of a campaign Phil Angelides ran.  IMO Hillary still wins by 6.

          So that leaves OH…where I think Hillary wins b/c EVERYONE is sick of Repubs there.  And she dominates if she names OH Gov. Ted Strickland as her runningmate.

          Thus, we have Madame President Hillary Clinton…

          Ah, I love meaningless predictions.  😛

  2. Clinton is as dominant as ever.  The fact she has been attacked so much and handled herself so exceedingly well only proves it.  Oh, and the polls reflect it too.

  3. Democrats need to get real about Hillary Clinton. 

    She’s the GOP’s “dream candidate,” complete with Whitewater baggage and hefty PAC/corporate donations–some from Republican front organizations, who know she’s beatable next year.

    After the grim years of the Bush presidency, the only Democrat who will win is one who can inspire and lead our nation in a different direction.  Bill Clinton had that charisma, but it doesn’t come naturally–if at all–to Hillary.  Most importantly, the average voter can’t identify with her.

    Democrats should be linng up behind Obama, Edwards or Gore to find the fire in the belly that is critical to a presidential candidate

    1. I am truly worried about Hillary, I have the utmost respect for her, but I don’t think she can win the general. Whereas, Obama at least has a shot. His negatives are low with independents, which will go a long way against Rudy. Obama needs to go all out at this point in the game, I am a little disappointed in his lack of energy as of late…

      1. This reminds me a bit of 2000 when we dems were like, “Give us Bush to run against, please!  He’s an idiot, draft dodging, low life, coke head.  We’ll mop the floor with him”  Well, 7 years later we’re still stuck with him.  Same thing in 1980 with that washed up actor.

        Let’s give the republicans what you say they are wanting.  Hillary is tough.  She’s been called everything that there is to be called by the right wing from a lesbian to a murderer.  It’s all lies and old news and she will kick their asses.

        1. Trust me… But I am still worried. The Republicans haven’t even begun attacking her, they want her in the general.

          She has been attacked a lot already and thats why her negatives with independents are out of the roof. She is in first place with Democrats, when it comes to Republicans and Independents she will surely have a rough ride ahead.

          She is the Republican GOTV and the Independent surpression candidate. Like I said, I like her, I just don’t like her chances. 

          1. While the Republicans have nothing but hatred for the Clintons, do you think they are going to stop where they left off years ago? No, they are going to use everything they have against her, including lies, to turnout their base just to vote against her regardless of who the R’s candidate. The smear machine is literally drooling over the possibility of a Clinton nomination.

            We don’t have to feed their machine.  We have a candidate who appeals to more than just Democrats.

            Obama’s Red State Appeal

            A “Republicans for Obama” website has 11 state chapters with 146 members. An August University of Iowa even found Obama running third in the state among Republican candidates, behind Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani but ahead of both Fred Thompson and John McCain. And a national Gallup poll this month also found that nearly as many Republicans like Obama – 39% – than the 43% that dislike him, compared with the 78% of Republicans who held an unfavorable opinion of Hillary Clinton.

            It seems a lot of Republicans took to heart Obama’s statement in his rousing speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention that “there is not a liberal America and a conservative America – there is the United States of America.”

            While Obama has negatives, and they can distort and lie about his record and character just like any other candidate, he has a much wider and favorable appeal than Hillary.

            And think about what Hillary could help Schaffer solidify the Colorado Republican Party.

            As David Plouffe said:

            “When Barack Obama is the Democratic nominee, he will not only win the presidency but his appeal to Republicans and Independents will lift down-ballot candidates all across the country.”

        1. Ive gotta go w/ Edwards.  He’s younger and he has two young kids that have kept him agile.  Romney might be stronger, but Edwards has that cat-like quickness!  Lol!

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