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October 31, 2007 01:35 AM UTC

Ray Rose to Get the Axe?

  • by: Colorado Pols

Rep. Ray Rose’s disastrous flirtation with Byzantine county-level scheming may cut his career even shorter than previously announced, as the Montrose Press reported Saturday:

A former Montrose legislator says Rep. Ray Rose should step down as soon as possible, for the good of the Republican party.

Glenn Underwood, who served in the statehouse from 1983 to 1986, said Rose’s decision not to seek re-election after the expiration of his term next year wasn’t enough.

“He needs to resign as soon as possible, so that the person that is appointed (to take his place) can have one term in the state Legislature, from January to May,” Underwood said Friday.

“That way, he or she is an incumbent for the race next summer and so forth, which will give him or her an advantage.

“The quicker he (Rose) resigns and lets a new appointee take over, the better off we are in the election next year…”

The real story here involves 2006 CD-3 congressional candidate Scott Tipton, who is moving quickly to own Rose’s HD-58 seat. There is real concern among local Republicans that the announced Democrat candidate Noelle Hagan (a popular Montrose former mayor) will prove tough to beat, and even a well-known name like Tipton will not guarantee victory. Appointing Tipton into ready-made incumbency would give him, just as former Rep. Underwood says, a strong advantage going into next November.


50 thoughts on “Ray Rose to Get the Axe?

    1. They are trying to get a number of pubs to quit and allow somebody to be replaced by the party, not by a vote. Once they are the incumbent, it is much easier to win.

      Of course, this depends on the politician willing to step aside. For example, M. Musgrave was asked to move aside multiple times. In fact, she was offered nice jobs at least 2x (perhaps more). Right now, the pub party may be willing to support her, if she looks like she can hold the district without costing them time and money.

  1. Scott Tipton would make a great legislator.  He is as hard of a worker as any candidate in Colorado and proved himself last cycle in his race for Congress.  I’d be excited to see him in our state legislature.

    1. By taking 36% of the vote, Tipton really showed Coloradans he’s a hard working candidate. For all the flak you Cons gave Paccione, Fawcett, and Winters, those three worked a lot harder and gained more % of the votes than Tipton.

      1. Tipton lost in a year that Republicans were slaughtered across the board. Some Democrats didn’t even campaign and still won. Not to mention he was going against an incumbent and was out spent by a few million.

        1. So his justification for losing by a larger margin in Colorado than any other Congressional candidate is that “it was a tough year,” and that’s how he proved himself to voters?

          Talk about a horrible message to send to voters. “I’m a loser, so vote for me!”

          1. Even though it was a tough year for Republicans (proved by the fact that some Dems didn’t even campaign and still won), and he was vastly outspent, that he proved himself by not giving up-by campaigning hard despite the unfavorable situation.

            I think that says alot about a person.

          2. All of you were salivating at the thought of taking out Rose and now you can’t. Hagan can’t win in that district unless she’s up against Rose. She’s not so she won’t win. Nice try though.

            1. No. I have a problem with those who continually mislead the public. I could care less about Ray Rose. I’m glad he’s leaving the State House. I hope his replacement is an improvement, and not another extremist.

              Sure, Tipton didn’t give up, be he got creamed. He lost by more than any other congressional candidate in Colorado. He didn’t prove himself to be a good candidate. He proved himself to be the opposite of a good candidate.

              1. What’s your beef with Tipton? What angers you so much that he might take Rose’s seat?  Do you worship at the alter of Hagan and can’t stand the thought of her not being able to compete in that district? What’s your deal?

                1. Come on now, Tipton did NOT do well.

                  In Mesa County he collected a mere 49.2% of the vote, barely beating Salazar by 1.8%.

                  This happened in a county where the local Republicans did not actively campaign, yet won with 67.5% of the vote (Josh Penry) and 59.3% (Steve King).

                  In Mesa County, Both Ways Bob (49.3%) beat Ritter (45.1%) and Hillman carried 60.8% of the vote over Kennedy. Even know-nothing Caskey was able to collect 44.2% of the vote against the popular Bernie Buescher.

                  In a very strong Republican voting county, Tipton couldn’t even get the support of 50% of the voters, running against someone who is not a very strong campaigner. He did no better than Beauprez — is this the standard now for a strong R candidate?

                  This is not to say that he couldn’t do quite well running for the state lege (especially with the name recognition he now has). But there is no evidence from Mesa County that Tipton ran a strong campaign or that he connected with the many R voters in the county.

                  1. Obviously not… If you would have you would know that Rose’s district consists of part of Delta County, Montrose, Ouray, San Miguel, Dolores and part of Montezuma. In Delta, Tipton beat Salazar in every one of these counties except for San Miguel and Dolores (and he lost by a handful of votes there). And San Miguel is not at all a Republican stronghold. So next time you think you know what you are talking about, think again.

