Miklosi Posts Strong Fundraising Numbers

Democrat Joe Miklosi got off to a slow start last year in his bid to unseat Rep. Mike Coffman, but fundraising seems to have picked up (no doubt with an assist from Coffman’s continual birther comment problems).

According to a press release, Miklosi raised more than $335,000 in the last fundraising period. Full release after the jump.

Gaining momentum as the November election approaches, Joe Miklosi’s campaign raised more than $335,000 in contributions during the latest fundraising period, his best individual quarter so far.

The campaign has raised more than $800,000 to date and saw an unprecedented increase in small donor activity since Congressman Mike Coffman’s birther comments that exposed him an as extremist in the new moderate 6th Congressional District.  There is no question this will be the most competitive seat in Colorado this November, and with his message of fighting for sensible solutions and standing up to special interests, Miklosi is well positioned to flip this seat.    

“It’s wonderful that so many supporters came through for us,” said Joe Livoti, Miklosi’s Finance Director. “With this broad base of support that grows stronger every day, I’m confident we’ll have the resources needed to defeat Congressman Coffman and his extreme agenda that hurts the middle class.”

“I am inspired to have the active involvement of so many individuals in my campaign,” said Joe Miklosi. “I believe it’s because they fully understand we’re fighting for the future of our country, and working on commonsense solutions to grow the economy, create jobs, protect our seniors and stand up for working families of Colorado.””

Official Numbers:

Total raised this quarter: $336,746

Total number of contributions: 2,607

Average individual contribution size: $85.82

Total raised to date: $802,413

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  1. nancycronk says:

    I knew they could do it!

    People are starting to get what Arapahoe County has known since day one. We love Joe Miklosi and he will be our next Congressman!  Join us. Send Joe a gift right now. http://www.JoeMiklosi.com

  2. Libertad says:

    Has peace been made over the firing of the former finance director (single mother) who was forced to her parents home without health insurance or severance payment?

    How does the DCCC feel about backing such a candidate?

  3. Gray in Mountains says:

    because I want him to win

  4. dwyer says:

    And Coffman has more in bank that Miklosi……

    • In general, it can usually be said that generic R has more money coming in than generic D – it’s a matter of maxed-out and out-of-state donors.

      And Coffman will have more in the bank, too.  The question is, can Joe effectively raise his visibility and run a solid campaign.  This is the first quarter where his numbers say “yes”.

      • Middle of the Road says:

        versus Miklosi’s $335K, $207K of that money for Coffman is from PAC’s.

        If the vast majority of Miklosi’s contributions were from individual donors then he is doing a really good job of keeping up with Coffman on that front.

        Joe will never catch up to Coffman’s CoH–Coffman has more on hand than any other Colorado congressional candidate.

        The real point is what you just said, PR.  

      • Gray in Mountains says:

        even though Coffman has more $, since he is hiding out it just really increases the potential of Miklosi really, really gaining from door knocking. That is Joe’s best and only chance. In fact, if he is not knowcking on someone’s door or sitting in their living room right now, 7:30 PM on a Friday, then he will not win. He should be doing this for 12-14 hours a day, every day

    • Gilpin Guy says:

      but this story is about Miklosi attracting more attention and increased fund raising which makes this race more competitive even if he isn’t the front runner.  Another anemic quarter would have let Coffman off the hook easy.  He just might have to go to Aurora and meet with the general public to win.

      There is also the possibility that Coffman being a jerk will do something else stupid and further expose how little he contributes to improving our nation.  Miklosi would be a better asset to Coloradoans and would be able to work with the Obama administration if Democrats retake the house too.

      • dwyer says:

        included information about Coffman’s funds.  To just report Miklosi’s good fund raising  could lead supporters to think that he

        doesn’t need any more financial help. We have contributed to Miklosi, even though we are not in CD-6. We will continue to do so.

        I do not believe it is worthwhile in a political campaign to distort facts even if that means just reporting the

        good news.

  5. cdsmith says:

    There is no question this will be the most competitive seat in Colorado this November

    Does Miklosi know something we don’t about CD3?

    • Libertad 2.0 says:

      he’s right. However, you’re right in the sense of being actually competitive, and not just on paper. But Miklosi’s fundraising numbers are pushing the reality of the CD-6 race into being slightly less about the on paper numbers game of the district. Slightly.

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