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July 19, 2013 06:57 AM UTC

Open Line Friday!

  • by: Colorado Pols

"We've got gay bashing going on, we have race bashing, and right in there in the mix is conservative bashing."

–Rush Limbaugh, yesterday


43 thoughts on “Open Line Friday!

  1. I don't suppose ol' Rush ever considered that the conservative-bashing might be a result of the conservatives who do the race- and gay-bashing, huh?

  2. Rush will soon join Glenn Beck on the lunatic fringe of the internet. His advertisers have mostly bailed, due to the efforts of Color of Change and other progressive groups.

    So he's desperately trying to promote his own victimhood, while ignoring the pain he inflicts on others. I don't feel at all sorry for him, though…he's made millions peddling racism, sexism, and, (nod to Dave) guanopsychosis.

  3. I am just glad to know that Rocky Mountain Gun Owners Assoc. is out there today to make sure everyone knows that their own self-centered desires for deadly weapons are always to be considered more important than the safety and lives of the general public, including the Aurora shooting victims.  Me, and what I want always.  Fuck the rest.  Classy move and excellent timing from a public relations perspective.

      1. July 19, 2012 – " It's too early to have that conversation"

        July 19, 2013 – " 2nd amendment ! "

        July 19, 2014 – " look, over there ! "

  4. Good catch, PCW!  I'm glad to see that announcement on their site disavowing (and rebuking) ArapaGOP, whomever they may be.

    But, predictably, one commenter accuses our ArapaGOP of being a "Saul Alinsky"-style lefty plant.  Hilarious for all of us who have read A-GOP's self-righteous, often nonsensical, posts.

      1. Glancing at the party's Facebook page, it certainly appears that ArapaGOP gets all of his talking points and links directly from them.

        Maybe Guppy is just a Groupie, but I tend to think he's one of theirs that finally went too far (hard to believe there are boundaries afterall for the GOP).

        1. I know. And how bad do you have to be to get called out by these guys?

          I went to their facebook page, and they're pretty zany, cooky, extreme and disingenous themselves.

          The Alinsky thing is pretty funny.

          1. I know. Apparently, I'm a devil worshipper, since I've actually read Alinsky. These guys like to trot him out like they trot out the kinky Muslim sex sites – they've never read Alinsky, never gone into a mosque or had a real conversation with a Muslim- but they read all about it on a blog, and so they are now experts.

      2. A few of us on the right think we have a pretty good hunch of who ArapaGOP is.  Not going to "out" somebody against their will, but we are pretty sure that ArapaGOP is no leftist plant. 

    1. A few of us on the right think we have a pretty good hunch of who ArapaGOP is. Not going to "out" somebody against their will, but we are pretty sure that ArapaGOP is no leftist plant. 

      1. I must say, ArapaGOP is the bestest righty advocate in the world and the Colorado GOP should let him write their press releases.  Its not like it can get much worse. 

        Did you all see the Guppy go on and on about the Westboro-West rally–and Dudley's noble mission–and twenty people show up, sans the Dudmeister (or is that scheister?) himself; who stayed at home hiding, no doubt with some hard metal in his hand.  The Guppy was right again.  Those GOPers really showed that Mayor Bloomberg! 

        So, obviously he's not a leftist plant, he is top notch GOP quality.  Please expand his range as it is difficult to imagine how the Colorado GOP could ever lose by giving the Guppy more control and authority. 

    1. That's 1 in a row! Yippee!  This was a mutually agreed upon experimental study between the government and the drilling company.

      Besides, recall the axiom "That which is measured improves. That which is measured and reported improves exponentially."

      While the lack of contamination is encouraging, Jackson said he wondered whether the unidentified drilling company might have consciously or unconsciously taken extra care with the research site, since it was being watched. He also noted that other aspects of the drilling process can cause pollution, such as poor well construction, surface spills of chemicals, and wastewater.


      Jackson and his colleagues at Duke have done numerous studies over the last few years that looked at whether gas drilling is contaminating nearby drinking water, with mixed results. None of them have found chemical contamination, but they did find evidence that natural gas escaped from some wells near the surface and polluted drinking water in northeastern Pennsylvania.

