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May 29, 2024 01:06 AM UTC

Wednesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do.”

–Potter Stewart


10 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Thread

  1. I've been accused of being a bit of a pessimist on this site regarding November (Trump wins the White House and the GOP wins the Senate with the Dems taking the House) but who knew, I may have been overly optimistic …..

    Trump, GOP are early favorites for White House, Congress (

    I know, polls taken eleven nine seven five months out from an election are meaningless. But there has been a consistency in what they say.

    The firewall Mike Johnson has built with the aggresive GOP North Carolina redistricting, the mild Dem NY redistricting, and his success in getting "problematic" candidates out of competitive races (Majewski in OH-9, Herrera in TX-23, Boebert in CO-4) may mean that the GOP keeps the House although perhaps with a smaller – ROFLMAO – majority.

    Although with Trump in the White House, the next speaker will probably be able to keep his troops in line. Spoiler alert: regardless of which party wins the House, Johnson will probably not be speaker.

    Unfortunately, a GOP House means no investigations by Jamie Raskin and no impeachments of Thomas, Alito, or Trump.


  2. Denver Civil Service Commission executive director Niecy Murry was shit canned yesterday for blowing the whistle on Mayor Mike Johnson’s effort to fill police officer positions by lowering standards and accepting unqualified applicants to meet his campaign quotas. Murry isn’t the only critic of Johnson exerting undue political presure on what should be a process unencumbered by politics – several city council members, including Shontel Lewis, Sarah Parady and Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez, had sided with Murray after hearing direct complaints from commission employees.

    At a time when policing has come under attack it should be obvious we need the best law enforcement personel to combat rising crime rates while at the same time ensuring police officers are fully cognizant of their responsibilities to respect the civil liberties of the people they serve and protect and in particular minorities. You get there by merit, not mediocracy.

      1. You're right. It's not what i say, it's what the story as reported in a number of Denver media publications said. You might want to read them.

        Actually a more appropriate name for Hizzoner would be Mayor Liar Liar Pants on Fire, as when he blamed Trump for the illegal immigration crisis costing taxpayers over 100 million dolars, cutbacks in City services, and not to mention the near insolvancy of Denver Health crushed by the cost of providing "free" healthcare to illegals.

        And how does importing 40,000 more homeless people help mitigate the homeless disaster Hizzoner claimed was his number one priority?  Just blame it on Trump, and its all good.

        1. If you followed current events, Allyn, you would realize that Trump is fully to blame for the bipartisan Senate border bill still sitting on Speaker Johnson's desk. This bill would go a long way towards strengthening the country's weak asylum laws. Far too many of these migrants are claiming asylum, when they in fact are economic refugees. Hard to fault somebody wanting a better life. But the US borders should not be open for anyone who wants to stroll across. Neither Trump nor Biden has done much to solve the border issues. If you think Trump will have any real solutions for anything, if he's re-elected, you haven't read Project 2025.

          1. "If you followed current events, Allyn, you would realize that Trump is fully to blame for the bipartisan Senate border bill still sitting on Speaker Johnson's desk"

            Not if your brain is hotwired to the "Ingraham Angle" and Fox is your only source of (dis)information. 

  3. Well done, Governor. 

    Editorial: With the stroke of his pen, Polis fixes 30 years of inequitable funding for rural schools

    Polis, who founded a charter school and started his political career on the State Board of Education, has done more for education during his term and a half in office than any Coloradan in recent history.

    Between our Governor’s leadership and BEST, a Democrat initiative, rural kids now have some of the best educational opportunities in Colorado  

  4. Sonnenberg should celebrate this decision since he has himself voted for funding rural schools. 

    Boebert, of course, would have voted against it. 

    Voters with school age family members, teachers and faculty would support the candidate who supports educational opportunities for their students.

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