2022 Primary Election Day Open Thread #1

“I’ll be glad to reply to or dodge your questions, depending on what I think will help our election most.”

–George H. W. Bush

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  1. kwtree says:

    Colorado Newsline’s Faith Miller reported on yesterday’s abortion rights rally at the State Capitol. People were angry and energized. Democratic leaders, including Polis, DeGette, and Gonzales, spoke at the rally. At one point , all the pro-choice legislators assembled before the crowd , to thunderous applause. 

    I was there. So were over 1,000 people, a diverse crowd with all ages and ethnicities represented, including many children and families. Half the organizers were women of color, and the crowd reflected that diversity. 

    A small but vocal crowd of fetus fetishists yelled at the pro-choice crowd from the west side of Lincoln Street. Passing motorists overwhelmingly supported the people promoting choice. 

    As the rally ended, about half the people chose to take to the streets and march peacefully, with cooperation from police, in a loop around the Capitol area, just as a show of strength, in my opinion. I’ll put up video later.


    My favorite signs: 

    * Same shit, different century

    *  Democracy, not theocracy

    * Free to carry a gun – forced to carry a baby

    *Don’t worry about the uterus when you can’t find the clitoris

    * Respect our existence or expect our resistance

    * If I wanted government in my womb, I’d fuck a senator

    * Snip Snip the SCOTUS

  2. JohnNorthofDenver says:

    Tomorrow so many dumb faces will be memories, so many dumb candidates will be depleted bank accounts. 

    Joshua Marin-Mora, you lil Hoya hottie, before you move on to the next losing candidate give us a kiss 😘

  3. Thorntonite says:

    Colorado's leading Republican and deepest thinker Lauren Boebert has declared that she's "…tired of all of this separation of church and state junk" signaling the national party's newest villains: step aside pregnant women, lgbt folks, and people of color,,,the Founding Fathers are replacing you as targets for Republican wrath!



    • Lauren Boebert is a Worthless POS says:

      Pelosi needs to invite an Imam to give the opening prayer on the House floor.

      Bimbobert and her moronic cohorts will lose their shit over that.

      • JohnInDenver says:

        Well, the Chaplain of the House of Representatives is the one who prays or invites others to offer the opening prayer.  Representatives can suggest individuals for the opportunity.  And according to a Washington Post article from 2017

        Antepli’s is the eighth Muslim prayer offered in the House since 2001, and the first in three years,

        There have been others since. One, who DID trigger the Right,

        Sh. Omar Suleiman delivered the opening prayer in the US House of Representatives yesterday, May, 9th, 2019  at the invitation of Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (D) of Dallas.

        Immediately since, right wing media platforms have begun spreading negative coverage of the Imam Omar Suleiman – calling him anti-semitic, a common tactic used to discredit both Muslim activists as well as criticism of Israel policies.

  4. allyncooper says:

    At least 46 illegal migrants found dead in a trailer in Texas.

    Texas Gov. Greg Abbot says Biden's open border policies are to blame and "these deaths are on Biden". 

    Within hours Biden rightly condemned and expressed his sympathies over the horrific murders in Uvalde Texas, but not a word about 46 deaths as a result of his administration's open border policy. Biden has blood on his hands just as the sick deranged shooter in Uvalde. 

    It's primary election day in Colorado, but election day in November will be one of accountability and retribution.                                             





    • Voyageur says:

      Allyncooper, you are a whack job.

    • 2Jung2Die says:

      Logic and accuracy test: if this happened because of open borders, why were they in a trailer?

    • JohnNorthofDenver says:

      And this never happened under Trump… It did?… Demoncrats won't let the church run the government!

      This is what you got? That by not putting children in cages the migrant convoys that started under Trump will continue? 

      Get a check up from the neck up.

    • JohnInDenver says:

      As accurate as usual, allyncooper

      U.S. President Joe Biden said Tuesday that the deaths of migrants who were in the back of a tractor-trailer in Texas were "horrifying and heartbreaking."

      "While we are still learning all the facts about what happened and the Department of Homeland Security has the lead for the investigation, initial reports are that this tragedy was caused by smugglers or human traffickers who have no regard for the lives they endanger and exploit to make a profit," he said in a statement shortly after arriving in Spain on the second stop of a trip in Europe.

      Full statement is here.

