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August 16, 2022 07:03 AM UTC

Tuesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“I am 100% in the camp that says forgiveness is mostly about the forgiver.”

–Hillary Clinton


31 thoughts on “Tuesday Open Thread

  1. Today is the first time (from what I just read, but not sure that's accurate) that ranked-choice voting is being used in a congressional race. I'll be very interested to see the outcome.

    It is in Alaska, where the Dim Bulb (Sarah Palin) is attempting her political comeback. She is in a 3-way special election for the state's one US House seat which was vacated when Rep. Don Young passed away earlier this year. The other candidates are a Trump-endorsed Republican and a Dem. state legislator.

    There was a 4th person who emerged in a distant 4th from the primary in June, but he has dropped out.

    1. Sarah Palin is not a fan of ranked choice voting,  as it turns out. The Democrat, Mary Peltola, is in the lead, leaving the Quitter to battle it out with another right wing Republican.

      NPR notes that this election is also the first ranked choice primary, so Lisa Murkowski has a fair chance to come out on top, in spite of the Trumpers being out to get her for her impeachment vote. It will be interesting!


    2. Polling seems to indicate that everyone's favorite snowbilly will not be getting a chance to serve a half-term in the House of Reps. That would be grand indeed.

    3. Actually the first time it was used in a congressional election was in 2018 in Maine.  The incumbent Republican, Bruce Poliquin, ended up losing and filed a federal lawsuit seeking to have ranked choice voting declared unconstitutional.  He lost the lawsuit…and the congressional race.  Rep. Jared Golden is the first member of congress to win election as a result of ranked choice voting.

      1. Poliquin would have gotten just as far flailing his hands in the air while screaming, "STOP THE STEAL" and sending Rudy off on a fact-finding mission to find stuffed ballots in Presque Isle, rather than spend $$$ on frivolous litigation.

  2. Trump doesn't read, and never paid attention to security briefings… So how would he know which top-secret documents to steal? 

    Obviously, someone was directed to remove certain boxes of top-secret material.

    Then (questions from the Internet):

    Non reader trump would not even know which boxes to take. He wouldn’t know where they were stored. He certainly wouldn’t have walked to the place they were stored & opened the locks, then sat down & read what were in the boxes, and he never carried them ( 26 boxes ) back to the area where the moving men were loading boxes to take to Mar-a-Lago.

    This absolutely was not a one man job. This was a move to steal government property. This would involve several people to steal the documents. This had to have cooperation of higher ups & those under them to complete this task.

    The next question is why ? What value did this information have to anyone other than a foreign country ? Trump certainly wasn’t sentimentally attached to this stuff. He never even wanted to hear about it. Could it be that most of it was a shell game ? Did they remove so many boxes when they just wanted a couple of documents ? It would have been way more dangerous to just take a document or two. No way to explain that. But to take a lot of boxes of documents & then return more than half would confuse what was truly wanted.

    1. Whatever Putin wanted or needed, Trump would try to provide. Beginning with sharing classified info in early 2017, in the Oval Office, with the Russian ambassador to the US. Foreign minister Lavrov also was there.

      1. Let's not forget:  Trump was probably told exactly what Putin wanted during the several meetings Trump had with Putin without any US officials in the room. 

    2. The latest speculation (from Fox Noise, no less), is that the informant was one of Trump's own secret service detail.

      They would know exactly what was placed exactly where in Mar a Lago, and have a good idea as to why.

  3. Forgiveness. What a concept.

    Not much of that flowing around the Mesa County GOP, lately.

    Tina ( Fuck, you.. I'm not resigning) Peters is now fully engaged in dismembering the party.

  4. Those wanting to defend the police ought to be warming up:

    Today Denver will release body camera footage from July 17, when police opened fire in the Lower Downtown neighborhood, injuring six bystanders, officials tell Axios Denver.

    You may remember:

    Officials say they [the officers] were confronting an armed person who was posing a significant threat.

    “Officers discharged their weapons and that party went down, officers began to render aid and then became aware of other individuals within the crowd injured as a result,” said Thomas.

    When he was charged, the story shifted a bit:

    Denver District Attorney Beth McCann said in a statement last week when her office filed charges that police suspected Waddy of having a gun in his pocket and officers recovered a loaded gun at the scene.

    And of course, in Mayor Hancock’s Denver: 

    The independent monitor’s office — which serves as the city’s top police watchdog — has sat vacant for more than a year. And it remains unclear when the position may be filled. [There has been an interim head. And the hiring group has said it is starting the process of getting applications again.]

    1. Where Ingraham goes, Hannity follows. But I still believe that Tucker Carlson, like Josef Goebbels, will stay in the bunker with der Fuhrer to the bitter end. 

  5. Has Moderatus weighed in since the execution of the search warrant and the assertion of the Fifth Amendment privilege last week?

    I would expect nothing less than to hear him tell us to choke on our big, fat nothing-burger.


  6. Ouch (written by Peter Navarro so it may or may not have a bent)

    The Clown Prince of Pennsylvania Avenue 

    To this day, my old Boss still has no idea just how much damage Kushner/Rasputin did to the presidency and the Trump agenda during his four year reign of error at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The work of fiction Jared is now readying for publication is just more self-serving manure to shovel over the past and obscure our view of the damage. 

    1. “beautifully orchestrated Steve Bannon masterpiece in 2016……..”

      Says all that anyone needs to know about Peter Navarro, if one didn’t already know Navarro was playing solitaire with a deck of 51.

      (line courtesy of “Flowers on the Wall,” classic 1965 song by the Statler Brothers)

  7. First 6% is in from WY and Liz is down by 17 points. Not looking good. Almost all those votes are from Casper. I know nothing about the political landscape, so I don’t know if there are more or less Trumpster areas or not.

    Update: Cnn just called it. Curretnly sitting at 65%-30% against Liz

    1. 270 to Win published the race as already decided:for Hageman

      Wyoming At-large Republican Primary

      Last updated: 8/16/2022, 8:24:04 PM
      Harriet Hageman..23,325…57.47%
      Liz Cheney…………15,574…38.37%

      1. So Wyoming just voted to put another useless flapdoodle like Boebert in Congress instead of a rational conservative.  Just when you think the GOP can't get any lower, they dig a new bottom.

        1. Actually, Harriet Hageman isn't a moron like Bimbobert. In some ways, she is more danger because she is relatively well-educated and apparently thinks before she speaks. She saw an opportunity and jumped at it.

          Hageman is more like Ken Buck or Barbara Kirkmeyer than Bimbobert.

  8. I stayed up for Alaska election results, not realizing until nearly midnight that Alaska does not count their mail or early voting ballots until 7 days AFTER  the election. How absurd!

    The only thing counted on election night is in-person voting on election day. So when I went to bed it was still zeros across the board.

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