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November 05, 2007 06:29 PM UTC

Monday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

Kind of like last Monday’s Open Thread, only different.


11 thoughts on “Monday Open Thread

  1. From the Vail Daily

    “Hasan said he aspires to be the ‘Western Slope warrior.’ He called State Rep. Al White, a Republican from Hayden and a likely opponent for the senate seat, the ‘Western Slope exploiter.’ ”

  2. Imagine this…Douglas Bruce actually talking like a moderate Republican?  Someone who thinks that children should be protected by government agencies.  That privacy rights should be suspended in the case of welfare and child protection?

    How about this?  Working with the Dems to prevent future development?  Why?  I guess it must have to do with taxation.  I thought Hillary Clinton enjoyed waffles!!!

    Worse yet, Mr. Bruce has been deliberately withholding information regarding the Republican Vacancy Committee meeting from the press.  Sources in Colorado Springs say that the Gazette ( and FOX 21 news have not reported the date.  Accoring to some who saw the interview with Fox 21, Mr. Bruce stated that Mr. Cadman had not filed his paperwork with the SOS and he was uncertain as to the date.

    Then, what about this letter dtd November 1, 2007?  It clearly states the meeting will be on Thursday, November 8th?  What is Mr. Bruce hiding from?  A credible challenge?  What if he didn’t get the appointment?

    Douglas E. Bruce

    1 November 2007

    Dear REpublican,

    The House District 15 vacancy committee will meet Thursday, November 8th, at 6:00 p.m.  The location is Friendship Assembly of God Church, 3685 New Center Point Dr.  That church is at the corner of North Carfree and New Center Point, east of Powers Blvd.

    IT IS VITALLY IMPORTANT that you attend.  If we lack a clear majority of vacancy committee people attending, the meeting must stop.  Under state law, if the committee fails to get a majority attendance, it cannot fill the vacancy.  DEMOCRAT Gov. Bill Ritter would then appoint OUR next state representative!! NO Republican wants that to happen!

    As a fellow House District 15 precinct committee member, I am writing to request your support.  Our current state representative, Bill Cadman, will likely be named by the senate vacancy committee to replace our retiring state senator.  I support Bill’s nomination and will ask to be appointed by the house vacancy committee as your next representative.

    As precinct committee members, we are both on the house vacancy committee, as are the division leaders, house district officers, and elected officials–about 90 Republicans.  Your vote on the vacancy committee threefore has much more weight and value than in general public elections.  This opportunity to select our leaders directly is our most important role.

    You have already received a postcard from Bill announcing the SENATE vacancy meeting on November 3rd.  The HOUSE meeting is five days later, 11/8/07, same location, 6 p.m.

    I have contacted everyone on the house vacancy committee, and appreciate the tremendous favorable response.  I hope to speak with you personally, to answer any question you might have regarding me, this selection process, and my many endorsements for this position by our GOP legislators.  Please wtite, email, or phone me with the best time to call you.  My website,, will also document my conservative record and views.

    I ask for your support when our house vacancy committee meets for this crucial vote on Thursday, November 8th at 6 p.m.  Whether or not you have already made your choice, PLEASE attend this critical vacancy committee meeting.  Thanks for serving our party.


    Douglas E. Bruce

    County Commissioner Douglas Bruce
    Box 26018
    Colo. Springs. CO  80936
    (719) 550-0010

    Funny thing.  Didn’t see nor hear of any GOP endorsements?  How much of this is fluff and how much is actually substance?

    1. That I am not a fan of Doug Bruce.  At all.

      But I was also at the vacancy committee meeting that took place on Saturday.  At that meeting, they announced that the scheduled meeting to fill HD15 on Thursday was canceled because Bill Cadman can’t officially resign his seat until the SOS certifies the results of the Senate District 10 vacancy committee.  As such, a vacancy committee for HD 15 could not be called until Cadman officially resigned.  Since no one knows when the SOS will certify Saturday’s meeting, the last word on Saturday from the HD 15 chair was “Meeting time and place to be announced”.

      So it is factually inaccurate to say that Bruce is withholding information.  When he wrote his letter everyone thought that the meeting would be this Thursday.

      Did you read the articles in the gazette that brought up some good questions about Bruce though?  How there are some vacancy committee members hoping that someone else comes forward and that the winner could be someone who doesn’t even announce?

      I hope that happens. 

      Anyway, this has all been fun to watch.

    2. Bruce has said that he has committments from 90 members.  But when he said that, I couldn’t help but think of Ted Kennedy’s speech after he lost his election for the Democrat majority leader…  “I would like to thank the 50 senators who said they would vote me, and give an extra thanks to the 24 who actually did.”

  3. I just read that a new poll done for Roll Call on ’08 senate races put Udall ahead of Schaffer 48% to 41%, but you need to be a subscribing member to Roll Call to see the whole article. Anyone seen it/got a more detailed breakdown?

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