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May 21, 2024 12:13 AM UTC

Tuesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Patriotism is when love of your own people comes first; nationalism, when hate for people other than your own comes first.”

–Charles de Gaulle


24 thoughts on “Tuesday Open Thread

  1. On the topic of today’s quote, Idaho Republicans would like their party back. Feature-length story in the Washington Post: (gift link)

    1. That article has a number of interesting points, ranging from the history of Northern Idaho pushing out extremists of the Aryan Nation to the current "rebellion" against those who did a Trumpian take-over of the Republican Party.

      The rebels have focused their efforts on precinct committee seats, the building blocks of local party power. On Tuesday, they need to win 37 seats out of 73 to force a change in local party leadership, but they’re hoping for a rout.

      “I want a full sweep,” said Christa Hazel, 50, a Republican organizer who has been doxed and harassed since resigning from the party’s central committee in 2017 over concerns about extremism and a lack of transparency. “I want a full referendum on the ugliness, chaos and division.”

      The activism is surprising:

      Now there are two Republican parties, the official committee and the rebel offshoot. There are two Republican women’s lunch groups. And rival Republican publications, each claiming to represent the real views of North Idaho voters.

      At the breakaway faction’s women’s luncheon this month, an emcee asked how many attendees were running for office. Hands shot up throughout the room, to loud applause. In the last election cycle, in 2022, just eight county precinct seats were contested. This year, the upstart bloc has candidates in 70 out of 73 races.

  2. There are Waffle Houses with higher annual revenue than DJT 

    There is a club. We're not in it. 

    Trump Media and Technology Group, the company affiliated with former U.S. president Donald Trump that operates Truth Social, reported $770,500 in revenue for the first quarter of 2024 and a net loss of $327.6 million.

    Shares in Sarasota, Fla.-based TMTG — which says it is a “safe harbor for free expression amid increasingly harsh censorship by Big Tech corporations” — began trading March 26, 2024, on Nasdaq under the ticker symbol “DJT” following its merger with special purpose acquisition company Digital World Acquisition Corp. (DWAC). At Monday’s closing price of $48.38/share, TMTG has a market capitalization of about $6.6 billion.

  3. The Apprentice’ Filmmaker Isn’t Scared By Donald Trump’s Legal Threats, Says “They Don’t Talk About His Success Rate” With Lawsuits; Hopes For September Release Date Timed to Election Debate

    Following the movie’s premiere, where it received an 11-minute standing ovation at the Grand Theatre Lumiere, Trump campaign advisor Steven Cheung back in the U.S. declared, “We will be filing a lawsuit to address the blatantly false assertions from these pretend filmmakers.”

  4. Not sure if BoBo is working the pole in NYC today but she might (or not) be interested in knowing there was a horrific storm that caused widespread damage to property and crops in CD-4’s second-largest agricultural county last night:

        1. It is Greeley! One of the farm hands I met there said he loves it because he doesn't see another person for about 3 days or so. Not a very social guy ! Parts of it are really nice. I still hunt pheasant there, and the solitude is actually quite relaxing. 

          1. I get that !! I grew up on our ranch that was 40 miles from Wray. Our closest neighbor was 2.5 miles, the next closest was 11 miles. There was a lot of tranquility in thiose days! The downside is our school bus ride was 1.5 hiours each way, first on, last off.

            I can’t imagine the cost of this storm. We had two 60,000 bushel bins collapse, and thrown into our farm shop. Crop’s are gone. It looks like a war zone. 

            1. Geez I am sorry to hear about the bushel bins ! Whenever we had a pivot turn over or something in a storm the battle with the insurance company was never pleasant. I really hope you all recover OK.

              1. In theory everything is insured but, like you, we've had the sprinkler fight before.  Ironically a 400 acre pivot sits next to these bins and it's standing tall this morning and the bins have collapsed 🤷‍♂️ As widespread as this storm was (more predicted today) I'm guessing everyone's initial claim will be denied then they'll duke it out. 

              2. Of note: 

                In 2023 alone, damages from billion-dollar extreme weather events reached $92.9 billion, and estimated insured property losses totaled $78.8 billion. Many insurers have responded to climate-related financial risks by withdrawing their services from highly exposed markets, raising premiums, and gutting coverage.

                1. Sorry to hear about your losses. I'm sending some good mental karma your way; which comes from me getting good service from my insurance carrier when I had to replace my post-hailstorm home roof several years ago.

            2. I am sorry, MichaelBowman … that sort of damage is so disruptive. 

              Hail like that is devastating.  Any source for summary reports to show the extent of damage beyond what happened on your property? Anyone injured by the storm?

              1. I understand the Town of Yuma looks like a war zone, too. Not seeing any estimates but it will be significant.  This storm continued with similar devastation northeastward into central Nebraska with similar outcomes. More rain expected this evening but it's much cooler today so the chances of a repeat of last night isn't probable. 

                1. We just went through a wave of rain and hail in Denver. Hope it misses your part of the state. I'd say you've had quite enough. I wish you the best of luck wrangling with your insurance company.

    1. From Cory Reppenhagen:

      Yuma 2024 could end up being the most expensive non-metro hailstorm of all-time. There's not a single home or building without siding, roof or window damage. All the cars are dented and broken. And the great white combine mowed almost all the fields. #9wx

    2. Heard some about the baseball-size hail, and flooding near Ft Morgan, I think. But haven't had the time to read the details. Really tough. Hope folks can recover from this. As most of us know, increasing severity of storms is related to our changing climate (warmer oceans, warmer air holding more moisture, etc). I saw a map yesterday with heat predictions around the country for the next three months. Almost everywhere was predicted to have above average summer heat. The frogs are simmering . . . 

  5. I thought the COLORADO Republicans were scraping the bottom of the barrel. 

    Well, it could be worse.

    Former NBA Draft Pick Is the GOP’s Latest Unhinged Senate Candidate

    The Republican Party of Minnesota endorsed former NBA player and present MAGA conspiracist Royce White to be the party’s nominee for U.S. Senate in Minnesota. …

    Over the last few years, White has become a regular guest on Alex Jones’s InfoWars programs. White’s Twitter feed is littered with posts referring to women and men as “bitches,” “fags,” and “whores,” and he declared “the real issue is the Jews” while tweeting about white nationalist Nick Fuentes’s appearance on InfoWars. His targets range from random users in his mentions to primatologist/anthropologist Jane Goodall.2 White is also particularly fond of the word “cunt.” The many politicians and public officials he has called the c-word on his public account include:

    Sounds like a charming man, fit for the Republican Conference of the US Senate.

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