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“Nine-tenths of wisdom is being wise in time.”

–Theodore Roosevelt

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  1. ParkHill says:

    German Prince arrested for plotting to attack the Reichstag and stage a coup. Apparently, post WWII Germany is an illegitimate government set up by the allies.

    …early this morning 3,000 police officers raided 130+ homes across Germany and made 25 arrests linked to a far-right coup plot. Conspirators said to include the aristocrat Prince Heinrich XIII, a former AfD MP & a former Bundeswehr commander.

    • Dano says:

      Okay, for those of you who do not know me personally, royalty is "my thing." I have written several books about the royal families of Europe and am recognized by the media as an expert on royal topics and have been a commentator on royal events such as weddings and funerals (although I am now mostly 'retired' from chasing royal stories all over Europe – my last event was the wedding of Prince Albert of Monaco over a decade ago).

      Prince Heinrich XIII is a legitimate prince and member of the Princely House of Reuss which has the maddening rule of naming all their male children Heinrich followed by a number, starting over at I at the beginning of each century.

      However, he is not the head of that family. He is from quite a junior line, descending from the younger brother of a reigning prince who died in 1894. So even if monarchy were magically restored in Germany, he would not be the reigning prince, his distant cousin would be.

      I am sorry to say that right-wing ideology, including anti-Semitism, still runs rampant through Germany's former ruling class, although far from universal. The current heir to the Kaiser, for example, Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia, is actually quite progressive in many of his opinions he has shared, though, like most of Germany's former royals, he does tend to maintain a private life away from the spotlight as much as possible. 

  2. Gilpin Guy says:

    Any thoughts on today’s quote.  What the heck does being wise in time mean?

  3. MichaelBowman says:

    Laura "if Newt Gingrich would be President tomorrow, I would be a happy person" Ingraham is going through some things…

    PS: can you imagine the feelings running through Newt "the Republicans are now a permanent majority" Gingrich's mind as we watches his state elect two Democratic senators and send EmptyG back to Congress??? 

  4. Voyageur says:

    Soo much winning.

    tee hee.

  5. unnamed says:

    I feel terrible for Ted Cruz's daughter.  

    Nobody should be in a place where they engage in self-harm.


    Feel free to contrast this attitude with a certain poster who took glee at an 82 year old man getting beaten with a hammer.

    • Lauren Boebert is a Worthless POS says:

      If Texas were a civilized state, social services would be investigating that girl's home for child abuse. 

    • Genghis says:

      I feel terrible for Ted Cruz's daughter.  

      Here's hoping the young 'un gets the help she needs. Having gotten such a shitty draw in the father lottery surely makes it an extra tough climb.

      • JohnInDenver says:

        On the plus side, between his day job, trying to do something to make other Senators like him, fantasizing about what HE would do as President, AND figuring out and carrying out various schemes to make more money, I'm sorta doubting Rafael "Ted" Cruz hangs out at home very much.

        • If you're a young person who actually wants the attention and approval of their parents, or is slightly past that and into the depression of knowing you're not as fortunate as other kids, having an ambitious and largely absent father isn't really a bonus.

  6. ParkHill says:

    Hunter Biden Was Supposed to Be the Republicans’ 2020 October Surprise: (From Brad DeLong, the economics historian)

    Doug Karpf: ‘The thing to understand about the Hunter Biden laptop story was that it was SUPPOSED to be the Trump campaign’s “October Surprise.” Mainstream media and social media were supposed to take the bait and focus on the appearance of scandal for the last weeks of the election. They didn’t take the bait. The New York Post story was shunned. Social media platforms treated it as manufactured propaganda with questionable sourcing. And conservative elites have been PISSED ever since. They’re supposed to be these brilliant media manipulators. Roger Stone and Steve Bannon and the rest of the Pepe Patrol pretend at being these incredibly sophisticated actors, injecting precision memes to bend the public will. But they’re actual just blunt instruments. Trump got impeached the first time for trying to condition congressionally-approved military aid to Ukraine on Zelenskyy announcing an “investigation” of Biden corruption. He wanted the appearance of corruption, so he could wrap the media’s attention around it. 

    The laptop was basically Plan B. They wanted everyone to freak out about it for a few weeks. Normally what happens is conservative media shouts about it, mainstream media genuflects and “covers the controversy,” and Bannon and co high-five each other for setting the agenda. It didn’t work this time. They’ve been pouting ever since. It’s a lot like a kid who loses a video game and starts slamming the controller, insisting it’s rigged or the system is cheating.

    Musk and Taibbi are tapping into that well of resentment. Why should we care about the President’s adult failson who doesn’t work in the administration? Two years later, what’s the scandal supposed to even be They’re gonna keep bitching about it for years. It’s going to be louder and emptier than the Benghazi hearings. The scandal is that their clever propaganda effort sank like a lead balloon. And that has to be SOMEONE ELSE’S fault.

    That’s it. That’s the whole thing…

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