Buh-Bye, Newt Gingrich

CNN reports anticlimactically:

While details are still being worked out, Gingrich is likely to hold his final campaign event Tuesday in Washington, DC where he will make the announcement surrounded by his family and supporters.

It is not surprising that Gingrich is suspending his campaign for the White House as he has all but acknowledged it is winding down and Romney is the presumptive GOP nominee.

“When he says he is transitioning, what he means is that he is trying to determine as a citizen how he will pro-actively help Mitt Romney become president and the Republican Party win back the Senate and help (House Speaker) John Boehner keep his majority in the House,” said one of the sources, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

We would argue that Newt Gingrich already accomplished his biggest task “pro-actively helping Mitt Romney become president” by serving as Rick Santorum’s spoiler during the entire time Santorum was a threat to Romney. So many states in this primary season where Gingrich and Santorum split the vote against Romney, not to mention the rebellious anti-Romney contingent of the Colorado Republican delegation to the party convention in August–a rebellion that didn’t include Gingrich–serve as evidence that such a scheme was very much necessary.

On the other hand, it was closer to “the bitter end” than Santorum managed, even if the last few weeks were more vanity campaign than real effort. Gingrich is a sucker for vanity.


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  1. ArapaGOPArapaGOP says:

    Nobody cares about your conspiracy theory, I’m not even seeing it any more at Daily Kos. Romney is the nominee, and no organized force in the Republican Party is challenging that anymore. There will always be a few dead enders, but Democrats are the ones telling the story of a divided GOP for obvious reasons.

    • AristotleAristotle says:

      …but Democrats are the ones telling the story of a divided GOP for obvious reasons.

      As a GOP shill, spreading the official line at Pols, it’s obvious why you’re downplaying the seriousness of the breach within your party.

    • Gilpin Guy says:

      Nobody believes the Republican primary was anything more than a WWF staged events.

      Gingrich played his part and will be richly rewarded bye the Republican establishment.  Out of obscurity and into obscurity.

    • AristotleAristotle says:


      A Smart Politics review of Republican primary election data since 1972 finds that Mitt Romney’s performances in Delaware and Pennsylvania mark the first time a GOP frontrunner has failed to reach the 60 percent mark in a contest conducted after his last major challenger dropped out of the race.

      I suppose you can try to spin this by saying that Newt WAS, in fact, still a “major challenger” as of last night. Or else you can admit that the GOP is, in fact, united. But I’m sure you won’t respond to this or comment on this thread again.

      • ArapaGOPArapaGOP says:

        There were many Democrats who viewed Michael Bennet as a compromise choice against the purer progressive in Andrew Romanoff. Bennet and Romanoff fought a bitter primary, which Bennet won. Most Democrats I know who supported Romanoff did indeed vote for Bennet that fall, despite what some of them said right after that primary. And Bennet was elected to the Senate.

        I think the same rules govern the GOP presidential primary. I know that many of my fellow conservatives didn’t think Romney was the best choice, and may not have supported him at caucus. But even the most diehard Santorum supporter out there is not going to vote for Obama over Romney, and won’t sit out the election either. Romney is enough of a conservative, just like Bennet was enough of a progressive.

        Especially when the alternative is considered.

        Is this not a reasonable position? I’m curious if I’m going to be insulted again or get a thoughtful answer for a change.

        • Gilpin Guy says:

          his nomination and Gingrich helped him every step of the way.  Gingrich’s sole purpose was to keep Santorum from getting in a one-on-one with Willard because Willard would have lost Ohio and Michigan without Gingrichs help.

          The Obama campaign has been preparing for a Romney nomination for a long time.  They knew that surrogates like Gingrich were going to help Romney overcome his horrible relations with the Republican base.  You think they aren’t already prepared to deal with the “severely conservative” governor.  Michael Bennet won because he focused on Buck’s fatal flaw (Tea Party up his ass syndrome) and drove the too extreme to govern message right into voters minds.  It was the perfect antidote to the 2010 wave and a template for what the Obama campaign is going to do to Willard.  Willard can’t back away from his extremist positions now.  He owns them.

        • AristotleAristotle says:

          No one said that these people would vote for Obama. They have another option – stay home.

          Good on you to take advantage of my miswording – I meant to say that “Or else you can admit that the GOP is, in fact, DIVIDED.” Guess I walked right into that.

          Here’s the problem: Your first post, which was hardly polite in tone, flat out says that the GOP isn’t divided. When presented with evidence that it is (such as Romney failing to garner over 60% of the vote, even though it’s no longer a contest), you quibble but don’t acknowledge the fact.

          Now, I’m curious if I’m going to have my intelligence insulted again, be ignored, or get an honest answer for a change.

          • ArapaGOPArapaGOP says:

            It has been clear to anyone in the Republican Party who understands politics for a long time that Romney was the only viable choice. The distraction from other candidates has always been eagerly supported by the left, not by intelligent Republicans. We have always been behind Romney, and I still believe he’s the only one with a shot against Obama.

            The race is tightening…

            • sxp151 says:

              We have always been at war with Eurasia.

            • AristotleAristotle says:

              Insult my intelligence AND ignore me (more accurately, my point). Not in a real obvious way; no, you just… are still… not addressing… the split in the GOP.

              It’s okay.  Yes, it was obvious that Rmoney was the only choice, because all of his competition consisted of has beens, never weres, and kooks who made Sarah Palin look like Robert Taft. And yet there was always a strong preference for those people, crystallizing around this candidate, then the next, and then another. Now that they’re all gone, Rmoney is still feeling the Not-Romney not-love. This isn’t Democratic propaganda, it’s the reality of how registered Republicans are assessing Rmoney.

              But as a shill, it’s not your job to directly address inconvenient truths. It’s to downplay them, or ignore them, or come up with some plausible-sounding explanation in the hope of confusing the issue. This last option was the one you chose, way at the top of this thread. But nobody is having it.

              • Gilpin Guy says:

                The Republican elites?  The money changers in the temple who know he is one of them?  The super rich 1%’er who was pre-ordained to be their king?

                Willard is going down anyway so why not let the Bubba’s and Sarah’s vote for the person who best represents their reprehensible views?  We’ll never know because zombie Gingrich with so much baggage that it would give an elephant (pun) a hernia was summoned forth by the power brokers to dog Santorum and make sure that 8-10% of the vote was siphoned away from Santorum so Willard could eke out his 2-5% “victories”.  Gingrich was the setup man and he played his bombastic role to perfection.

  2. Pam Bennett says:

    I was surprised that Newt never was convicted of anything. I suppose that is for the same reason that the cabal of Bush II, Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc were not prosecuted for their alleged crimes.

    That he is dropping out means nothing. He did nothing to hurt any of the clown car occupants.

    The key was weird uncle Rickie. As long as he stayed in the car Romney had to run as far right as the far right Republicans/Tea-whatevers.

    That weird uncle Rickie endorsed Romney did not make the comic section is interesting. Oh well. I wonder where Cain is?

  3. MADCO says:

    He was always gonna be 12 nominee.  The GOTP  takes turns and coalesce like moths around the money flame.  Romney’s turn and he has all the R money.

    He doesn’t have the Tea Party (what?! After 2010 wasn’t the TP supposed to be the go to side of the party to win?  Not upstairs, I guess.)

    He doesn’t have the Reagan D’s. Well, not as a block.  I think he can do well in FL.  Will he win OH, PA and WI?

    And, speaking of strong R women governors – I demand to know why no one is talking about Governor Jan Brewer for VP?  She’s the awesome.

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