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November 02, 2007 03:00 PM UTC

Friday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Mothers all want their sons to grow up to be president, but they don’t want them to become politicians in the process.”

–John F. Kennedy


44 thoughts on “Friday Open Thread

              1. Aren’t any of you young single guys (women tend to be more organized). Back then (a long time ago) I hit the grocery store maybe once a month. I remember writing letters and it would be a week or two before I got a stamp for them.

                But put all that aside – the real big issue to me is that we should be a nation of laws (George Bush’s wishes to the contrary) and that means we need to follow the law.

                  1. Bush didn’t start with waterboarding. He started with some pretty innocuous signing statements. each single step was pretty small. But we ended up with torture, ignoring FISA, and possibly going to war with Iran.

                    So I’m fine if we figure out a good place to stop it – where exactly would that be? Because I don’t want to keep waiting until it’s worse as each step is just a little bit more…

                    1. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the concept that taking the time to go to the polling booth is in some way less expensive than a stamp, and how a stamp therefore qualifies as the beginnings of a poll tax.

                      You’ve gone ’round the bend on this one, IMHO.

                    2. It’s that we should follow the statue. What bugs me is that the law appears to clearly state that the voter must buy their stamp.

                      The poll tax is a secondary issue. And even for that it’s not the cost, it’s the fact that there are people who will not vote because they don’t have a stamp.

                    3. At least we’re back to where we were.

                      I think in this case, it’s just a matter of getting someone to revise the law – if you think a stamp is really that big a deal.  As others have pointed out, your average grocery store or 7-eleven can sell you a postage stamp – it’s not like they’re hard to come by.

    1. But it brings to mind another issue with mail ballots. There seems to always be a question of “how much postage?”. It seems to me if the county is going to make everyone vote by mail by having an all-mail ballot election, they should at least cover the return postage expense on the ballot. Have the postage charged to their postal permit number and then the voter just drops the ballot ion the mailbox

    2. There is a scene that always resonated with me. Spencer Tracy and Kathrine Hepburn are arguing privately about the case and Spencer Tracy says “the law is the law.” What he meant was the law was not whatever Kathrine Hepburn, the jury, the judge, and/or the populace wanted it to be at any moment. The law is what the law says. And for our society to work the law must be what the law says.

      1. And in common-law systems, judges have great discretion on how the law is applied.  This dates back centuries.  So if it ever came to court, it would be up to the judge to decide whether buying someone a postage stamp would constitute a violation of election law, and the judge would probably include intent to influence the voter in his/her consideration.  For instance, a booth offering “Free stamps for your ballot, courtesy of the Colorado Democrats!!!” might be illegal.  But would an identical booth with no advertised affiliation be in violation?  After all, the intent of the law is to prevent voters from being influenced, not forcing them to buy postage stamps.

        1. Commmon law has traditionally filled the gap when there is no statute.

          But statute trumps common. As modern society is very regulated–there is very little common law left.

          1. It’s still very true that judges examine legislative intent when interpreting statute.  Since statutory law is often vague and contradictory, there’s no other choice.

        2.   Your reference to our common law system is only going to bring out the “Courties” after they’ve been in hibernation for so long.
            They’re tanned, rest and ready to make some pro se motions!

  1. Where is your story from today’s Post concerning Boigon trying to release every extra dollar the city has to the employees?  Hick is against it.  If two Republicans are arguing about something it would be headlined.  You have just chose to ignor it.  No wonder why you are taken less seriously than ever from all…

    1. Why don’t you write a FREAKIN’ DIARY about it? With a LINK to the story?

      Oh, wait, you can’t inflate your sorry “Pols is biased” line if you do that, can you?

      Just yesterday someone posted a similar comment (free of specific charges of bias against pols but you could read it between the lines) regarding the felon running for some office as a Dem. In about an hour there was a diary about it, along with some new GOP crooks. So much for bias.

      Remember when right wingers were always claiming that the left where whiny? Another myth flushed down the john.

      1. and you know it. We ALL know it.
        List how many threads they come up with bashing Republican, evangelicals, etc.
        Then list how many threads even come close to showing a lib in a bad light.
        Lopsided to say the least.
        So be it.

        Turn on Mike Rosen right now. They have a great guest talking about a movie they made about all the lies Michael Moore has put in all of his films.
        Great stuff that will never ever make Pols.
        Not because it isn’t “Colorado politics”.
        Because it bashes a lefty.

        1. Written before your complaint – here’s a Diary entry written by a liberal discussing & supporting the Republican party – http://www.coloradop

          Yes there is a liberal bias overall among the posters here. That merely reflects the liberal bias of the population of this state (most independents have liberal political opinions).

          – dave

          1. “the liberal bias of the population of the state”

            Now that is funny. You live in a dream world if you think this state is liberal.
            You may want it to follow your socialistic views, but it isn’t liberal.
            It is a mixture of libs and conservatives. No overwhelming majority of lefties.
            If it was wouldn’t you think Air America would be the dominate radio entity?
            But dang, it isn’t. It isn’t even close. Why? Because nobody wants to hear your warped liberal views. That is why.

        2. ….showing me any place, any time that Pols said they were unbiased.

          It’s their site, their blog, their server, their advertisers. 

          You are free to go over to LGF or wherever you find your truth.

  2. ………I intend to run for the US Congress in the 6th Congressional District of Colorado.  BTW, I love the quote by JFK.  Here is one of mine, just so you understand some of my motivation for running:

    Despite all wishes to the contrary, whatever good intentions that may remain, the incompetence, the mismanagement, the lawless prosecution of the war, the torture and rendition, our cavalier disregard for civilian casualties, collateral damage, basic civilian infrastructure, the hiring of third world citizens to fill the ranks of the Armed Forces, the tolerance of severe criminal behavior (to include murder and torture) by no bid contractors, all of these things and more, there is none that can compare with the betrayal of trust to the rest of the world by those Americans who defend the sitting president and others who are the perpetrators of the crimes.

      1. “Such a desperate attack from Senator Biden is to be expected considering I — Katie Levinson — have a better chance of becoming President than he does.”

        — Giuliani communications director Katie Levinson, quoted by The Caucus, in response to Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE)’s line during the Democratic debate that a sentence for Rudy Giuliani consists of “a noun, a verb and 9/11.”

        1. From MSNBC, Barack Obama’s campaign throws a right hook.

          While Rudy Giuliani may embrace Hillary Clinton’s policy of not talking and saber rattling towards Iran, Barack Obama knows that policy is not working.  It’s time for tough and direct diplomacy with Iran, not lectures from a Mayor who skipped out on the Iraq Study Group to give paid speeches, and who was naive and irresponsible enough to recommend someone with ties to convicted felons for Secretary of Homeland Security.

          There’s experience for you. Rudy really shines at making the right decisions.

        1. thanks! And it looks good. The Governor gives workers the choice or joining an employee partnership. One intersting aspect I noticed was the” No Strike” clause in Ritter’s Executive Order.

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