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June 08, 2023 04:47 AM MDT

Softening Up Boebert Over 500 Days Out

  • by: Colorado Pols


Rep. Lauren Boebert (R) seen here nearly losing the 2022 election.

KRDO-TV Colorado Springs, which also serves the Pueblo market in Colorado’s Third Congressional District, reports on a six-digit ad campaign targeting America’s Most Vulnerable Republican In Congress™ Rep. Lauren Boebert in what can only be called the dawn’s early light of the 2024 campaign:

A new six-figure ad campaign against Lauren Boebert and her economic policies started this month in Pueblo. The congresswoman currently represents the cities of Grand Junction, Durango, Aspen, Glenwood Springs, Ignacio, and Pueblo.

The organization Rocky Mountain Values claims the ads are to hold Boebert accountable for “failing to create economic opportunities and lower costs for Coloradans.” The organization believes Boebert is wasting Colordans’ tax dollars on self-promotion, conspiracies, and extremism.

The most recent ad highlights Pueblo veteran, Jerry Solano, and talks about how Medicare helped him cover two open-heart surgeries. Boebert has openly voted against programs like this in the past…

The ad is well-produced and hard-hitting, but the significance lies in being the first major ad buy of the 2024 CD-3 race a year and a half before the next general election. This ad dropped the same week as Colorado Democrats announced their “546 Project,” in reference to Boebert’s perilously thin 546-vote margin of victory in the 2022 election, which is the party’s long-term field campaign project to organize voters to oust Boebert next year.

All of this early activity is based on the realization after last year’s election that Boebert is much more vulnerable than the district’s R+9 partisan lean would suggest. To the extent that there were any missed opportunities last year that could have closed that 546 vote gap, no player in this race wants to be the one who lets that happen again next year.

So the game is on in the (barely) spring of the off-year before. It won’t be slowing down from here.


5 thoughts on “Softening Up Boebert Over 500 Days Out

    1. I would say Boebert is the most electorally vulnerable, because it's very unlikely Santos will last in office until 2024. His days in office are numbered.

      1. Even if he does somehow manage to hang on until 2024, my guess is that My Kevin and the Republican congressional campaign committee end up recruiting a primary opponent for Boy George.

  1. Boebert has never done anything for me ( disabled vet)  in 3 years of living in CO. The quid pro quo of Pueblo 13's reporting is misguided and inaccurate. I understand digging into RM Values funding etc but Boebert like Trump is obviously and catastrophically harming vets and those dependent on medical care from US GOV.  RM Values did a number on Corey Gardner because he earned it from what I can tell. 

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