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November 06, 2007 08:14 PM UTC

Who Will be the Republican Nominee for President?

  • by: Colorado Pols

We’re late again in running this poll.

Remember – we want to know who you think will win the nomination, not who you support.

Who Will be the Republican Nominee for President?

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17 thoughts on “Who Will be the Republican Nominee for President?

  1. I really think Mitt will win this crap-fest.  Unless he has a John Edwards-esque “I feel pretty” moment, he’s likely going to win Iowa.  Huckabee could well jump Rudy et al to finish behind him for second which should give Mitt enough of buffer to handily win NH.  Then, if the media coverage is what it was 4 years ago, it will be “all Mitt all the time” until SC and NV where he and Rudy are basically tied now (depending on what polls you look at).

    If Huck had any money he could probably compete in SC if he gets an also John Edwards-esque bump out of finishing second in Iowa…but he doesnt.

    Just my thoughts…

    1. I just think the anti-Mormanism is huge, sad to say.

      Rudy’s got a lot of vulnerabilities, but he’s the strongest of all the candidates in both parties, and he’ll be president.

      1. He’s totally sold out to the Repulsive Republican Radicals, and I think he’s being very cynical and opportunistic about it.

        Thompson told Fox news off camera the other day he doesn’t expect to be president. Obviously, he’s just going through the motions to keep his ambitious wife happy.

        McCain’s coming back but has no money and a lot of detractors in the GOP.

      2. When the president of Bob Jones University endorses Romney, I’m not so sure that there is going to be the evangelical anti-mormon campaign that I thought there was going to be.  Sure, some people will try but it looks more and more like it’s going to be a pretty small number.  It doesn’t look like it’s going to be as wide spread as I thought it would be

  2. not running for congress, Tancredo is obviously very serious about his Presidential run.  He should get about a 30 point bump in the polls very shortly, pull an upset win in Iowa and then continue his march to the nomination!


    1. Can you please share the Kool Aid you are drinking? That is the most hilarious thing I have heard all day. Next thing you know you are going to say Ron Paul may win. Hahaha.

    2. …in his presidential campaign. 
        He could have given some delusional and bombastic statement that the nation is at grave risk, only he can stop the barbarians at the gate, and that because he is so committed and so sure of his purpose in life that he is sacrificing all that matters to him, specifically his House seat.
        If nothing else, he might have shaken his base down for some more $$$.

      1. The little donors were going to write pretty much the same checks anyhow.

        With the big donors it is better to be ‘Congressman Tancredo’ rather than ‘Former Congressman Tancredo’ so you can pick up a paycheck from people who don’t really care if you have a shot at being President and just care how you are going to vote on a farm bill.

  3. He is a real christian conservative.  Everyone else now that brownback is out is just a poser.

    He can’t raise money though. Why? the Corporatists and neocon imperialists run the party and they don’t trust him because his theology is at odds with agenda.  Its necessary to talk like a christian, its just bad to actually be one.

  4. Those of us who actually vote for who we think will win would also (probably) like to vote for who we would like to see win.  I know, in some cases the votes would be the same, but if people had a chance to cast two ballots – one for who they think will win (and thus not fudge) and then who they want, I think (if people were honest – doh) it would be interesting.

    I will go to my caucus as a Dem and support my candidate, but there is a side of me that would love to go to the R caucus and support Ron Paul.  Not because I think he would be  the easiest R to beat (I don’t) but because I really like him.  A lot of his politics goes against my grain, but I find that in many instances I have more in common with him than I do some Dems.

    His libertarian/no nonesense approach I find very appealing.  In many ways he is John McCain of 2000.  Both are/were very conservative, but the maverick/independent posture that McCain showed in 2000 is similar to the very real independent/libertarian candidate that I believe Paul to be.

      1. Ron Paul has an appeal due to his independent thinking, but when the public understands how he would dismantle so much of the federal government, he would lose handily.

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