      And earlier, Aboard Air Force One, En Route Madrid, Spain.  The press "gaggle" during the flight.

      Q    Can you tell us about what the White House’s reaction is to this incident in San Antonio with the migrants found in the truck and if this points to a larger problem on the border?

      MS. JEAN-PIERRE:  It’s devastating.  So, we’re closely monitoring the absolutely horrific and heartbreaking reports out of San Antonio, Texas.  And I can tell you the President has been briefed and is going to continue to be regularly updated.

      Our prayers are with those who tragically lost their lives, their loved ones, as well as those still fighting for their lives.

      We’re also grateful for the swift work of federal, state, and local first responders. 

      As Secretary Mayorkas said, “Far too many lives have been lost…[to] this dangerous journey.”  We will continue to take action to disrupt human smuggling networks, which have no regard for lives.  They explo- — exploit and endanger in order to make a profit.

      As you know, the Department of Homeland Security is closely handling this and watching this as well.  So, any specifics, I would refer you to them.


  5. Lauren Boebert is a Worthless POS says:

    Has anyone else watched today’s 1/6 hearing?

    According to Cassidy Hutchison, Mark Meadow’s assistant, after his speech at the Ellipse, Trump wanted to go to the Capitol, Secret Service said, they got in the car, and as the driver started driving back to the White House, Trump tried to grab the wheel. When the head of his detail held him back, he then tried to grab the agent’s throat.

    She also testified about temper tantrums complete with throwing his lunch against the wall in the presidential dining room.  

    They should have entitled the hearing, “Sociopath on the Edge of a Nervous Breakdown.”

  6. kwtree says:

    Someone who understands “ Crypto Mining”

    a. What the hell is it?

    b. Why do they need to do it in Olathe?


    • harrydoby says:

      It takes massive computer farms burning megawatts of electricity to run the powerful algorithms to generate ("mine") each crypto coin, as well as calculate every transaction that each coin makes.  At least this one is using solar power, whereas in China, much of it is from coal-burning sources.

      The decision in 2021 by China — once home to three-quarters of the world’s crypto mines — to ban the activity has sent crypto miners scrambling to find new homes, with rural areas in the U.S. with access to cheap power seen as prime locations.



  7. MartinMark says:

    So, I am an unaffiliated voter.  I am tempted to vote the Republican ballot.  I’m not that passionate either way about the Dem choices in the primary.  But I’d love to vote for a couple moderate Repubs.  Just to screw with the party I guess.  And because that is who I’d rather see run.

    My main hesitation is not wanting to be on the public record as having voted in a Republican primary. eww.

  8. Denise Spencer says:

    I'm an independent now, I gave up on the right wing do nothing dem party after they supported Bennet over Karen Breslin. I threw my ballot in the trash. I'll vote for the state dems I guess. I'd hate to see republicans take over the state but dems inaction will hurt them down ballot. I have little hope and see no happy ending. Republicans will take the house and senate easily. Colorado will remain in dems hands but republicans don't have problems passing federal legislation like dems do. If Biden runs again he will lose. His poll numbers will get worse becasue of his inaction after Roe. Dem leaders don't get it and don't care that republicans theocratic coup has already happened. They even helped with the primary against Hennery Cuellar. Have a Great Day!

    • Lauren Boebert is a Worthless POS says:

      "I threw my ballot in the trash"

      Good. Morons shouldn't vote. You did us all a favor.

      • Voyageur says:

        Denise would have to go back tobschool for years to work her way up to moron!

        • Denise Spencer says:

          Poor little boo boos don't want to admit the obvious and they think they have a clue about state politics. How cute and sad at the same time. Why they can't respond in a civil or informed manner.
          Dems will keep colo blue.
          Dems will keep the state legislature blue.
          Dems will lose the house and senate big time. 
          I stated Bidens numbers would go down because of his inaction. They have.
          I guess shooting the messenger is all the right wing neo liberals excuse for corp fascism have to challenge the obvious outcomes in the midterms.
          Enjoy your little world little boys. Do you need a glass of warm milk, it's your nap time.
          and no, I won't be voting for Bennet or Pettersen my right wing house candidate. But they will both win. I wish they wouldn't, they don't deserve to, they are useless like republicans are. But keep driving independents away from the dem party, I'm sure that will help. It is only policy that can get my vote, not a letter in front of ones name. Have a great day!


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