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October 27, 2007 07:49 PM UTC

Obama, not "Osama," won the JeffCO Dems Straw Poll

  • by: ColObama

( – promoted by Colorado Pols)

Last night Senator Barack Obama won the Jefferson County Democratic Party straw poll at their Chili cook off, but when announcing the winner, former State Senator Deanna Hanna referred to Senator Obama as “Osama.” It’s sad when our own party makes the name gaffe of a candidate who is leading the way in grassroots fundraising and energy, and is in a virtual tie in Iowa right now.

For months Republicans have been attacking Senator Barack Obama with a “slip of the tongue” when referring to him.  Mitt Romney recently slipped up while talking to the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce. But when Deanna Hanna makes the same mistake, I’ve got to take a stand.

I can understand why some Republicans do not want to discuss the issues since President Bush has the Republican party cornered, and distracting the audience with name-calling seems to be the preferred tactic in place of taking a stand on Iraq, Health Care, and the Environment.

Unfortunately, the name gaffe distraction is not the lowest some in the Republicans Party are willing to go as one most recently said “Obama is a n—–.”

We know with a name like Obama, he is always the underdog. Senator Barack Obama is leading the campaign for change while others are working hard to keep politics as usual with their “slips of the tongue” and blatant racial slurs at the Senator’s expense. Americans are tired of divisive politics and Colorado can lead the way to overcome the politics of cynicism. Join the movement.


36 thoughts on “Obama, not “Osama,” won the JeffCO Dems Straw Poll

  1. At the moment, voters trust Democrats more than Republicans on nine out of the ten issues tracked by Rasmussen Reports. This tilt toward the Democrats continues a trend of many months.

    Daily Kos

    From Rasmussen

    No wonder Republicans would rather distract voters, than talk about the issues.

      1. if I take your expert Democratic political primary analysis with a grain of salt.

        As the Cedar Rapids Gazette wrote:

        Barack Obama is bringing his 2008 Democratic presidential bid to Iowans’ doorsteps. Obama, 46, a superstar U.S. senator who rose from the ranks as a community organizer, is taking Iowa’s tradition of retail politicking to a new level by personally knocking on doors at homes, businesses and even farmsteads in search of supporters in the first-in-the-nation caucuses.

        The Illinois senator has opened an unprecedented 33 field offices around the state and spent 52 days in Iowa since announcing his presidential bid. His goal: to convince voters he is a different kind of politician who can bring unifying change to Washington.

        “My experience, not only as a U.S. senator, but as a state legislator, a civil rights lawyer, as a professor, as a community organizer, I think that mix of experience allows me, maybe, to speak to people in ways they can identify with, and I think that’s part of the reasons we’re generating such a good response,” he said. “Most politicians are trained to talk a lot, but they’re not always that good at listening to people,” Obama said in an interview during a recent Eastern Iowa campaign swing.

        “One of the first things I learned as an organizer was to find out what people are going through in their lives and not make assumptions about what issues are important to them,” he added. “Usually, I found, that the problem in Washington is that there’s just not a real good connect to people on the ground.”

            1. And Obama gave this guy the stage. And this guy took the opportunity to make it all about himself, including making the ludicrous statement that “God delivered him from homosexuality.” Which he may believe, but few who truly believe in equality will look at credulously.

              Unless Obama straightens this out (and he has not yet), then he’s done his campaign serious damage. As Kos asks in the diary I linked,

              Those of you who continue to try and rationalize it — would you be making the same exculpatory arguments if it was George W. Bush doing the things Obama is doing right now? Or one of the rival campaigns? Somehow, I doubt the vast majority of you would.”

              1. Since Kos is apparently endorsing the Clinton campaign with the next diary he posted:

                Clinton is no Howard Dean. In fact, she may be the most disciplined politician I have ever seen. She’s a machine, always on message, relentlessly perfect on everything — appearance, message, and policy. It’s that discipline that has allowed her to fool people into thinking she’d pull all of our troops out of Iraq and that her vote on Iran wasn’t REALLY as horrible as it really was.

                She won’t make a mistake. She will not implode. She’s too good to make the obvious mistake, and even if she erred (she’s human, so we can assume), her campaign wouldn’t waste any time setting things straight.

                And from the diary I linked:

                But, I’m also an Obama supporter, and while I’m disappointed in this flap, I’m not ready to throw him under the bus and type up the obit just yet… Furthermore, this is ONE INCIDENT on ONE ISSUE. In my view, if you cannot suffer a single misstep of a candidate whose views you otherwise share completely, you are never going to find a suitable candidate. People who decide to drop support of Obama over this one issue, which has no impact on Obama’s personal views or policy positions, I think are sorely lacking perspective.

                1. So the Obama supporter won’t throw him under the bus over one incident and one issue. But there have been several incidents so far, none of which seriously damage his message but definitely call his judgment and campaign skills into question.

                  It’s clear that this will alienate the GBLT sector and their allies, without doing anything to shore up his support elsewhere. That’s the basis of my original post.

    1. I do think that there are a lot of people who want to bring down candidates and other people because somehow it makes them feel important to be critical and throw barbs.  Even Republicans putting down Republicans and Democrats putting down Democrats. Ask yourself if you could be who he is and do what he does and the answer will be ‘no’.  I like Obama and am sure he will have a good future as president or not as president. I think we are really luck to have as many good candidates as we do.

  2.   Between this slip of the tongue and her infamous demand for reparations from the realtors’ association, I never realized that she was so stupid. 

  3. good thing he’s got people like you to defend his honor against these, uh, “attacks.”  Ha!

