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June 01, 2012 12:52 AM UTC

TABOR Author Doug Bruce Sheds Jailhouse Orange

  • by: Colorado Pols

AP via the Pueblo Chieftain:

One of Colorado’s best known anti-tax crusaders has been released from a Denver jail after serving time for tax evasion…

He was sentenced in February after being convicted for evading state income taxes, filing a false return and failing to file tax returns between 2005 and 2010.

But Doug Bruce is out a bit early on account of his unlikely good behavior–and the Colorado Springs newspaper’s editorial board is already hard at work on his rehabilitation, writing today that “love or hate his cause and personality, men like Bruce are too few.” We have little doubt that, like other comic-book villains, we’ve not seen the last of Bruce in Colorado politics.

If anything, we’re sad this means the end of Cool Hand Bruce.

UPDATE: FOX 31’s Eli Stokols:

After spending 103 days in jail, convicted tax evader Douglas Bruce was released early Thursday morning. He made claims of innocence and called the jail system “sadistic” while detailing the “slop” food and his “mistaken” trips to solitary confinement.

Bruce, 62, was convicted in December of tax evasion and three other tax-related crimes tied to his non-profit organization Active Citizens Together. He was sentenced in February to 180 days in jail. However, that sentence was reduced on May 7 for good behavior…

Bruce called the system sadistic as he detailed his time spent working in the kitchen. “They serve this inedible, unsanitary food… (the deputies) didn’t serve (the inmates) regular porridge, they served them cream of white, which is tasteless paste,” he said.


60 thoughts on “TABOR Author Doug Bruce Sheds Jailhouse Orange

  1. As reported yesterday, the political prisoner (according to him) was made a Trustee by your Denver authorities.

    Typical Democrats …. using a hardened conservative to manage.

    1. He can hoot and screech all kinds of conspiracy theories, the judge was pretty clear what Cool Hand Bruce deserved…

      BTW, I hope Scott Gessler removes this convict from the voting roles until he proves his eligibility…

        1. County clerks are responsible for getting a list from their county sheriff, but the SOS is primarily responsible for state-wide follow through. See Election Rule 39, which references the appropriate C.R.S.

  2. He might not be the best at public relations, but conservatives will always be grateful for the principles he enshrined in our constitution. The simple idea that the people should vote on tax increases has forever changed the relationship between government and citizen in this state.

    This is what liberals can never understand. You can smear a man, but their ideas survive because they are larger than any man. Those of us with values know this innately.

      1. I don’t condone Doug Bruce’s crime any more than John Suthers, the Republican who put him away did. What I am saying is the essential principle of taxpayers voting on tax increases is a powerful idea, I will always support it, and it’s bigger than the man you’re able to smear because of unrelated mistakes he made.

        Is that enough of an opinion for you? Sorry if it doesn’t help with your oversimplifications.

          1. Why are you so afraid of taxpayers voting on tax increases? That’s what I’m defending, not Doug Bruce. It’s obvious that you want to attack the principle of taxpayers voting on tax increases because it happens to be Doug Bruce’s principle.

            Well you know what? It’s my principle too. And millions of Coloradans. Put a TABOR repeal on the ballot and see what happens!

            1. I’m simply pointing out that you’re a fanboy of a convicted felon.

              Don’t try to reframe the argument with me.  I’m too smart to fall for your bullshit deflections.

              You said what you said.  You admire Bruce’s “principles,” one of which is complete disregard for the law.

              Period.  End of discussion until you come up with a different attempted deflection.

            2. then why don’t you put an eggmendment on the ballot and lets see what happens.

              Oh wait the voters have rejected that piece of extremist garbage twice now by double digit margins so I guess it must mean that the voters don’t want government to control peoples reproductive organs.

              Can you accept the will of the people?

              Probably not because when it comes to your government control issues, the voters saying NO isn’t valid.

            3. I’m not afraid of it.  They’re called elections, and they happen every two years in our lower house of the legislature for a reason – to maintain accountability.

              I am, however, against Constitutional bans on legislators voting for tax increases, because the delay between needing a revenue alteration to actually receiving that revenue and budgeting for it can be almost two years, and that’s assuming the legislators (and community leaders) are on the ball with organizing a campaign committee to advocate for the increase.

        1. 1) “I don’t condone Doug Bruce’s crime”


          2) Bruce’s conviction is a “smear” (a word you used twice in this thread, so it was no accident)

          Do you even get what a hypocrite you regularly show yourself to me?

          1. You don’t think stating that I have no values isn’t an insult? ArapaGOP, on the basis of that pious and hateful statement is an arrogant and objectionable person who insults me and every other liberal, as do you. I simply call it like I see it.

            When are you going to get it through that thick skull of yours that you will get no respect here until you show some?

            You and your ilk are morally and ethically bankrupt. This nation will never be free until your elitist philosophy is eradicated from the body politic.

            If Romney and the republican party manage to steal this election by voter suppression, he will have no more credibility than Vladimir Putin. Every totalitarian government starts with gaining control of the elections. Romneys’ dictatorship will be no different.

            Mitt Romney will, if this nation is stupid enough to let him steal the presidency, establish a plutarchy within days of taking office. He will turn over the government to Wall St. The only way he can establish the free market of his dreams is to take away the freedom of every citizen who doesn’t toe the party line.

            And it is fascist bastards like ABOT that will help him do it. Are you on board the fascist bus too, Libby?

