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November 02, 2007 05:49 PM UTC

If I ran the zoo

  • by: DavidThi808

Miss Ive asked us to put up or shut up (she said it much nicer than that) and asked what we would do if we were running the Republican party.

So here is what I would do. Tell everyone to vote Democratic. No wait – just kidding. Ok, serious answer below the fold.

1) Pull everyone together and get agreement to issue the statement “Government fulfills many important and essential roles where it is either the only entity capable of performing that job or is the most efficient at perfroming that job. We Republicans will focus on improving the job the government does making it more effective and more efficient.”

2) Tell the wingnuts they either need to moderate their message (Musgrave) or they will be primaried (Lamborn). And this holds down to the local dogcatcher election.

3) Run a credible challanger in every election. Every state rep and senate seat (yes even here in Boulder), every county comissioner, DA, clerk, board of Regents – everything. Politics is statistics and you don’t know where you might win. But if you don’t run, or you run a fruitcake, you will lose.

4) Announce (and then do it) that you are going to sit down with Ritter and the Dem leadership and between both are going to come up with the best damn solution to healthcare that the world has ever seen. And in that announcement clearly state that the government will have a significant role in the solution. This is your cooperation example.

5) Put together a comprehensive proposal to fix our public schools. This will mean taking the teachers unions on. Challange the Dems to work with you on implementing this plan. Puts them between a rock and a hard spot on a key state level issue.

6) Address TABOR. Try and do it as low key as possible because the fact that it exists is a loser for the Repubs so you want to replace it without everyone being reminded that it exists.

How’s that?


2 thoughts on “If I ran the zoo

  1. 1.  I agree.  Republicans (if they are honest) already have a decent manifesto for the role of limited government (it’s from Adam Smith and Milton Friedman — a good exposition is in Friedman’s Free to Choose if you want to read it).  The roles of government are: (1) National Defense — protect individuals and the nation from foreign threats; (2) Internal Order — provide a framework (e.g., contract laws, criminal laws, property rights, torts, etc) that protects individuals from crime, coercion and provides a mechanism for orderly, fair market exchanges between willing participants; (3) Public Projects — these are projects/matters where the market fails to provide (e.g., highway construction, externalities); and, (4) potect individuals who cannot be regarded as “responsible” (e.g., child welfare laws).

    2.  I agree.  Wingnuts are why Republicans lost in 2006.

    3.  I agree.  Uncontested races are why Republicans lost their majority in 2006.

    4.  It depends on what you view as the root cause of the healthcare problem and whether — based on differences about the root cause — the two parties can even have a civil discussion of the issue.  I believe that Dems view health care as a “right” to be fulfilled by government; Reps view health care as a government-created problem.

    For example, the consulting company hired by the 208 Commission posted the following stats on its web site:

    In Colorado hospitals:
    28% of total costs are devoted to serving Medicare patients, but Medicare pays only 81% of the costs of service
    11% of total costs are devoted to serving Medicaid and SCHIP patients, but Medicaid pays only 71% of the costs of service
    9% of total costs are devoted to serving indigent care for which no compensation is received

    Private payers (insurance companies and individuals) account for 46% of total hospital costs, but pay a whopping 188% of the cost of service as a result of cost shifting from indigent non-payers, Medicare and Medicaid

    Said differently, from a Republican perspective, the crisis in health care is that the unreimbursed costs
    of caring for Medicare, Medicaid, and indigent non-paying patients nearly doubles the price of health care for those with private insurance or who pay for their health care out of their pocket.  Our government mandates that hospitals treat Medicare, Medicaid and indigent/non-paying patients, but then does not pay the full cost of such treatment, leaving those costs to be passed along  to everyone else in the form of inflated prices and, ultimately, higher health care insurance premiums. As health insurance costs rise to cover the un- and underinsured, more people drop insurance coverage and the prices of health care spirals upwards.

    From a Democratic perspective, I suspect that the health care crisis would be viewed as kids, uninsured folks and others who do not have access to health care.

    I’m not sure there’s an intersection between these two worlds where a civil discuss could happen — one focused on costs and a government-created problem, the other on the “right” of access.  I’m pretty sure a bunch of flamers will call me an asshole in this area.

    5.  I agree, but would make this the #1 priority.  Uneducated kids are doomed to a life of poverty and our schools don’t work.

    6.  I agree, but note that how one addresses TABOR depends on how you feel about item #1.  Lots of folks want a limited government and distrust government to be self-controlling (me included).

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