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May 02, 2012 04:58 PM UTC

Kevin Lundberg, Meet "Rule 11"

  • by: Colorado Pols

CD-2 Republican candidate Eric Weissmann of Boulder gleefully circulated this press release from the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) yesterday:

The National Republican Congressional Committee today announced Eric Weissmann as an ‘On the Radar’ candidate, the important second step in the ‘Young Guns’ program. Founded during the 2007-2008 election cycle by Reps. Eric Cantor (R-VA), Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and Paul Ryan (R-WI), the ‘Young Guns’ program is a Member-driven effort that is the primary method for recruiting strong candidates for both open-seat and challenger races. Weissmann is running for Colorado’s Second Congressional District.

“We are looking forward to working with Eric Weissmann, who has already proven himself by meeting rigorous benchmarks in the ‘Young Guns’ program that will position his campaign for victory,” said NRCC Chairman Pete Sessions (R-TX). “Eric Weissmann’s dedication and experience enables him to advocate effectively for pro-growth policies and fight the failed status quo in Washington. This will stand in stark contrast to the Obama-Pelosi record of spending, borrowing and taxing that Colorado families and small businesses know has failed.”

The ‘Young Guns’ program encourages candidates who have proven their ability to meet crucial campaign benchmarks to develop their campaigns further in order to achieve victory on Election Day. In achieving ‘On the Radar’ status, Eric Weissmann has met organizational and fundraising benchmarks and has already begun to establish himself as a strong contender. Weissmann will now work toward even higher goals that will help him advance in the ‘Young Guns’ program and build an effective, winning campaign.

Followed by this press release:

Jane Norton, Republican Leaders Endorse Eric Weissmann

“As someone who’s known Eric Weissmann for several years, I think he would make a great Congressman,” Norton said. “He’s a businessman who has created jobs in Colorado, knows what needs to happen in Washington, D.C. to improve our jobs climate, and isn’t afraid to tackle the big and tough issues facing our country. I’m pleased to endorse Eric in his run for Congress.”

So by this point it has most likely occurred to you–isn’t there another Republican candidate in this race? Aren’t there almost two months remaining before the CD-2 GOP primary?

Yes on both! Apparently the NRCC completely, um, forgot that Sen. Kevin Lundberg is also running for this seat, having garnered fully 80% of the votes at the assembly!

Of course, there’s a possibility that they didn’t forget. What if the Republicans, meaning Washington, DC GOP kingmakers, have decided to short-circuit our CD-2 primary? Like they did for Bob Schaffer in 2008? And as they tried to do for the very same Jane Norton in 2010?

We’ll stop being cute now, since that’s obviously what is happening. Too bad for Lundberg–the only consolation we can offer is that Ken Buck, Norton’s 2010 GOP primary opponent, refused to let himself get rolled this way. In fact, Buck is perhaps the only person we can think of who has resisted the national GOP primary kingmakers and actually prevailed.

Now we’ll find out if Lundberg has the will to fight back like Buck did.


25 thoughts on “Kevin Lundberg, Meet “Rule 11”

  1. Imagine poor Lundberg trying to make sense of this.

    Whether or not he believes any of the drivel he spouts, like the earth’s 4,000 years old, he has been a good soldier for the lunatic fringe.

    Every time the repubs have really wanted to stick it to somebody in the State legistlature, they’ve wound him up and he’s gotten as extreme and nasty as they’ve asked.

    Now they’re primary-ing him?

    Buck was only a 9.5 on the loon scale, and they screwed him.

    Krazy Kevin’s a loon hard 10, at least that’s what part they’ve asked him to play.

    I guess he had to know it was coming.


  2. that no one outside of Loveland’s pro-corporate anti-environment anti-gay anti-sex Christians knows or cares about what little Lundy in his size-four cowboy boots and half-moon glasses has to say about anything. Jim DeMint campaigned for Buck. No one’s coming to Colorado for scripture-quoting Lundy.  

    1. Weissmann & Lundberg hear the Tinkerbell whispers from PeakPols/NRCC and somehow think they can fly.  Sorry but “faith & trust and all you need is pixie dust” only works for Disney.    

      These are 2 TeaBaggin’ wannabees that vow to “demolish the notion that Uncle Sam knows best” but from the inside.  Weissman offers less piety than Lundberg and a network that can help him fund the fiasco but he doesn’t offer anything of benefit to CD-2 constituents.

      Lundberg won’t make it thru the primary and Weissmann is in for a spanking on Nov 6th. Lets hope the primary gets real expensive for both and that the NRCC continues underestimating Polis strengths. I can’t wait for either to hold an open forum in Boulder so we can hear them in person.  That’ll be a fun meet up.    

  3. they are backing Weissmann is the oldest reason in the world–he’s raising money and Lundberg isn’t.

    First quarter numbers: Polis raised a little over $1 million and loaned $536,600 to his own campaign.

