Tracy Kraft-Tharp Eclipses Ramirez’s 2010 Fundraising and It’s Only June

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Democratic challenger Tracy Kraft-Tharp has blown incumbent Representative Robert Ramirez (R-29) out of the water in fundraising, surpassing the incumbent’s 2010 fundraising total with more than four months left to go in the campaign. Keep in mind that Ramirez unseated a Democratic incumbent, Debbie Benefield, in 2010. If Kraft-Tharp has already raised more than Ramirez needed to win against an incumbent in the last election cycle, could anything short of an act of God keep Ramirez in his seat for 2012?

The press release just gets uglier for the Ramirez campaign:

In just the latest two-week reporting period, Kraft-Tharp more than quintupled the $1,038 Ramirez raised over the same period with over $5,000 raised. Kraft-Tharp also has more than a two-to-one cash on hand advantage.

With a fragile one-seat House majority, Republicans should be sweating bullets. In her first campaign, newcomer Kraft-Tharp has already drawn rave reviews and big endorsements. Her respectable cash flow is a symptom of her success, not its root, as anyone who’s seen Tracy canvass can testify.

I’ve volunteered for most of the Democrats running in Jeffco, and Kraft-Tharp is especially impressive in nearly every area important for electoral success. She connects at the door; she works hard; she makes the right hiring decisions for her campaign; she thinks before she speaks; and she makes anyone who gets involved with her campaign feel truly appreciated and heard. The ability to convey a sense of ownership in a political campaign to hundreds of supporters is something that can’t be bought or taught.

Call those interest groups and issue committees, Republicans, because if you don’t stop Tracy Kraft-Tharp in this campaign, you’re going to have  another Perlmutter on your hands: A popular incumbent who knows everyone in their district and dismantles one of your “rising stars” every two years like clockwork.

[Added disclaimer: I know Tracy. I like Tracy. I also know and like most every other Democratic candidate in the area. Tracy does not pay me to do anything for her campaign and my only volunteer role involves knocking on doors, which I also do for numerous other candidates.]

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  1. Craig says:

    On what appears to be a great job at recruiting a great candidate.  The Dems in Jeffco haven’t always been and really still aren’t always great at that.  Looks like a winner here.

    • Libertad says:

      This race was locked up for the democrat candidate when uncle Mario delivered for the Democrats.

      Could ramirez win? Sure, he’d have to walk nearly every precinct, have Obama shit the bed and have a Romney wave.

      Withthis districts performance and DUR counts Ramirez would need to walk his ass of, get the Denver Post endorsement, and have a 2010 performance year + 5points to have any hope of returning.

      The question here is how much of a majority do the union bosses and Tim Gill want to give the next speaker and his majority leader.

  2. Middle of the Road says:

    gets better and better. Just heard through the grapevine that Tracy has been endorsed by Emily’s List. That’s an endorsement that typically brings in some dollars.

    Keep up the good work, Tracy. We want this seat back and you’re just the candidate to make that happen.  

  3. catpuzzle says:

    These numbers aren’t huge compared to what we see in the big federal races, etc., but at this point that’s a really solid haul. Definitely enough to run a serious, winning campaign in the district.  

  4. AndrewBateman says:

    I first became aware of Tracy a month or two before she became the candidate in this race and every time I have had a chance to meet or converse with her, she has impressed me with her thoughtfulness and passion.

    And her first-time campaign manager, Chris Rork, is no joke either. I met him when he was a fellow for Obama in ’08 and he’s been busting his butt for his chosen candidates ever since. I know him to be a tireless worker for the people he supports. And if there is a path to victory in this race, he will find a way to get her through it.  

  5. Dave Sabados says:

    I think I’ll go donate a few bucks just for the language in the release.  Most people would say “five times,” but I really have to respect an impressive sounding press release.

    The single reporting period is impressive, but those come and go timed with major fundraisers. The fact that she’s raised more than Ramirez did in all of 2010 is what really struck me — both parties are going to have to start making the hard decisions about what to fund and what not to soon, and Ramirez is starting to look like the weakest link.

    I know TKT been a prolific fundraiser for awhile now, but the campaign seems to have kicked it up a notch lately in many ways.  This is also proof that good staff matters.  Congratulations Rork.

  6. dlof says:

    She raised more than $5,000 over a two week period, and has a 2-1 advantage with cash on hand?  Neat.

    What are those numbers?

    If she has $6,200 vs. $2,500, then I fail to see any real news here…

    What I’m getting at, is if you want us to be impressed, you might consider putting forth a bit more info, as I currently have more questions than had I not read this post.  Or you could link to a source?  

    This post, as it is now, is really not up to par for Pol’s front page.

  7. Danny the Red (hair) says:

    I commented “If you are having coffee with me, that means you’ve already talked to everyone important.”  

    She had.

    She is an incredibly hard campaigner and very smart.  She will be a leader very quickly.  For my own selfish reasons I’d like to see her on Judiciary, but she will probably end up on Health and Environment.

    When I look at the recruiting class for the Democrats, she is one of the strongest out of a very strong group.

  8. YnotU says:

    I met Tracy several years ago and was struck by her intellect, humor, long range planning capabilities, and attention to detail.  I’ve observed her tenacity as well as her composure.

    I’ve compared and contrasted Tracy and the incumbent.

    Tracy has capability as well as credentials.  I can find none for the incumbent.  Tracy not only has earned her law degree, but has demonstrated her ability to navigate technical policy issues while running a number of programs in Jefferson County on behalf of our at risk neighbors.

    I’ve seen Tracy follow up with contacts made to her soon-to-be constituents and actually achieve positive outcomes for them.  I’ve personally tried to contact the incumbent and never received any acknowledgement that my inquiries were even received much less considered.

    I have not only watched, but participated in Tracy’s outreach to the community.  Tracy comprehends the necessity of teaching others what she has been doing so they too can participate and become part of a living, working community.  She doesn’t merely ask us for our votes, she asks us to come along with her to make sure opportunity and access are there for us and our families, and neighbors.

    Finally, I’ve witnessed Tracy’s scrutiny of both fiscal and physical assets placed under her stewardship.  She studies, measures, and directs assets with a fiduciary balance between investing and preserving.  Tracy’s fundraising success, along with her cash on hand are testament to her caliber of financial competence versus that of the incumbent.

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