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November 15, 2012 04:40 PM UTC

Thursday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“If you want a quality, act as if you already had it.”

–William James


27 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread

      1. Fuck that disgusting, hypocritical bigot. Even if he wasn’t, siring Rand Paul alone was a crime against humanity. Don’t the the door hit ya where the lord split ya, Ronnie.

          1. The way you dopes behave, you’d think he was Jesus come back to lead us to salvation.

            So which was he, Nock? A messenger? Or a leader? He can’t be both.

                1. Libertarian instead of what he really is.  The same old far rightie as the rest of the GOP fringe only isolationist flavor. Not that being a true Libertarian is much better. At least they don’t try to control other people’s bodies, religious and sex lives. But Paul is no more a Libertarian than I’m Queen of Siam.

    1. It came on, I saw a 48 minute run time, I hit Pause.

      Man, if you are convinced that all us libs here will respond to you and waste 48 minutes of precious life, you really, really don’t understand people.

      And if that’s how you spend your time jonesing your political woody, I suggest Reality Therapy.

  1. according to Bobby Jindal.  So the next day Mitt gives us the “gifts excuse” for his losing.  Bobby’s going to be damned for his honesty and Romney, well he’s just damned for being clueless and sticking his head in the sand.

    1. I want to see how this pans out. He WILL be excoriated by the base, but it may be a sign that the old ‘pubs, reading the results of the election correctly, want to wrest control of the party back from the fringe.

      I hope that’s the case. A GOP civil war will not only be fun to watch, but ought to result in a triumph for the old guard. The loons will be banished from their position of influence, and maybe the Dems could go back to the left a bit.

  2. If not, meet some racists.

    Caveat: I do not support outing. These are individuals using Twitter with their real names and their address/phone information is not exposed here. However, they are still human beings and cyberbullying does not make people stop being racist. Consider this a list of sad case studies, not a ready-made binder of people to harass for their repulsive views.

    1. That some of these accounts may have been hijacked. It is a popular prank for teenagers to log on as a friend and post or tweet offensive and disgusting things. Don’t know if that is the case for any of these, but for my own peace of mind, I hope so.

  3. from CNN:

    McCain skips Benghazi briefing, gets testy when questioned by CNN

    Posted by

    CNN Senior Congressional Producer Ted Barrett

    (CNN) – Most of the Republican members of a Senate committee investigating the terrorist attack at the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, skipped an classified briefing by administration officials on the incident Wednesday, CNN has learned.

    The missing lawmakers included Sen. John McCain of Arizona, who at the time of the top-secret briefing held a press conference in the Capitol to call for the creation of a Watergate-type special Congressional committee to investigate how and why the attack took place

    But not if it interferes his press conference demanding answers on Benghazi !

    While McCain refused to shed light on why he didn’t show, his spokesman Brian Rogers emailed CNN a short time later with an explanation. He blamed it on a “scheduling error” but wouldn’t provide any more detail.

    According to a Democratic aide on the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, only three of the eight GOP members of the committee attended the two hour briefing that ran from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. ET. By contrast, seven of the nine Democratic members were there.

    McCain’s press conference took place at noon.

    You can’t make this shit up. Is Palin handling his scheduling now or something ?  Jesus.

    1. This huffing and puffing over Benghazi by Republicans is really starting to piss me off. I don’t even know where to start.

      They think it’s perfectly fine for us to send our military into a situation because they think they know what is going on. Sound familiar?

      Then when it takes more than a few hours for the U.S. government to find out what happened and report to the American people without putting more people in harms way they rant and scream that we were lied to! REALLY!? SRSLY?

      I can only imagine what they would say if we invaded a country without knowing what was going on only to find out months later, after thousands of people had been killed, that our information was wrong.

      Oh wait, you mean they’re fine with that?

      1. Condi was the damn National Security Adviser when she told little Georgie not to bother his little head about that historic Bin Laden memo and McCain thought Dems who asked tough questions when she was seeking confirmation for SOS were just being mean.

        Colin Powell was SOS when he handed us that phony presentation and I’m betting he knew or better or at least very strongly suspected he was being handed a load of crap, but chose to play the loyal soldier role. Also fine with McCain.

        But it’s Susan Rice, whose portfolio as Ambassador to the UN in New York City is far removed from knowing anything more about the up to the minute details of what’s going on in Libya than whatever info the CIA gave her, who is totally responsible and a liar or worse for passing along exactly what the CIA gave her.

        Not Patraeus or anyone else at the CIA, State, NSA or Defense, but that terrible Susan Rice who should have known it all and is either hiding something, weaving a conspiracy cover up or is completely incompetent if she claims she didn’t know on the 16th what the CIA never told anyone until the 22nd.

        How do they keep this up with a straight face? How do they look at themselves in the mirror? This is the most blatantly manufactured piece of hysteria I’ve ever seen grown men indulge in.

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