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September 21, 2022 09:39 AM UTC

Boebert Finally Becoming Too Toxic?

  • by: Colorado Pols
Rep. Lauren Boebert (R).

We wrote yesterday morning about the cancellation without explanation of what would otherwise have been an epic convergence of two of the far right’s most iconic luminaries, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and Colorado freshman GOP fountain of nuttery Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado, who were set to hold a joint fundraiser in Anchorage. The reason for the fundraiser being canceled wasn’t disclosed, but the Boebert Palin Victory PAC is still a thing that exists now. And we think everyone can agree it always should have existed.

Today in the Utica, New York Observer Dispatch, we read about the postponement of another event set to star Lauren Boebert–and this time it looks like a popular uprising may have been responsible:

The announcement of an appearance by U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert, whose national profile has been marked by controversy, at a Utica fundraiser in October sparked opposition on social media. The event has since been postponed, but organizers say they still plan to extend an invitation to Boebert after the 2022 election cycle.

Vincent Scalise, executive director of the Utica Center for Development, said he met Boebert while he was deployed with the Army National Guard to the U.S. Capitol following the Jan. 6 riot. While there, he took photos with all 100 senators and some members of the House, including Boebert, a Colorado Republican.

The congresswoman bought Chick-fil-A for troops on duty one night and the two became friends, he said.

“I ran into her while I was doing security,” Scalise said. “She was extremely nice to us and our troops.”

Considering Boebert’s role in helping incite the violence on January 6th, 2021, her rush afterwards to shower affection on National Guard troops who were deployed in the aftermath has always struck us as an example of Boebert audaciously returning to the scene of her own scandals in order to confound her critics. It’s difficult to imagine a soldier deployed to protect the Capitol after January 6th not knowing who Boebert is and what she did in the runup to the violence that day, but we’ll have to give this individual the benefit of the doubt.

Because either way, the people of Utica, New York surer than hell remembered:

The announcement that Boebert would speak at the fundraising gala at the Fort Schuyler club drew attention online. A Facebook post by the Utica Center for Development garnered a majority of angry reactions and some of the public shares of the post expressed outrage over her involvement. Comments on the post were limited by the page managers…

And subsequent to that, the gala for the Utica Center for Development starring Boebert was postponed. Boebert may draw adoring crowds at far-right conferences like CPAC, but if this experience is any guide, outside a thoroughly partisan political environment Boebert is basically useless for drawing anything but controversy. Boebert’s inherent divisiveness, which she has proudly made central to her public image, makes it inevitable that her mere appearance will overshadow the purpose of any event she’s invited to.

Enough that even Sarah Palin pulled the plug? We may never know, but now we know Boebert doesn’t play well in Utica. This could also explain Boebert’s notable absence from the Colorado GOP’s joint campaign touring around the state, and why her endorsement isn’t being sought or promoted by local Republican candidates.

If Adam Frisch does manage to pull off a Betsy Markey-style underdog win, few Republicans will truly mourn.


8 thoughts on “Boebert Finally Becoming Too Toxic?

  1. Upstate NY especially Utica and surrounding area is pretty conservative and obviously clueless in the Guardsman Scalise's estimation.  Thank goodness social media outed her. 

    Boebert like Trump is the enemy within, with a disconnected electorate they thrive. 

    Democrats MUST reengage rural America or we will lose ALL of America. 



    1. "Democrats MUST reengage rural America or we will lose ALL of America"

      Absolutely true, if only because geography is destiny under our fucked up political system (i.e., Electoral College and two senators per state).

  2. Other than gun nuts, what does a Lauren Bobert endorsement get you? Not much, just shooting from the quip. With GOP poll numbers sliding, risking one of her off-script comments isn't worth it.

  3. I was hoping to read that Rep. Boebert would be taking advantage of the possibility, and would benefit from the development available in Utica. 

    One quick question — who, even semi-connected to politics, would set a (presumably) non-partisan activity in October and invite a highly partisan person to be the speaker?

  4. I've noticed something odd in Grand Junction lately about Boebert's yard signs. There are very few of them.

    Giant billboards – the kind well-heeled campaigns buy – yes. Boebert's billboards say her name and FREEDOM, all caps, no explanations. There are some 4'x8' signs, again the kind campaigns get.

    But there are only a few traditional yard signs. Two years ago, they were scattered like weeds around town and out everywhere along Mesa County roads. Other Republican campaign yard signs are plentiful, touting state Rep. Janice Ward for state Senate; city councilor Rich Taggart for HD55; state Rep. Matt Soper for HD54, and GOP candidates for county offices. The usual Republican corners'' have signs for all of them…except Boebert.

    I wonder (and hope) that it's lack of enthusiasm given what a boob and embarrassment she's been, but the professional skeptic in me says she and her campaign are so sure of winning that there's no concentration on yard signs.

    Funny how my retired mind works these days.



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