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“Ignorance is always afraid of change.”

–Jawaharlal Nehru

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  1. JohnInDenver says:

    Jena Griswold gets another chance to demonstrate her resolve.  AP story:

    Kirk Wertz, 52, was arrested Wednesday in suburban Denver over the June 30 phone call to the office of Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold after investigators tracked his cell phone moving from Goodland, Kansas to Colorado, according to a court document. Authorities have not revealed what the alleged threat was. His alleged statements to the person that answered the phone at Griswold’s office and to a state trooper who called the number back later were redacted from a document explaining why he was arrested.

    In a statement, Griswold thanked law enforcement for taking action against Wertz and said threats would not deter her from carrying out her election duties.

    “The wave of violent threats directed at election officials and workers across the county is extremely concerning, Threats are being used to try to intimidate election officials from doing their jobs in an effort to destabilize democracy,” she said.

  2. Lauren Boebert is a Worthless POS says:

    Isn't there some statutory deadline by which time Stupid must designate the poor schmuck who will be her running mate?

    • JohnInDenver says:

      I think I saw that it is 7 days AFTER the primary vote is certified.  But I don't see that mentioned on the election calendar at the Sec of State's website.

      July 29 is "Last day for the Secretary of State to prepare an election notice for the 2022 General Election to be used in conjunction with a federal write-in absentee ballot."  presumably, the notice has to include names.


    • Conserv. Head Banger says:

      I wonder if Dan Maes is rested, fit, tanned, and ready to be her running mate?

  3. Dano says:

    60 days prior to the election (9 Sep) which is the date the Sec. of State must confirm the text of the ballots.

    • Dano says:

      So I dove deeper to see if I could find a definitive answer and it remains as clear as mud. CRS 1-4-502 does say 7 days after the certification of the primary election results. However, there is no date on the Elections Calendar for that certification. CRS 1-10-105(1) says certification must happen after all the counting and the last chronological event listed is the completion of all statutory recounts. That date IS on the calendar on 2 Aug. So presumedly Heidi has until 9 Aug to name her Lt.Gov. assuming the SoS certifies the election the same day the statutory recounts have to be done. If there are no statutory recounts, or they get done before the deadline, then there could theoretically be an earlier certification date and thus an earlier deadline for Heidi to do her thing, but that appears to be a moving target.

  4. Lauren Boebert is a Worthless POS says:

    Hiedi Heidi Ganahl/Felix Greg George (?) Lopez – 2022

    It's time to print the yard signs and bumper stickers!

  5. harrydoby says:

    Twitter users (and Tesla stockholders) can breathe a sigh of relief — Elon Musk has backed out of his plan to make the platform safe for Trump and his ilk.  He'll have to cough up a minimum of $1 billion (chump change — the company has gained $75 billion in value in the last 5 days).  He'll likely be tied up in court (or more correctly his swarm of lawyers) for years, and may actually have to pay out billions in damages some day.

    Offering $44 billion for a company currently worth $28 billion was always a head scratcher of a move.  When an eccentric genius belly flops, he really empties out the pool.

  6. MichaelBowman says:

    Thus the emergence of White Prosperity Jesus in Merika. He has been formed in their own image. 

    Fewer than half of Evangelicals believe Bible is literally true: study

  7. DavidThi808 says:

    Incredibly good book, can’t put it down – Why We Did It.

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