    And he damn well should be “virtually tied” for the lead in Iowa.  Seeing as he’s missed nearly twice as many votes in the Senate as the woman he’s trailing, he has to be using that free time for something!  Of course the 5 or so points he trails by isnt w/in the margin of error of most polls…but whatever… You call it a “virtual tie,” I say he’s just behind…

      1. Of course not.  And anyone who read the article knows what Haynes’ point was.  Taken in context (which you obviously dont want done) he was just making a point, not calling Obama a n—–.  Was it a poor way of making his point? Absolutely.  But get over it.  No one ever accused Haynes of being smart.

        And way to go avoiding commenting on your boy missing nearly twice as many votes as the leader of the polls in Iowa…

          1. includes BO being in a “virtual tie” in Iowa.  Must I research and repost your own point from the top of this page for you to  remember? 

            As such, I see BO’s absenteeism as a reason he’s doing better in Iowa than he was earlier.  You never really addressed that issue except to compare BO’s voting record with JMc.

            And if you have a problem with people changing topics, perhaps blogging isnt the best use of your time.  😛

        1. has Larimer County’s favorite son, the stealth GOP candidate for U.S. Senate, Bob Schaffer, criticized this vulgar bigot who use to chair his county party?

    1. the most recent polling numbers do show that Obama is in a virtual tie:

      In the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, meanwhile, a slip in John Edwards’ numbers has allowed Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to tighten their grips on the No. 1 and No. 2 spots, respectively. Among all likely Democratic caucus-goers, Clinton leads with 28.9 percent, followed by Obama with 26.6 percent, Edwards with 20.0 percent, Bill Richardson with 7.2 percent and Joe Biden with 5.3 percent.

      Presenting the facts always helps the argument, so thank you for allowing me the opportunity to set the record the straight, especially since there is so much misinformation being spread around.

      1. The poll results you reported are from this mornings release of a U of I poll.  The polls questions are open ended, different from other political polls.  As explained by Blumenthal at Pollster…”Which leads Mark Blumenthal at Pollster to issue the following warning:

          We have not included the previous Hawkeye polls in our Iowa chart because of the use of the open-ended question. This is not a statement about the quality of the survey. As I wrote back in August:

          This [open-ended question] undoubtedly provides a tougher test of voter commitment, but also produces a much bigger undecided and renders the results incomparable to other Iowa polls.”

        In a world where polls are snapshots, this poll is a stand alone snapshot.  Does it really mean anything?  Who knows. 

      2. great job finding a “reputable” poll…  306 likely caucus goers…are you kidding me?

        Even the DSM Register polls have a larger sample.

        But whatever…if you insist on using this poll to “set the record straight,” you should also realize that BO has the softest support of the three major candidates.

        “Among Democrats, Edwards and Clinton supporters are significantly more likely than Obama supporters to say they are very likely to attend their caucus.”

        Hmmm…that doesnt sound so great, “virtual tie” or not…

  4. I spoke at that event. Needless to say, Sen. Gravel isn’t popular amongst EVERY democrat. Calling out the frontrunner is an issue, I guess.

    What’s great is, though my speech wasn’t great, Deanna’s slip-up was the talk of the evening.

    On the order of pronunciation, it’s pronounced GRUH-VEL. Not Gravel, as in what you would find in a quarry somewhere in Pueblo.


  5. God, who lets that idiot in the door to these events, let alone let her get up and speak?

    Note to Deanna – you’re an embarrassment.  You’re a has-been.  You resigned in shame.  Stop pretending the Democrats adore you.

    …and shame on the Democrats that still do.

      1. Tallport, you’re probably one of the lemmings that still like the woman.  For me, it’s less about the slip-up and more about the Jeffco Dems continuing to make her a major part of everything they do.

        Do the Jeffco Dems have any dignity?  Do they stand for integrity and transparency in politics?  Probably not if they keep letting that manipulating, lying, two-faced woman up on the stage at every event they put on. 

        The Dems have no excuse to attack Republicans’ integrity in Jeffco if they stand behind bozos like her.  Period.

      1. Puddin, I’m over the top about everything I post, otherwise I just browse and move on.  If I post, I’m pissed. 

        And Deanna Hanna pisses me off.  The few times I met her when she was running for the Senate, I found her pompous and mostly ignorant.  Then she gets caught in a scandal and resigns.  I’ve been to events she’s been at on a few occasions since then.  She’s still as pompous and ignorant as she’s ever been, but now the Jeffco Dems coddle her like she’s a martyr or something.  It all makes me sick. No integrity.  None.

        …but I do love coffee.

        1. Deanna Hanna chaired the Chili Cook-Off; I don’t know how accepting her offer to take on the responsibility of overseeing all aspects of a party fund raising event amounts to “[coddling] her like a martyr or something.”

          As to her fall from grace, when you say “no integrity,” you are way off base.  Deanna should never have sent the letter involved, not because she lacks integrity, but because both she and the letter lack guile.  Deanna is without both pretense and the sophistication to be threatening between the lines.  So, Deanna wrote an unfortunate letter and resigned, while a Republican who knowingly took per diem while on vacation in Hawaii and studying for the Bar exam continued to serve.  While she believed that there was nothing wrong with the letter, she never denied that she wrote it nor attempted to avoid responsibility for her choice of words.

          Vince Todd
          Secretary, Jefferson County Democratic Party

          Greg Roers
          Treasurer, Jefferson County Democratic Party

        2. She made a “humorous” comment about men that if a man had made about women, his career would have been over with by cocktail time.  It was mean and not funny no matter which gender it would have been meant for.

          So, I rather think that her mistakes leading to her resignation may just be part of her MO.  And Dems do not need people like her; a loose cannon.

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