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October 29, 2007 02:50 PM UTC

Monday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

At least that’s over.


27 thoughts on “Monday Open Thread

  1. I’m convinced that much like the “Curse of the Bambino” that haunted the Red Sox for 80 years, that the Rockies were struck down by the newly-created “Curse of the whiner”.

    For days, people ceaselessly called radio shows and prepared class-action lawsuits over their feelings getting hurt because they weren’t given free tickets for having to wait in a virtual line and coming up with nothing. 

    It became a bigger story than the fact that a bunch of underdogs pulled off a total miracle and perhaps the most entertaining sports win streak in Colorado history.

    For that, the sports Gods have now apparently given us a curse  that caused a fantastically talented offense to hit less than 200 in a World Series and get swept by a team with the most annoying fans anywhere in the universe.

    Thank you, whiners.

    1. If Major League Baseball, the corporation,
      got 1/3 of the tickets off the top and scalped them through StubHub,
      I think that deserves to be investigated. 
      The stadium,
      paid for by ?whom?
      is in Denver,
      and ticket sales occur in Denver. 

      But the folks who pay in their taxes every year for that stadium had to pay scalper prices to go to a game …

      I certainly don’t begrudge a season ticket holder recouping part of that cost by selling his seat for whatever he can get; he paid dearly for that opportunity.

      But for the league to rip off the fans in that manner; no. 

      This should be a matter for law enforcement. 

      1. Law enforcement has actual work to do.

        How much money in taxes does the average Denverite pay that goes to Coors Field every year?  It’s individually a pittance and doesn’t guarantee you free or cheap seats to one of the biggest sporting events in the world, no matter how much of a rabid fan you are pretending to be, now that the Rockies started winning.

        You, sir have now brought the curse of the Whinerino to our doorstep!!!

      2. …, not that I care a rat’s patootey about pro sports.

        But when my taxes pay for a franchise’s pleasures, I – meaning the taxpayers, not me particularly – need some recognition.

        A certain portion of seats should have been given away by lottery to anyone living in the district that helped by the stadium.

        PR you couldn’t buy.

        1. What about all the people from New England whose sales taxes helped fund the stadium while they were here on vacation?  Or all the folks from Douglas County or Jefferson County who work in Denver and pay sales tax?

          Don’t you see what a Pandora’s Box you’re opening with all of your entitlement grousing?

          [I hope your sarcasm detector is working.  It should be jumping off the charts right now.]

    2. is that they let TV dictate the schedule too much. They should play the league championship series games on the same days, like they do the first round series games, so that the whole thing is over with at about the same time and no one is laid off for a week or more if one team sweeps. And they ought to start the series sooner if both league champions need less than seven games to win, not that that would have mattered this year.

      I didn’t expect the Rockies to beat Boston, but I did expect them to be competitive which they were only in two games. It’s clear from this and last years’ series that the long layoffs aren’t good for teams and lead to lopsided results, not to mention fewer televised games and hence less revenue for TV, which is probably the only thing they care about.

      (And yes, LB, I know your post was facetious, but I’m taking the opportunity to grouse. I’m done now. Congratulations Kate – as long as you’re gracious in victory, that is, because nothing’s worse than an obnoxious winner.)

  2. I’m quite happy to not have to hear God Bless America during the stretch anymore. That’s another ridiculous Fox pander that I hope will be long gone by 2009 Opening Day. And what’s with Reed Saunders (“Voice of the Rockies” at Coors Field) exhorting fans to “stand and remove your caps” for GBA? Shouldn’t that show of respect be reserved for the national anthem?

    1. the manager and owners (who didn’t want to offend anyone, or so they said), the Rockies are “officially” a Christian team.  So it is not surprise that the seventh inning stretch is a “God Bless America” rendition.  I fully expected it to be “God Bless the Rockies”.  The fact that someone thinks they can demand others to accept their pronouncement is no surprise.

      But alas, I guess God got bored with the Rockies or likes the SOX nation a lot better.  Or maybe they are better “Christians” because they do not publicly announcing their beliefs in USA today.

  3. A superficial, disengaged, intellectually-lazy showman who didn’t do his homework and clung to a naive, unrealistic, and essentially dangerous worldview. Foreign leaders have said they were appalled by Reagan’s lack of knowledge of the issues.

    What he missed was about his deficits and his corruption.

    1. ..Worst president of the 20th C., especially for the working stiff. Yet so many worship him.

      Ford was not kind with B. Clinton, either, although it mostly revolved around his sexual supercharge.  Very complimentary about Hillary.

        1. Ford was a very kind individual. He just did not do much, though to be fair, he did not have much time.

            Personally, I believe that Carter had to deal with the mess that Ford and Nixon left (monster inflation causes, a coming energy embargo, etc). But I guess that historians will judge these ppl later.

  4. Saw this in the NYTimes and thought, “What a great idea!”.  Average Joes and Janes, dressing up like superheroes and helping out the masses against the evils of everyday life.

    Some examples listed in the article:

    – Direction Man – helps lost souls in NYC find their way
    – Street Hero – ex-hooker who protects prostitutes with her martial arts mojo
    – Red Justice – encourages youth on the subways to give up their seats for the elderly


    What Superheroes could Denver have?

    How about:

    – Mountain High – helps wayward souls in Denver find that pot connection lost in last month’s bust

    – Democratic Woman – helping people navigate the one way streets and crowds during the Democratic Party convention

    – Foreclosure Man – helping people stay dry when the housing bubble bursts

    Any other ideas for everyday superheroes?

    1. Captain Xenophobe.  Roams NE Denver in a non-descript black sedan w/ govt plates, looking for suspicious people of hispanic origin.  Don’t mess with this man – he’s got ICE on speed dial

  5. .
    I live in El Paso County, home of Fort Carson. 
    If it affects the War against Iraq, it affects us. 
    So every Iraq story is a Colorado story. 


    AP reports this afternoon that
    the US Government has granted Garrity amnesty
    to every single one of the Blackwater mercenaries
    involved in the 16 September massacre at Nisour Square. 

    If there had been any hope of accountability under US law,
    that hope is dashed. 

    It is apparently now the (unofficial) position of the US Government that
    mercenaries SHALL ABSOLUTELY NOT be held accountable for crimes against Iraqis. 

    1. any law — but it also apparently is interfering with the conduct of a legitimate investigation.  Unbelievable. 

      Will Congress care?  Will our U.S. Senators and our Congressmen/women do something about this?

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