            1. Your tiraid above reminds me of the post 2000 election babble from the far far left  …. Romney stealing the election???

              WTF, did someone just give you an insiders poll that shows Obama is in trouble? Don’t believe it friend, this race will be close, but Obama will win.

              Now go grab that MMJ licence and trip on down to the green leaf cross and order up from Dr. Feelgood. Unlike Pres Clinton, it only works if you inhale.

              1. and it is going to keep exploding until your corporate criminal leadership is in jail and your political party is nothing but ashes.

                This kind of comment;

                Now go grab that MMJ licence and trip on down to the green leaf cross and order up from Dr. Feelgood. Unlike Pres Clinton, it only works if you inhale.

                is a perfect case in point. If you have a shred of knowledge about medical cannabis, it is not evident in your childish prattle.

                It is enough for you to spout your inane and asinine drivel designed only to insult. You have no real information to share…you have no inclination to reasonably and honestly consider the opinion of anyone who doesn’t fall into lock step with your corporate masters.

                So get used to the idea that I will insult you at every turn. I will call out your stupid, redneck bullshit at every opportunity…and I won’t be nice about it.

                The republican party intends to change the freedom we enjoy as American citizens into a financial bondage like that endured by our people until FDR opened the door to opportunity and fairness.

                You and your lying, greedy, fascist buddies are about to find out just how far the people of this nation can be pushed.

                And if you happen to see Albert J. Nock…tell him we don’t miss him.  

              1. They live peaceful lives and offer themselves up to be a delicious part of the food chain.

                They don’t deserve to be tainted by being referenced with these clowns.

    1. If all TABOR did was put tax increases up for a vote, hell, I would have voted for it.

      It’s the ratchet shit that’s wrecking our state colleges and universities, highways and K-12 schools.

      You must be very proud.

    2. The guy avoided service, lied about why, refused to comply with Campaign Finance Laws, lied about that, was convicted by a jury of his peers, sentenced, and spent time in jail and he is being smeared? Geez, ArapaGOP, that is lame, even for you.

      1. Bruce broke the law and was convicted by a fellow Republican. He deserved it.

        The smear comes when you don’t stop with that, and attack everything else about the man because you don’t like TABOR. I and fellow conservatives will defend TABOR to our last breath, because allowing taxpayers to vote on tax hikes is the morally right thing to do. Period.

        1. but I certainly can understand standing by a friend.  You are unpredictable and loyal, both of which I find honorable traits. Cheers.

    1. but believing what clearly isn’t true   is taking it a little far. Doug Bruce was found guilty on the basis of abundant evidence and is a convicted felon. There is zero chance that he will win an appeal because this was not a case that presented much difficulty or controversy. Those are the facts.  

      To accept that and to be loyal on a personal level in spite of his criminal behavior and conviction is admirable. To close your eyes, cover your ears and sing la-la-la is a little silly, dear Ali.

      As far as getting out early for good behavior, from the article in the Post it sounds more like getting out early for annoying the hell out of everyone. His complaints about low quality food are cute.  He does realize quality food costs more money, right?

      1. BC – this is far beyond “To close your eyes, cover your ears and sing la-la-la is a little silly, dear Ali.”

        From my eyes, this case is a federal issue that local entities are prosecuting – I remain unconvinced of the evidence used against Bruce, but I will criticize Bruce on this extent –

        He should have hired outside legal counsel to represent him from DAY ONE.

        Not hiring outside counsel was Bruce’s biggest mistake and I shared that opinion with him. Now that he’s appealing, I support him.

        PS – Please recall friends, I am not blind. I did not support how Scott Gessler handled the debacle in Larimer County, by offering to fundraise for them, shortly after administering the penalty – I thought that was a bad step – Scott Gessler is still my friend, but part of being a good friend is criticizing when they need it – I criticize Bruce’s decision to not hire outside counsel – I don’t criticize his innocence.  

    1. Ol’ Dougie just cannot get it through his cantaloupe that the best things in life are free, the rest need tax dollars. And food for convicts is not one of the best things in life.

      He needed to watch more prison movies before entering the front doors of the prison. Solitary is not to reward complainers, and if you are a trouble maker you too can sit and contemplate how thick the walls are all alone.

      I wonder how many of the good citizens of his little community he converted into anti-tax followers? I am sure they grasped his extensive command of the law and are more than willing to have him as their attorney later in life.

  3. Father of TABOR > TABOR leads to less money for prisons, jails, everything > Father of TABOR gets caught > Father spends time in “underfunded” jail > Father gets early release > complains about his time in the GRAYBAR HOTEL > Father plans to sue so that will require TABOR-underfunded government expend funds to defend self. CRAZY.

  4. do you think there’s the slightest chance in hell that Dougy learned some kind of useful trade that he could pursue on the outside???

    (With this PS to Ali:  You must be euphorically elated that Uncle John Edwards got off with just a mistrial??)

  5. Well Doug, if you haven’t noticed by now (which I’m sure you haven’t), YOUR cuts to taxes caused cuts to prison funding, which cut money used for prison food…so you don’t have the right to complain. Of course, I’m sure you would not have a problem with this at all and even say that the prisons give prisoners too much comfort if you weren’t charged…ahhh beautiful irony.

    One more favor; get out of Colorado and never come back, you have wrecked enough in our great state.

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