Miklosi Up With Second TV Ad

Democrat Joe Miklosi is up on TV with his second ad of the cycle, and we were a bit surprised by the choice of message. Take a look:

Miklosi’s first ad was primarily an attack on incumbent Republican Mike Coffman. We didn’t think it was as strong as ads for Democrat Sal Pace, for example, but it probably accomplished what it set out to do.

We sort of assumed that Miklosi’s next ad would be about defining himself, particularly since recent polls show that his name recognition is very low (around 29%). But instead, his second ad is another all-out barrage against Coffman.

Perhaps the strategy here is to make Coffman seem so bad that voters choose Miklosi just because they don’t like Coffman. The danger of this approach is that Kathy Polhemus is running as an Independent and is spending some of her own money to campaign. Miklosi may induce an anti-Coffman vote, but if he doesn’t define himself, and soon, many of those “Not Coffman” votes may go to Polhemus instead.

Press release for Miklosi’s new ad after the jump.

Joe Miklosi Releases Second Television Ad

Today, the Joe Miklosi for Congress Campaign released their second television ad – entitled “Think” — featuring supporters talking about Mike Coffman’s Rush Limbaugh-style politics.

His extreme record includes voting for the plan to end Medicare, endorsing the radical personhood amendment that would outlaw many forms of birth control and ban abortions even in cases of rape and incest, and saying that our Commander-in-Chief is “not an American.”

The ad features real members of the community talking about the various extreme positions Mike Coffman has taken and statements that he has made during his time in Congress.

“Voters are taking a new look at Mike Coffman, and they don’t like what they see in his extreme record. They are fed up with his support for ending Medicare and banning abortions even in cases of rape and incest,” said Joe Miklosi for Congress Spokesman Ryan Hobart. “He is so out of touch that he even said the Commander-in-Chief is ‘not an American.’ Voters want a representative that sounds more like them and less like Rush Limbaugh.”

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  1. Jones Smith says:

    Just a bunch of hand-wringing.

    Miklosi’s 1st ad was awkward beyond all get out. It was almost painful to watch.

    This ad kicks ass.  Exactly what they should have been up with the whole time.  

  2. windbourne says:

    I have no intention of voting for Coffman, esp. in light of his work to undermine private space (which SHOULD be our next internet boom, except that the republican party and few foolish dems are working hard to gut it).

    BUT, both Miklosi and Polhemus are absolutely worthless.

    Miklosi says that he wants to help create jobs. Yet, at the same time, he does done nothing. He was even offered to work on a group that is up the alley that he supports. His statement back was once it was off the ground, and going, THEN he would consider it.

    Nor does he offer up any new or innovative ideas for creating jobs.

    Miklosi speaks against AGW, and continues to support cap/trade, which has zero chance of passage. Yet, again,he misses the opportunity to come up with new and innovative ideas on how to solve this issue.  

    New and innovative ideas for Budget and Trade Deficits, etc. ?

    Not a one. Not a single one.

    Our manufacturing? Nothing.

    OTOH, he does believe that we should not discriminate against motorcyclists and has worked to stop that. It is just great that he is willing to work on that one.

    And Polhemus? Well, she says that we desperately need compromise, and we do. Yet, I continue to get ads from her saying that she will not compromise on the issues of illegals. Basically, she wants anybody here that is here and to open up the border more.

    Yet, you KNOW that it will never fly with the voters, let along the congress.

    New and innovative ideas for jobs, AGW, Budget and Trade Deficits, etc. ?

    Not a one. Not a single one.

    If you look over her site, she would not share her information until she was called out on it. Then her site was updated PARTIALLY.

    I suspect that I will do a write in of NOTA.

    • harrydoby says:

      (CD2’s Centimillionaire Jared Polis being an exception, perhaps), so the question of whom to vote for in CD6 among Coffman, Miklosi or Polhemus can be distilled into the question:

      Do you want a reliable GOP vote, Democratic vote, or a wild card (tending to GOP)?

      I don’t particularly care if Joe introduces 50 pieces of legislation or not in his first term.  I do, however, want another Democratic House vote supporting the President’s agenda.

      • GoGreenCO says:

        She’s actually pretty liberal. Possibly more than Miklosi. Unless you were referring to her being a spoiler.

        I do not support this president’s agenda of corporatism and foreign wars.

  3. BlueCat says:

    more about Joe defining Joe but I don’t think those who don’t live in CD6 can quite understand the extent to which Coffman has been considered a reasonable kind of guy, not extreme. Now the distrct is more purple but the perception still needs to be changed.

    Lots of stuff has come out in the last year that ought to change that perception  but most voters are too low info to have noticed. They just think Coffman; vet, mainstream.  

    Ads like this are absolutely necessary to get people’s attention and show them the real Coffman if there is to be any chance of people reconsidering just who the guy is.

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