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October 26, 2007 07:46 PM UTC

Bob Beauprez's Footnote

  • by: Colorado Pols

As the Rocky Mountain News reports:

Almost a year after Bob Beauprez lost the governor’s race, one of the more controversial remnants of his campaign bubbled to the surface Thursday morning.

A federal immigration agent in Denver was charged by the U.S Attorney’s office in Wyoming for allegedly leaking information from a national crime database to Beauprez for attack ads against his opponent.

Beauprez, the Republican candidate, ran ads accusing Democrat Bill Ritter of giving plea bargains on drug-dealing charges to illegal immigrants when Ritter was Denver district attorney.

Key information for those ads came from the National Crime Information Center database, which is supposed to be used only for law enforcement purposes…

Beauprez said it was “a mystery” that this was coming up now.

“It’s been a long time and I honestly thought it was a closed deal. Finished business,” he said. “I don’t really know what else to say about it.”

But Ritter’s office did.

When this story broke a year ago, it was the last spasm from a campaign that was already on the slab. That said, historical footnote Bob Beauprez doesn’t help his legacy by essentially regurgitating the same bumbling “I didn’t know about this” schtick from last October–that didn’t placate the FBI or the press then either.

In fact, the only reason Beauprez is likely to escape this situation is because nobody cares about him anymore. Rollie Heath gets more play than Bob Beauprez, and Heath lost by an even bigger margin than Beauprez did.


15 thoughts on “Bob Beauprez’s Footnote

    1. It is certainly possible for civil disobedience (including knowing violation a criminal statute) to rise to the level of heroic, but this situation (leaking info from a crime database for political purposes) is not heroic by any definition.

      1. If you are another fox news pub, then you are very mistaken (well, that goes by your watching fox news). Gore pushes that ppl should be CO2 neutral. That is, whatever you use, should have an offset. Yes, his house uses a lot of energy (and he is working to change that). At this time, he actually pays to plants trees and buys offsets elsewhere. And yes, it even accounts for this personal jet.

        OTH, your boss does have a new house in Texas, and it was designed to be efficient. But W. actually contributes more CO2 than does Gore. Why? Because he does not do offsets. He may use less energy, but most of his energy comes from the Texas Coal plants so he is a MUCH bigger contributor than is Gore. Oh, and that does not even include his contributions from the white house/air force one/etc.

  1. During the 2006 Colorado gubernatorial campaign, Channel 7 News reported the following:

    “GOP gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez voted for a bill in Congress to strengthen protections against misuse of a restricted federal database, months before he praised a federal agent who leaked information from the database to Beauprez’s gubernatorial campaign, the Rocky Mountain News reported Monday.”

    In addition, Beauprez was also a co-sponsor of a separate bill dealing with the restricted database, although he told The Denver Post he had never heard of it, The Post reported.

    In an October 20, 2006, Rocky Mountain News article, Evan Dreyer, Bill Ritter’s campaign spokesman, was quoted as saying, “There is no way the congressman could have determined citizenship status of these defendants without accessing the confidential database…”The congressman aided and abetted the commission of a crime.”

    So, why is the person who accessed and leaked the restricted info indicted, but the one who used it, Beauprez, is not?

  2. Look, Beauprez is a CRIMINAL. And what is being done? NOTHING! NADA! ZIP! So what is wrong here? It is that NEITHER side is doing anything about it.

    I understand why the pubs do nothing about it. They say that they are for stopping criminals, but they are for stopping dems and common street crime. Nothing more. They will not go after 1 of their own. Nixon, reagan, and W. were/are getting by with LOADS of crimes, some of it treason (october surprise). That is because they know that nothing will happen to them. As long as the crimes are not punished, we will see the next pub make W. look positively angelic (which would probably make the next one be a cousin of stalin).

    But the real issue is the dems. They should be pushing this for a number of reasons. In particular, they know that the pubs would do the same to them. More importantly, it is needed to prevent the pubs from being this corrupt.  They are allowing this to drop. Just like they are letting so much of W’s actions off the hook. If they are going to work with the pubs to make this a 2 party system (the laws that they both pushed really limit other parties), they at least need to take care of business. My guess is that the dems have a saying for this;

    There but for the grace of god, go I.

    Instead, they should be saying;

    Stop! Thief!

    Lets hope that they will push this, and we see beauprez (and the other pubs) in prison for a good long time.

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