                    1. I just pointed out (with supporting data) that Tipton did not run that well in a very strong R voting county. Thus, those that claim he ran a strong campaign were, by and large, engaging in wishful thinking.

                      Nowhere did I claim that he would be running to represent Mesa County. I merely noted that in a county that votes reliably R, he stunk it up as well as BWB.

                      BTW, I did more than adequate homework to support the point I intended to make. Unfortunately, I did not think ahead to do the work to support the point that you wanted to make.

                      My bad!  Next time you think you know what I am talking about, can I count on you to fail to set me straight again?

                    2. I would make a point. By the way the demographics of Mesa County are changing. In 2006 there were 32,723 registered republicans but there were 22,911 unidentified voters. Mesa County is not the stronghold that it once was. Also you made a great point with Penry, but you also have to understand he was running against an awful candidate that had absolutely no name id.

                    3. Also Tipton ran a strong campaign with the resources he had. The DCCC spent how much money in the third, while the NRCC spent nothing. Also throw the fact that J.Salazar is an incumbent with extreamely high name recongnition because of his brother.

                    4. If you want to claim that “Tipton ran a strong campaign with the resources he had,” well the very same argument can be made for the race that Dana Barker ran against Penry.

                      Penry had much more money, incumbency (albeit, in the House), an endearing story (local boy makes good), a silver tongue, and eXtremely high name recognition.

                      But then, consistency has never been a strong suit of partisan hacks.

                    5. You tell me, I wasn’t aware the DCCC gave any money to Salazar in ’06. Also you say that Tipton just barely lost in San Miguel and Ouray, but on that same note, Salazar lost by just a few percentage points in Montezuma County — Tipton’s home district! Tell me, how did Tipton do in Salazar’s home district? I don’t have a huge beef with Tipton running for HD-38, but saying that he ran a good campaign in ’06 is rather silly given CD-3’s demographics compared with the amount of whoop-ass that Salazar unloaded on Tipton. Just sayin’.

                    6. Well, you certainly made a point. I’m not sure it was the one you intended.

                      From my perspective, the point that you made was that you are someone who’s signed on to ColoPols in the last week copping an unearned attitude of superiority. I think the technical term for this is ‘arse-hole.’

                      BTW, your reporting of voter registration numbers for 2006 do not support your claim that the demographics of Mesa County are changing. To do this you need to show that there has been a temporal trend. Your claim may be correct, but the evidence you cite does nothing to support your claim.

                      Any (purported) changing in demographics also does not refute the fact that BWB beat Ritter in Mesa County (which suggests that voting tendencies haven’t changed even if party registrations have) and that Tipton did not garner a greater percentage of the vote in his race than BWB did in his.

                      Or, are you arguing that BWB was a strong candidate?

                    7. I was just making a point. Obviously you are quite angry. Thank you for calling me “arse-hole,” I actually kind that quite flattering.

                    8. I guess it’s a mix up, but that’s why people keep on harping on you not being here for very long

                    9. You are the one who started with the personal attacks.

                      But, being the generous person that I am, I will accept your attempt at an apology.

                      (BTW, Sugar, you need to work on your ability to detect emotions if you are going to “again” be a contributor to CoPols. I don’t see how you get anger from my posts. Anything but.)

            2. You sound proud of the fact that the GOP can only retain this seat via convenient resignations and appointments. You all but admit that Tipton couldn’t win in a true matchup of non-incumbents versus Hagan, that he needs to have the seat by appointment first.

              Maybe that’s not what you meant but that’s the tone of your posts.

              1. I was talking about 2006 buddy. I was trying to say that Tipton’s campaign was as strong as it could be with the resources it had. Not sure where you got everything else. But thanks for trying to tell me what I meant to say

                1. Click the “parent” link under my post and you’ll see who I was, in fact, addressing.

                  When stuff gets shoved to the right, you have to do that before you reply.

  2. there’s still nary a whisper of a challenger to JTS as of yet?  Wouldn’t that be wild if CD-3 Republicans pulled a Degette and didn’t even nominate a candidate in ’08?

    1. Tipton is a loser, and yet Hagan has an elected position. So who’s the crazy one? Take your meds tonight before the doorbell rings and you take your anger out on some little kid.

        1. Your absolute position hasn’t held up in the last few years. Take a look at the State House, State Senate, Governor’s Office, Treasurers Office, US House, and US Senate.

          I remember many pundits and water carriers claiming in 2004 that the Democratic Party was going to be in the minority for a long time. So much for that absolute.

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