    Weissmann raised $138,911 and loaned himself $29,858.  

    Lundberg raised $37,066 in the same quarter.

    Do the math. After looking at those numbers, who would you back?

    I think at the end of the primary it’s going to be Lundberg because he has the support of the party faithful that actually show up to vote. But let’s face it, when he wins, he won’t be moving into the Young Guns category any time soon and the Republican Party won’t be sinking a dime into this race. Which is why the NRCC is hoping and praying Weissmann pulls this off.  

    1. CD-2 is more in play than it has been in a long time, and Lundberg would not be a credible candidate there for a bunch of reasons not the least of which is the inability to raise money. Weissmann is credible, not a loon, has a reason to run, and will put on a good showing when he wins the primary.

      1. and I’m sure that among friends he’s just as nuckin’ futs.  Here are a few hits from his campaign site:

        “… but bad policies and an overly intrusive government restrain the ability of the American private sector to perform at its potential.”

        “The inevitable consequence of heavy-handed government – whether through taxation that distorts the economy, crony capitalism, or an onerous regulatory environment – is chronically high unemployment, rising indebtedness, and a slow but steady march toward stagnation and decline.”

        “I want to demolish the notion that Uncle Sam knows best.”

        “…government should be limited, that the Constitution is our owners’ manual, and liberty is our guidepost.”

        “A reckless $787 billion “stimulus” bill passed in 2009 did more to bail out mismanaged states and municipalities and reward political cronies than it did to bolster job growth.”

        “Congress should identify the Constitutional authority for every proposed law.”

        (Tenther bullshit)

        Ya read Lundberg’s issue statements and they’re almost identical but Kev doesn’t have folks to scrub “em up and make ’em sound as pretty and Kev’s crazee is a little too close to the surface.  

        1. I agree with what everything you’ve posted from his site, moreover it sounds like mainstream Republican values, and in many cases just American values.

          Unless you’re saying you’re against liberty? Or a republic?

          And no, not nuckin futs, otherwise I wouldn’t bother posting.

        2. The first few points are probably things you could get over 50% of the American public to agree to.  Nothing except maybe the last point is at all an unusual view, and I don’t think you’d find any strong opposition even there.

          He’s conservative, yes.  But he’s no Kevin Lundberg.  If there is going to be some fluke here and Boulder decides to vote Republican for once, it’s far more likely to happen when the candidate is not Kevin Lundberg.

      2. I don’t think Weissmann is going to win the primary. I’ve lived with Lundberg first as my State Rep and now as my State Senator and he has a very loyal voter following. I think despite his lack of ability to raise funds, he will win his primary.

        And for a variety of reasons, including the fact that Kevin has never had to run for office in all of Larimer County before, he will get creamed in the general.  

    1. And by the way, the winner of the Romanoff/Bennet primary won the seat and did so with plenty of support from grassroots, not just establishment, Dems from the beginning. Like me and the majority of grassroots Dems I know personally, for instance. Also plenty of support right here on what you must consider a crazy far lefty dominated blog.

      The winner of this primary, on the other hand, will be a footnote. Why should a Bot like you even bother to expend energy typing about this?  

        1. If you have ever worked on a campaign before, you know how the national committees work for both parties. They base a majority of their support on the fundraising numbers. They have no clue what is going on in the district or on the ground. They base it strictly on polls when it comes to the general election and fundraising numbers during a primary.

          Bad logic, I acknowledge, and more than a few times, it has come back to bite both the NRCC and the DCCC on the ass.

    2. Like just because it’s cloudy two days doesn’t make me a hypocrite to point out the cloudiness on the second day.

      Now, any thoughts on Lundberg’s ability to prevail? I agree with MotR above, Lundberg will probably win because the hard right loves him. No moderate likes anything about him but his voice (and his manners; he’s a political wackadoo, but a very nice man), which seems like a problem in a district that describing as “moderate” would be generous.

      This race is doubly interesting, I think, because it’s an opposite of the more current trends. Stephens and Looper are counting up how many liberals the other has smiled at to use in their next mailers.

      Too bad you don’t have anything to add as one of the few conservative voices on this board.

      1. I’ve met Lundberg during a debate against my Democratic candidate in 2004. And he is genuinely a very nice man. He really is.

        That said, he also stands against virtually every single thing I believe in. And I’ll still be stuck with him after he loses to Polis, because he will still be my State Senator. He’s like a boil–you lance it and lance it and it just keeps coming back.  

    3. I think he’s trying to say that Romanoff won the assembly but Bennet won the Primary with the backing of establishment Democrats including Obama and scored an upset win over the established favorite Ken Buck so Democrats are being hypocrites to criticize Republicans fors picking their candidate before the primary.

    4. which might be a first.

      The problem for A-BUTT is that he is admitting that the Republican elites have reached the point where they want to run a more moderate candidate which is a huge paradigm shift for them.  

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