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June 02, 2023 04:17 AM MDT

Anti-Wokesters Come For Chick-Fil-A

  • by: Colorado Pols
Former Sen. Vicki Marble (R), Colorado’s best-known political authority on the matter of fried chicken.

As the New York Times reported this week, the culture war backlash from the far right against all things “woke,” which seems to mean every inclusionary policy put in place since the civil rights era half a century ago, has come full circle to claim one of its earliest allies:

Chick-fil-A drew fierce criticism this week from conservatives calling out the fast-food chain for its diversity, equity and inclusion policy and questioning the hiring of an executive to be in charge of such efforts.

The backlash has made Chick-fil-A one of the latest companies to draw public condemnation over “culture war” flash points like L.G.B.T.Q. rights or seeking fair treatment for racial or ethnic groups that have been historically underrepresented. Several companies and brands have also been at the center of such criticism in recent months, including Bud Light, Target and the Los Angeles Dodgers. Chick-fil-A itself has drawn controversy in the past, though more typically from the left…

And here’s the weird part, since when these irrational culture warriors are involved there is always a weird part:

It was unclear why Chick-fil-A was only drawing criticism now for its D.E.I. efforts, since the company has long had such a policy in place. As for [Erick] McReynolds, company records show that he had been the company’s vice president of diversity, equity and inclusion since at least 2020. [Pols emphasis]

Chick-fil-a’s efforts to moderate their once staunchly conservative brand in order to appeal to conscientious customers who had avoided them for years are nothing new, but the conservatives who once flocked to the restaurant in part because of their politics are apparently just now realizing that this has happened as other large corporations come under fire from the right for their own inclusionary branding. And as Media Matters reports, Newsmax guests are happy to broaden the offense beyond the LGBT community:

But it’s pretty ridiculous to just assume that Chick-Fil-A — I mean, you know, I’m hesitant to make a fried chicken joke, but they sell fried chicken. I don’t know how much more inclusive we can get here.

This called to mind for us the infamous moment in the Colorado legislature a decade ago when then-GOP state Sen. Vickie Marble blamed “problems in the Black race” for a range of health problems, despite the fact that she has been to the South and “never had better BBQ and better chicken.” Marble’s Weld County frenemy Lori Saine kept the poultry partiality going with her own fowl-based foul a few weeks later.

Marble and Saine no doubt approve of the crusade against the nation’s foremost supplier of consecrated chicken products, but far-right Republicans spending so much of their time these days attacking businesses like Chick-Fil-a and Anheuser-Busch–the latter a major donor to GOP candidates and campaigns across the country–while losing the much more weighty debates like the debt limit shows once again how far off the ball Republican eyes are. There just aren’t enough voters motivated by wedge issues anymore, and far more of today’s voters are repulsed by Republican appeals to prejudice.

In Colorado, this is what Republicans did ten years ago…on their way to losing everything.


11 thoughts on “Anti-Wokesters Come For Chick-Fil-A

  1. rut-ro rastro…  From Fox Corp's 2022 Annual Report

    Recruitment and Diversity

    We are committed to diversity from the very top of the Company. Our Board of Directors requires that minority and female candidates are presented for consideration with each Director vacancy. We believe that the more voices in the room and the more diverse the experiences of our colleagues, the better FOX's internal culture and external programming are. Our diversity enables us to be more reflective of the audiences we reach and enhances our ability to create news, sports, and entertainment programming that serves all viewers across the country. An inclusive and diverse workplace is not merely a strategy or business objective; it is fundamentally woven in the fabric of the Company. This commitment begins with our approach to talent recruitment across all of our disciplines and extends to the way we nurture and advance our colleagues' careers.

    FOX lists job openings internally and externally because we believe this is one of the best tools to reach the widest and most diverse pool of candidates. We also collaborate with an array of professional organizations that offer FOX access to talent at recruiting events and conventions. These organizations include:


    •Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA)

    •National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ)

    •National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ)

    •Native American Journalists Association (NAJA)

    •NLGJA: The Association of LGBTQ Journalists

    •Radio Television Digital News Association (RTDNA)

    1. And from their Multimedia Reporters Training Program…


      Our highly competitive program identifies outstanding aspiring journalists who bring diverse backgrounds to news production and coverage. The program represents Fox News' strong commitment to developing a diverse workforce, and we attract and consider candidates representing all different facets of diversity.

    2. [More from the FOX annual report]

      FOX also facilitates nine Employee Resource Groups, which are formed around shared identity, interests or pursuits for the purpose of advancing careers, forming a more inclusive workplace community and fostering a sense of belonging:

      •ABLE — promotes an inclusive environment and culture for our colleagues with disabilities through advocacy and allyship

      •ACE (Asian Community Exchange) — serves Asian Americans at FOX by advancing our members, championing our stories and empowering our communities

      •BLK — celebrates our Black colleagues and seeks to build community through programming and professional development while standing in solidarity with our allies

      •HOLA (Hispanic Organization for Leadership and Advancement) — develops Hispanic leaders, enriches FOX’s diverse culture and drives positive impact

      •PRIDE — cultivates community among FOX’s LGBTQ colleagues and allies, supports causes important to the LGBTQ community and fosters a work environment where all colleagues feel 100% authentic and professionally supported

      •VETS — is committed to the community of veterans, current service members, military supporters and military spouses employed at FOX by embracing our four core values – Community, Appreciation, Connection & Education

      •WiT (Women in Tech) — attracts, advances and empowers women technologists and amplifies their impact at FOX

      •Women of FOX Sports — connects, inspires, informs and gives back to the community, with the goal of furthering women’s collective contributions and advancement within the sports industry

      •WOMEN@FOX — is committed to developing female leadership at all levels and fostering a culture where all women thrive

      Maintaining a work environment where employees can thrive, advance and feel included is one of our top priorities at FOX. To that end, FOX developed and launched BE INCLUDED, a toolkit-building series of learning modules and open forum discussions to enable employees to create deeper workplace connections and support colleagues in cultivating an inclusive workplace.

      As a result of these and other efforts, many outside organizations have recognized FOX for our deep commitment to inclusion and diversity. For example:

      •DiversityComm once again recognized FOX as a Top Employer and as a Top LGBTQ Friendly Company for 2022

  2. "As for [Erick] McReynolds, company records show that he had been the company’s vice president of diversity, equity and inclusion since at least 2020. [Pols emphasis]"

    No one ever accused the MAGAts of being speed readers or quick at comprehension. 

  3. Not to worry, anti-wokesters. Chick Fil A’s 11 member Board of Directors features only one black man and no women. If there are LGBTQ members, they are comfortably closeted.

    Weirdly, half of the members are former basketball or other sports coaches. 

    Their executive team shows slightly more diversity, but nothing to offend the average white supremacist. 

    The lower echelon employees: cooks, cleaners, servers- are quite diverse, of course.


    So, the hated and feared diversity, equity, and inclusion is words on paper, and doesn’t represent any change in corporate culture. Chick Fil A is safe from purchases by wokesters like me.

  4. So the "free market lovin'" "business-friendly" party folks are now up in arms with businesses making their own business governance decisions.  Got it.  That's progress for Chik-fil-a, though I'm still boycotting. 


    1. They're not the free-market loving, business-friendly party anymore. They kissed goodbye to that in 2016 when they ran a blatantly protectionist against a free trade Democrat. 

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