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July 08, 2024 09:06 AM UTC

800-Pound Gorilla In The Room Discussion Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

Here we are, folks, and there’s no not talking about it.


25 thoughts on “800-Pound Gorilla In The Room Discussion Thread

    1. Maybe we could stop clutching our pearls long enough the lamestream media has some bandwidth to report on the Epstein files? Maybe Puties attack on a Kiev children’s hospital? 

    1. And the next wave of stories will be about the splintering of Democrats among all the potential contenders, because of the Will Rogers effect.  If ever there was a time to fall in line and unite, this is it.  Focus on the real problem — Trump and his cult, with support from right-wing billionaires, the Heritage Foundation’s Project 2025, and the Federalist Society, all drooling over the chance to create their own Theocratic Christian Nationalist dictatorship.

    2. Time table needs to take into account the Republican National Convention.  No need to do ANYTHING until the Republicans try to muddle through their meeting taking potshots at the evil genius Biden, sleepy Joe, head of the crime family / China compromised Joe, and …. the heir apparent, Kamala Harris. 

      After the RNC, there's a month before the DNC.  Democrats could take a week to get their approach in place and the stories to back it, THEN announce in public, and then move through the rituals of the convention to implement the choice.

  1. Should Biden pass the torch? 

    Of course.

    An 81 year old has no business running for a four year term at President. That is obvious on the face of it to any baby boomer now in their mid to late 60s who have witnessed the aging, decline, and deaths of our parents. No matter how wonderful, mentally agile, and physically able they appear to be, after 80 years for the vast number of folks, they will succumb to the effects of natural old age.

    It is befuddling to see Biden and so many Democrats talking as if reality is subject to the power of political will … it is almost Trumpian. Politics in this nation has taken a turn into surrealism and that does not bode well for our future prospects.

    Project 2025 details how the stakes are so high. We can't let the fate of the country rest with a candidate that has never consistently led in any polls and who simply cannot extemporaneously be the champion for liberalsim and liberty.

    1. I'll be voting for whomever has the 'D' behind their name, Biden or otherwise. Yes, the stakes are high. To quote Rumsfeld, we're going to war with  the military we have, not the one we wish we had. My vote is for the totality not only his policies, but his Cabinet choices. If you didn't like the adjudicated rapist's Cabinet choices the first time around and his newfound immunity card from SCOTUS I'm confident we'll all be horrified with the  2.0. Facist freak show. The upside?  Our favorite troll may get to be the boss of the forest rakers! 

      1. I will also vote for whoever the Democratic candidate is. But the question is who will the swing voters in Penn, Wisc, Ariz, Georgia, etc. vote for? I really don't think swapping out Harris for Biden will work. Is there any other viable option? 

        1. I'm not a Kamala-basher and wouldnt' have an issue with her being the nominee but I remain unconvinced this country is ready to choose a female president, let alone one that is of color.  These questions of replacement are way above my/our paygrade so I'm just choosing not to clutch the pearls.  Besides, shouldn't we see who the orange man-baby picks as his #2 first? It's likely either candidates #2s will be steering the ship before 2028. We'll know in a week, and by then Cadet Bone Spurs will be the official nominee and I suspect at least some of the media will start focusing on the Epstein, Project 2025 issues (amongst a host of other things).  I imagine sometime between now and November Judge Chutkan will have some of her evidentiary hearings in play, too.  I think it only gets worse for the man-baby for the next 119 days. 

          As was printed earlier last week, what's the evidence Biden can run a country?  He's doing it right now.  In real time. 

  2. I see Adam Frisch has climbed aboard the Biden Needs to GTFO Express. How do you western Coloradans figure this affects his chances of flipping CO-3?

  3. I'm more interested in the "then what?" question than the fate of the 800-pound gorilla. Colorado Pols-type folk will almost certainly support the D nominee no matter who or whom, but I'm far less certain "just anyone" will win the 4 or 5 battleground states needed for 270 stupid Electoral College votes. How would Harris or Newsom honestly fare in MI, WI, or PA? I personally know next to nothing about Whitmer – guessing the same applies to most voters in AZ, GA or NV.

    There's got to be a bunch of contingency planning going on behind the scenes right now, but for the most part I think Ds would face a larger challenge than some people think in trying to convince all these voters (mind you, extremely quickly) that a newcomer to the race is the right choice for President. And I don't think your typical rank and file casual voter knows that much about Harris since the Veep is not the highest-visibility position. Guessing any of the potential newbies would have different types of not-so-great "debate moments" than the current occupant, and certain that the GOP would dig up or fabricate mountains of dirt on whomever might become a new nominee.

    Not really trying to be a curmudgeonly naysayer here, but some of this stuff isn't getting the play I think it deserves out there in the chatterverse.

    1. That's an excellent question! As with the last two POTUS elections, the dumbest white people in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania will decide who wins. Since Harris is the only alternative candidate who can actually use all the money collected by the Biden/Harris campaign to date, the question becomes whether the dumbest white people in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania will line up behind Harris.

    2. I'd love to see Orange Jesus debate Kamala. There aren't enough Depends in a box to get him through 90 minutes of his word salads. 

      Where there's so much water, you don't know what to do with it. You know, it's called rain. It rains a lot in certain places. But uhhhhhh, no. Their idea. You know. Did you see the other day, they just put, I opened it up and they closed it again. I opened it. They close it. Washing machines to wash your dishes. There's a problem. They don't want you to have any water.

      They want no water.

      The Very Stable Genius

      June 22, 2024

      1. I'm with you on that – I think Trump would totally lose his shit competing against Kamala. His go to response to Black Women is to totally denigrate them in the most vile ways possible.

  4. Without a doubt, the dumbest white people in the swing states are already donning their red idiot hats and will not waiver, whoever the Dem candidate is. Some of the most ill informed (dare I say ignorant) voters may not have decided. Will they pick Harris over the felon, or will they vote at all? Maybe, just maybe, their are enough women voters in these states that care about their own autonomy and will vote against Gilead.

  5. As of a couple of hours ago, around 3 pm Eastern, Wastington Post had an article

    The [House] Democrats calling on Biden to drop out of the 2024 election


    calls to drop out

    That is a boost by one from when I looked yesterday after the Sunday news shows.

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