      1. then, there is this:

        Former Mobil VP Warns of Fracking and Climate Change Friday, 19 July 2013 00:00
        Written by 
        George Tanner
        By Ellen Cantarow, Truthout | Interview


        What you [also] don't know [is that] when you plug that well, how much is going to find its way to the surface without going up the well bore. And there are lots of good indications that plugging the well doesn't really work long-term. There's still some pressure down there even though it's not enough pressure to be commercially produced. And sooner or later the steel casing there is going to rust out, and the cement sooner or later is going to crumble. We may have better cements now, we may have slightly better techniques of packing the cement and mud into the well bore to close it up, but even if nothing comes up through the fissures in the rock layers above, where it was fracked, those well bores will deteriorate over time. And there is at least one study showing that 100 percent of plugs installed in abandoned wells fail within 100 years and many of them much sooner.


        read the entire article here.




  5. Obama acknowledges he is a black man.  Winguts freak out, just a few of the hundreds of comments via The Hill:

    • AvatarLouis Renault

      And 35 years age he looked like this…

      What a disgrace this little man is. Once again, he makes it about himself. "Me Me Me, look at Me."Shameful. And as much of a race hustler as Sharpton or Jackson. Just when you think this guy can't screw up any worse, he proves us wrong. What an embarrassment.

      • Zachman forseti   Obama was wearing the Presidential Hoodie during his speech.
      • I totally agree…….they are pimping this for all it's worth and then some….trying to fan the flames, I believe Team Dark would like to see American cities burned down..

        …The Martins are claiming race was not a factor and pushing for restraint which is what Amos and Andy, aka Obama and Holder, should be doing. Take Kingfish with you, aka Al Sharpton.


    • Of course the president is trying to do something for African Americans. Just look at how he has pushed the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act. When tens of millions of foreign nationals, mostly Hispanic, are legalized then woo doggie, just think about all the jobs that will open up for the black people in this country, and what high wages they will pay, too. Giddyup!

    And from Fox Nation:

    STUNNING: Obama Delivers Surprise Race Sermon



  6. Calling gun fanciers in Grand Junction: Can this possibly be accurate?

    Guess what mama, they did take our guns, just try to find a standard capacity 9mm (17) rounds for sale! You won't, I was at one big chain store in Grand Junction and the shelves have been emptied of all firearms over the 15 round! No AR's no 22's no nothing! Salesman say's where not stocking them anymore since they can't sale the firearm without the standard capacity magazine and now most standard 9mm's are over the 15 round rule. Not talking them away huh, no we just made it so you can't exercise your rights to buy what is federally legal.
    Ba Buy Morse and Giron, this Dem's had enough of Gun Grabbers!

    My ID on huffpost is "mamajama". I try to reply to fairly sane people, but not sure about this one, and I don't know enough about guns & availability on western slope to know if he is telling the truth at all. This sounds like something there was a lot of conversation about on here,  that Hick modified the implementation of, but my eyes glaze over when I read gun tech talk.

  7. Mamajama, it makes sense that they would have to stop selling certain types of firearms including most notably the Glock 17. The standard version of the 17 takes a 17 round mag (thus the name).

    The 17 is probably one of the most popular guns for concealed carry due to its durability and light weight.

    1. On the other hand, the gun manufacturers do make models that come with 15-round magazines – AK's, 22s, and 9mm (as the poster states).

      In fact, looking online, I see that Glock sells the Glock 17 in capacity-limited states with a 10-round magazine, or you can buy the Glock 19 (slightly smaller model, but same basic gun mechanics and design) which comes standard with a 15-round magazine.

      So anyone complaining that they can't buy any guns – including the Glock 17 – in this state is full of BS. Maybe the gun shop doesn't have any in stock, but it's not the government's fault.

    2. Further, you might venture to Wikipedia regarding the naming convention; they cite a German article that says '17' came from the fact that it was the company's 17th technical drawing that eventually made it off the drawing board. (Interestingly, it's also the number of criteria that the Austrian government had in the competition Glock won to provide the country's army with a new pistol – whole lotta 17s in the gun's history…)

  8. Thanks for the helpful info. My reply to the huffpo guy:

    According to knowledgeable gun fanciers, you should still be able to buy a 15 round or less AR or 22,  or 9mm, anywhere in Colorado. There are various work-arounds to adapt a particular gun to be lower mag capacity. If your particular Grand Junction shop doesn't carry them, it's due to that store's policies, not the legislation.

    So you can't get a Glock 17. What were you going to do with those extra 2 rounds/magazine, that you can't do with a regular semi auto gun with a 15 round or less magazine?

    The reason for the legislation you oppose is that these high capacity magazines are primarily to kill large numbers of people quickly. For hunting and sport shooting, 15 round magazines are more than adequate. My own home defense is two large barking dogs, good relationships with my neighbors, and a 410 shotgun. Why would anyone need more?

    1. for hunting even a 15 round magazine has been against the regulations of CO Parks and Wildlife for many, many years as it is in most places

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