Fellow Republicans Throw “Double-Dippin’ Dave” Under The Bus

Former Sen. Kevin Lundberg, GOP chairman Dave Williams, indicted ex-Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters (R).

A must-read story today from Colorado Public Radio’s Bente Birkeland finally puts in print rumors that have been circulating around the Colorado State Capitol for months: former far-right firebrand Rep. Dave Williams, elected in March to serve as the next chairman of the Colorado Republican Party, is simultaneously drawing a paycheck for the 40-hour-per-week job of legislative aide to Rep. Brandi Bradley. Even worse, Williams’ legislative aide position, by the admission of fellow Republicans, bears signs of  what’s known in the political corruption business as a “no show job.”

House Minority Leader Mike Lynch said Williams’ presence hasn’t been widely known at the Capitol this year, noting that he’s hasn’t been referenced or seen inside the building. [Pols emphasis] But Lynch finds it odd that Williams wanted to step into the role of aide.

“It hasn’t caused any real problem. It’s just kind of weird,” he said, adding that he didn’t expect Williams to continue working as an aide after he was elected chair.

“I hope he’s working and giving somebody advice and he’s not just milking big government,” Lynch said. [Pols emphasis]

Colorado GOP chairman Dave Williams.

We’re not sure what’s more peculiar in this case: a legislative aide who is never “seen inside the building,” or House Minority Leader Mike Lynch being the one readily disclosing this information about his own side. Leaving open the suggestion that Williams is “milking big government” is very far from a statement of support by Lynch — but Lynch also wouldn’t be commenting on this questionable arrangement at all if it wasn’t the subject of a news story. It’s equally curious that the HOUSE MINORITY LEADER has no idea what is happening within his own micro-minority caucus.

Still, the lack of support in this story from fellow Republicans is extremely bad for chairman Williams, evidence of the widespread lingering discontent over Williams’ takeover of the party:

Republican state Rep. Matt Soper of Delta called the situation problematic, noting that Williams served in the House until just last year.

“I don’t think you go from being a legislator to being an aide working remotely. That’s not how this system works,” Soper said. “Especially now that he has a full-time job as state party chair, that’s where his focus ought to be.”  [Pols emphasis]

How does getting busted feel?

Even Senate Minority Leader Paul Lundeen, while trying to allow for the possibility of Williams juggling these responsibilities ethically, admits the situation is “abnormal” and “challenging.”

“It may be his choice that that’s how he’s paying his bills,” said Senate Minority Leader Paul Lundeen of Williams’ job as an aide. He also noted how abnormal it is. [Pols emphasis]

“I don’t know that historically anyone’s ever been in that kind of a political role and then that kind of a supporting policy role (at the same time). It might create some wrinkles that are challenging to navigate.”

Williams recently said that none of the paid positions at the Colorado Republican Party were drawing checks until fundraisers recharged the party’s bank accounts. But now, we know that what looked like altruistic sacrifice on Williams’ part is being backfilled at least in part by taxpayer dollars. Especially if Williams isn’t even showing up to the Capitol to work, there’s no way this is an ethically defensible arrangement. If Minority Leader Lynch thinks the chairman of his own Colorado Republican Party is “milking big government” as a no-show legislative aide, he has an obligation to do something about that.

As for Dave Williams? He should have made more friends under the Dome when he had the chance. This is what happens when no one likes you enough to run cover for you.

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  1. spaceman2021 says:

    Time to pop some popcorn!


  2. unnamed says:

    So, anti-double-dippin Dave Hold My Beer is Double dippin?

  3. JeffcoBlue says:

    There oughtta be a law

  4. Genghis says:

    A mighty Galtian ubermench like Dave Williams thieving taxpayer money? Say it ain't so!

  5. NOV GOP meltdown says:

    You can’t even call him the anti-government government worker because he isn’t actually working. Moddy is taking notes on this for future reference. ” You mean instead of little to no work I can do no work at all and get paid ??”

  6. Lauren Boebert is a Worthless POS says:

    Absolutely nothing will come of this.

    The first reaction from the RWNJs will be HOAX or FAKE NEWS.

    The second reaction from those folk will be, "So what? Everyone does it?"


  7. Chickenheed says:

    "milking big government" Them's be fightin' words!

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