Romney Veepstakes: Who’s It Gonna Be?

The Republican National Convention in Tampa is just 17 days away, which means that Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney should be wrapping up his process for picking a running mate.

What say you, Polsters? Does Romney need to go bold in the face of concerning polling numbers? Or does he stay conservative (politically and image-wise)? Click below to cast your vote. Our 5 choices are taken from our friends at “The Fix.”

Who Will Romney Choose as His Running Mate?

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  1. SSG_Dan says:

    …they need “teh crazee” from the Teabaggers to draw some of the moonbat Repub vote, and Rubio is the guy.  

  2. allyncooper says:

    Unless the guy or gal is an axe murderer, I don’t think anyone votes for the top of the ticket because who the VP candidate is come election day.

    John Nance Garner, FDR’s first VP, called the vice presidency “as worthless as a bucket of warm spit”

    • OrangeFree says:

      I’m sure more than a few votes swung Obama’s way because McCain had Palin on the ticket. The VP’s only Constitutional duties may be to have a pulse and break ties in the Senate, but when you had a guy like McCain who had a very real chance of just dying of old age in the Oval, their #2 becomes a serious concern.

      The VP today is not like it was before Clinton. They wield a lot more clout than in the past and have become serious policy and political advisors to the Office of the President. It’s not just about regionally balancing the ticket anymore, these picks matter.  

    • VanDammer says:

      Veep only merits attention when your POTUS pick is close to pushing up daisies (FDR, Uncle Ronnie, …)

      Mitt’s pick can’t upstage the capitalist savior and that person has to be dumb enough to know this run is gonna blow their chances for 2016.  So Ryan will NOT accept, T-Paw wants it too bad, Christie’s ego would never let him accept 2nd billing, Bobby-J would be SNL’s dream (Fred Armisen already trying out the act)’ and $ister $arah bricked over the glass ceiling for any woman — so Portman will be the sacrificial old white male.

  3. Libertad says:

    Along with union bosses, the GOTV and cash will flow to get that Demo turnout that is needed. Heck, HuffPo has already called this race for Obama. Their call is based on 247 EC votes + NV, OH and NH.

    The Divider in Chief working through his Super PAC has unleashed a massive campaign of misleading and outright lies regarding mostly stupid social shit that has no impact on righting the US fiscal ship.

    $16 T in debt, borrowing $1 for every $3 in government revenues, no end in sight.

    Joblessness, only ecliped by the 1930’s depression.

    The Divider in Chief is not looking for common ground, he seeks to change this great nation and he’s accomplished so very much in the last 4 years to meet his desired end state.

    • ClubTwitty says:

      Is it really that bad already? Or did they up your cough syrup dosage again?  

      • Libertad says:

        I’ve predicted for months that Obama’s super PAC and union boss funding will clean house.

        Sure there’s been unexpressed doubt that Obama would win and I’ll be voting for Romney for sure. But all along my professional thoughts have been Obama, his super PACs and union bosses will convince the sheeple to follow …. sure its sad.

        Don’t get me wrong, I’ll enjoy watching Obama get the crap kicked out of him in debates and truthful advertising.

  4. DavidThi808 says:

    Because I think Romney wants someone that cannot overshadow him in any way and will not say anything remotely controversial or interesting.

  5. sandra fish says:

    on why Rubio would be a good choice is at Washington Post’s She the People, along with arguments on Pawlenty and Huckabee and maybe kinda Bachmann…

  6. caroman says:

    It’ll be fun to tie Portman/Romney to Bush.  

    BTW- Where is W?  Does he have a prominent role at the GOP convention this time?  No?  Well, then maybe Cheney is giving a keynote address?  No?   Hmmm, and the GOP wants America to put the GOP back in power, yet won’t even acknowledge the Bush years?  Talk about chutzpah.

    Side note: Last year about this time, Senator Bill Nelson, FL told me that he believed Portman was going to be the swing GOP vote on the budget “super committee”. But, alas, he remained as partisan as the rest.

  7. ClubTwitty says:

    that his own party could barely tolerate.

    He needs an uber-Palin with her own Joe the Plumber.  That almost worked.  If only McCain would have ‘suspended’ his campaign a little longer and saved the economy then things could have been very different, my friend.  

  8. ArapaGOP says:

    Ryan would help us take on Democrat misinformation and scare tactics head on.

  9. ParkHill says:

    Either the she-pundit with the long black hair or the she-pundit with the long blonde hair. Yeah, I know Coulter already dissed Romney, but the ship is sinking and he needs someone really loud and crazy to call attention away from the gaping hole in the side.

    The problem with politics is that so many people (not on this blog) have just tuned it out. This is particularly true for independents and lower income people who have an attitude of “my vote doesn’t make a difference”. To break through and get attention, you need loud, abrasive, outrageous, which is why McCain chose Palin.

    • ParkHill says:

      I think the Conservatives are about to write off the presidency this year. Their strategy will have be to rescue the House via turnout, and set up a candidate for 2016.

      The VP candidate will need to be someone who can consolidate the Republican message for these next few years. If the WSJ had their choice it would be a Libertarian Corporatist like Ryan, someone they could probably get the Tea Partiers to go along with. I don’t think Religious fanatics have enough influence to choose the Veep, even if they are dominant in the Republican Party at the State level.

      Or else, try a sacrificial lamb like Ron Paul. The establishment’s hold on Party power is most threatened by the organized crazies, true believers like the Ron Paul fanatics. The logic here would be to blame the defeat on the Libertarians to discredit them.

  10. Pam Bennett says:

    I read a post on DailyKos (sorry no link) that pointed out what has happened to past VP contenders after the candidate lost. Not pretty.

    I think it is not the losing thing that will, or has kept, many potentials from going with Mitt. It is time to stop thinking traditional D&R politics. The Republicans have changed and are now looking more like the neo-tribal units that were mocked only recently.

    Being the head and leader of the tribal unit is what you want. None of the neo-cons, the Republican far right (they refer to themselves as teabaggers – they are just far right republicans), neo-Inquistors, neo-tribal units will bow to another leading them.

    Mitt May need to bribe someone to join him. As the real fights are to begin even Mitt does not want to be in his shoes.

  11. divad says:

    Mitt Romney’s much-anticipated announcement of his choice for running mate will happen Saturday morning in Virginia.

    He will unveil his vice presidential pick at 8:05 a.m. Iowa time while aboard the USS Wisconsin in Norfolk.


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