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January 10, 2023 07:51 AM UTC

Tuesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“We promise according to our hopes and perform according to our fears.”

–Francois de La Rochefoucauld


22 thoughts on “Tuesday Open Thread

  1. "What if inflation suddenly collapsed and no one noticed?" H/T WSJ

    Looking at medium and long term bonds, inflation expectations are running under 2.5%.

  2. Asylum and short-term immigration are clearly a mess.  Nobody likes the current status. 

    We can't keep people out, can't have them stay in the border towns, can't transport them to other, non-border towns, can't leave them in Mexico, and can't return them to whence they came. 

    I'm sure the House and Senate will get right on finding an approach that the Executive branch can implement and the Judiciary will approve.

    1. Meanwhile, the hospitality industry is dying for employees.

      Win-win-win: Eager hands willing to work. Restaurants return to full staffing. Immigrants start down the path to prosperity (like my ancestors before me).

      Economy improves, Gross National Product goes up, and the federal budget receives more tax revenue.

  3. Incredibly Bad NYT Journalism. Marcy Wheeler at EmptyWheel

    "The report has generated a lot of insanely bad reporting, including this article from the NYT — with four reporters bylined and two more contributing — that doesn’t even mention a key detail from a recent Alan Feuer scoop (which I wrote about here): that Beryl Howell might yet hold Trump or his lawyers in contempt for failing to return all the classified documents in his possession."

    "for the entirety of the Trump Administration, Biden continued to have security clearance; Biden decided not to continue intelligence briefings for Trump shortly after he launched a coup attempt."

    "it’s not even clear that the documents had been in Biden’s possession, as opposed to another of his former staffers at the Obama White House. As CBS noted, Tony Blinken was the Managing Director at the start, followed by Steve Richetti."


    1. We will see.  I think there is some amount of irony in the report of a "secret 3-page" addendum to the Rules, unmentioned by Boebert.

      Punchbowl News on Monday first reported the existence of a three-page document outlining the terms, which it referred to as an “addendum.” The whole thing remains shrouded in mystery: McCarthy is now reportedly denying the existence of an official “addendum.” But some members have confirmed they’ve seen such a document, and top McCarthy allies have either talked around its existence or flatly declined to discuss the matter.

      On the key process from the House:  Budget appropriation process has not been a success for the past 25 years or so,

      What is the timeline for appropriations?

      The 1974 Budget Act calls for the administration to submit their budget request by the first Monday in February and for Congress to agree to a concurrent budget resolution by April 15. The House may begin consideration of appropriations bills on May 15 even if a budget resolution has not been adopted. Action on appropriations bills is supposed to be completed by June 30 (the process is generally designed for the House to take the lead on appropriations and the Senate to follow). However, none of these deadlines are enforceable, and they are regularly missed. The practical deadline for passage of appropriations is when the next fiscal year begins on October 1.

      Would anyone care to make a wager on whether the McCarthy-led House will be able to meet ANY of the terms of the law?  After all, Rep. Boebert is certain the House will be

      "passing 12 individual appropriations bills through regular order. This allows for input, debate, and amendments that will reduce federal spending and eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse of taxpayer dollars."

  4. Ineitha Lynnette Hardawa has died of COVID.

    You might know her as "Diamond" of "Diamond & Silk", the MAGA duo who campaigned tirelessly for Donald Trump and against COVID vaccinations.

    1. No confirmation yet on COVID as a cause of death. I certainly won't miss the wingnut assholery of Petrified Horse Turd and Burlap, but 51 is way too goddamn young.

      1. "When you believe in eternal life, the thought of dying should not be something you fear."

        -Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves, during the height of COVID-19 pandemic (or depth, depending upon how you viewed the pandemic)

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