Shooting/Bombing At Aurora Town Center Century 16 Theater

POLS UPDATE 12:05PM: At a press conference moments ago, Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates reported that at least 71 people were shot in total, and 12 have died.


A serious shooting and/or bombing incident with probable loss of life has occurred at the Century 16 theater at the Aurora Town Center mall, during a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises. From our own Andrew Bateman on Facebook:

I work across the street from the century 16 theater where the shooting/bombing took place tonight. I’m seeing helicopters and bomb squads. Estimates are between 20 and 40 injured. The scene here is crazy.

News outlets are reporting that police are not calling back with information and the only source of news for even the reporters is police/fire scanners like this one. There’s also a live feed here. I’m currently listening and hearing discussions of bringing a bomb dog to the scene.

The International Business Times is reporting 12 dead, but states that report is “unconfirmed.”

Police scanner is currently stating 20 patients at the University hospital, three are at Denver General, at least three at Children’s, two to Swedish. Victim’s advocates are being brought to the scene and Red Cross is being paged to assist evacuees being bused to a nearby high school. The University total of 20 includes one tough-as-nails patient who walked in with a gunshot wound under his or her own power. Another officer reported a pregnant woman was shot and transported to the hospital. All officers not currently on assignment are being paged to the command post at Century 16. No vehicles will be allowed to leave the scene–all evacuees are being transported by bus.

Opening up a thread for discussion and so that Polsters in the area can check in as alive and unharmed.

Praying for the victims and wounded, and hoping that there will be opportunities for community members to do more than pray as it becomes clear who is in need following this incident. Those wounded will have a long road to recovery, and if indeed–G-d forbid–there has been loss of life, survivors will need their community’s support.

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  1. nancycronk says:

    Just texted us from another Aurora theatre. Thank G-d. Wondering how many young people we will know who were at the Century 16 though. Never thought Colorado would see another Columbine. So sad. My thoughts and prayers go to all of the families.  

  2. AndrewBateman says:

    I have heard 10 dead and 39 wounded. 1 suspect in custody, another at large. Among victims were the children and a pregnant woman.

    Witnesses have been transported to Gateway High School.

    Rep. Rhonda Fields is on site. (This was is her district)

    Shooting took place in theater 9.

    Also confirmed that explosives were used.

    That’s what I have been able to confirm here. I’ll let you know as i hear more.  

    • AndrewBateman says:

      Is up to 14 dead and 49 wounded.

      Rep. Fields and others are communicating with APD to determine the best way for people to help, but right now the message from authorities seems to be “just stay our of the way”

      If you live in the area, stay home. Don’t drive down to the theater. If you have family our friends among the wounded, they are most likely at Aurora Medical our Swedish. Kids have been taken to Childrens hospital.

  3. Aaron says:

    My thoughts with the victims and their loved ones. What a senseless act.  

  4. Aristotle says:

    Woke up, couldn’t get right back to sleep, checked the internet and found this.

    Horrible. Just horrible.

  5. Pam Bennett says:

    This has been a breaking news segment on the local, D.C., news since 4:30am.  This hurts a lot. It is so sickening and sad that I can hardly come up with words to write.

    I have complete trust in the Aurora Police Department to handle this terrible situation.

    There is one question I have that has not been addressed by any of the news, how did he get in that theater if he was alone?  

  6. Ntur17 says:

    This news is absolutely tragic!!!!  It brings back the images of Columbine so many of us recall as if it were yesterday.  What the hell is wrong with people, that personal anger or rage would victimize so many others.  What a senseless selfish act of evil and cruelty!!!!!  my deepest sympathy and prayers goes out to all those affected by this hideous event!!!!

  7. dukeco1 says:

    just tears…oh, my God.

  8. ClubTwitty says:

    Horrific.  What a terrible plague.  Now news is saying 12 dead.  50 injured.  Insane.  

  9. Pita says:

    and those wounded in this tragic, senseless act of violence.  

  10. parsingreality says:

    Is it the altitude?  WTF?

    Columbine memories playing, unwanted, in my head.

    My own take, probably worthless, is that a lot of messages over a long period of time are coming home to roost.  Things like violence via TV and the movies (how ironic), redemptive violence, rampant individualism, vastly reduced optimism as our economy is taken over via the banksters and one percenters.  

    • Aristotle says:

      I was about to go nuclear on you for that, but I’m going to hold back. Nobody needs that. Let’s just say gun massacres have occurred (and unfortunately will occur) at sea level, too.

      If anything, it’s our culture which is a mix of many things. We were a violent culture long before movies, never mind TV and video games, so I regard those as red herrings as far as cause goes.

      • parsingreality says:

        I wasn’t trying to be funny, just trying to show how desperate we can be to find answers for these events.

        You gotta admit, between Columbine and this event, Colorado is ground zero for this type of horror.

        As to violence, this is a subset of violence that I don’t think we’ve ever seen until relatively recently.  Like the UT tower sniper, a new type of crime of violence.

        Since the probable perp is still alive, unlike the Columbine killers, maybe the psychologists can pick up something beyond what they already know.  

  11. DavidThi808 says:

    My heart goes out to those there and their families.

  12. Pita says:

    NBC reports baby is fine; mother had minor wound which was treated and both released from hospital.  A bit of good news.

  13. SSG_Dan says:

    …and I’m asking that Columbine Connections be ramped back up immediately. I doubt that the Colorado Legislature can figure out to do anything in under a couple of months, so I’m hoping that Gov Hick will cut thru the bullshit and order CDHHS to start building things now, and get the funds to them thru his office.

    If anyone from Hick’s office, or either of the leaders of the Repub and Dem legislature are lurking, get on the phone and get to work. People need help NOW, not four months from now when both sides finally get their legislative shit together.

    Ye Gods, Colorado has been here before and there’s still a lot of good people around from CC that can jump back in. I hope they can survive the same experience again.

    • PERA hopeful says:

      Do you have any suggestions for ordinary schmoes like most of us?  I am going to donate blood tomorrow because I assume that will be needed, but what else can we do?

      • SSG_Dan says:

        One of the things I know from working with vets with PTSI is that the sooner you can talk to SOMEONE about your experiences, the better. A clinician, behavioral health specialist, your bowling partner – any conversation you have with someone you trust can help.

        The state needs to pump up the funds to the CO DHHS Mental Health Disaster Respond unit, since they’ve had their budget slashed to the joints. In a perfect world, the state should have people deployed ready to help people talk thru this. They have the plans on the shelf, but no cash, assets or people to execute it.

        So, tell your state rep & senator to either find the money now (I heard the state has a few extra bucks) or tell Guv Hick to ask the Feds for some “crisis management” from DHS.

  14. Gilpin Guy says:

    Innocent people go to a movie theater and never come home.

    My children were in high school when the Columbine murders occurred.  We took signatures of condolence from their school down to hang on the tennis court fence along with the other makeshift memorials.  It was incredibly sad but also inspirational to see the outpouring of sympathy for the victims and their families.

  15. PERA hopeful says:

    I made an appointment for tomorrow morning and there were lots of openings at my local Bonfils center.

  16. Aristotle says:

    Via twitter:


    Bonfils Blood Center needs donations, especially O-, A- and platelets. Appointments required @ #theatershooting

  17. morgancarroll says:

    Aurora Sentinel How to Help:

    5280 What you can do:

    Thanks to everyone for all your love and support for our community.

    Heart-breaking doesn’t even begin to cover it…

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