Twelve Reasons Women Will Vote for Obama

(We appreciate the effort scanning these mailers in – promoted by Colorado Pols)

Want to see what the DNC’s been mailing to female likely voters around the country?

Only men currently live at my address, but we briefly had a 30-year-old woman (and regular voter) living with us, and she must have registered to vote here last year at some point.

Here’s 2 of the 12 pieces of mail she’s gotten from the DNC in the last three weeks (posted with her permission, name/address redacted). Hit the comments for the rest, then answer the poll!

Number 13

Pulpit rock

Ten more in the comments. A poll on effectiveness after the jump.

Which one fact is most persuasive in these mailers?

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  1. DanleySteel says:

    For those counting along, yes, I’m counting each side of a piece as a touch. It was more work than I expected to scan all of these, so I figure each side should count for one. 🙂 newhealthcarelaw.comPulpit rockPulpit rock

    Pulpit rockPulpit rock

    Pulpit rockPulpit rock


  2. nancycronk says:

    I’m a D woman living in a household of all D men (husband and 2 sons who vote) and I haven’t received any of these. Maybe your former housemate is an I or a U. (?)

  3. Pita says:

    This is well done and kudos to you, Danley.  

    I am a U but then I may not be in the age demo they are targeting in this mailing.  Could be they will send a slightly different one out to Seniors (over 65).  It’s a good piece however it is being used.

  4. rocco says:

    would say, “Why didn’t the DNC, the Administration, and every person you can think of, get this out at the signing of the ACA”?

    There’s no doubt SCOTUS took this purely on political grounds. Shame on them.

    When you have a Justice of the Supreme Court quoting Frank Luntz, it’s pretty clear the deck’s rigged.

    It’s true, the republican misinformation campaign took advantage of America’s “Jersey Shore” mentality, with little slogans, 3 word hits, and the like, and painted a negative picture of the ACA.

    When asked about its’ components in your poll, 4 0f 6 voters said “all of the above”.

    A tiny poll, but I’ve heard it over and over.

    This is actually a hugely popular law.

    Similar to the way Unions tend to make the wages and benefits on the periphery better, even people that demonize the ACA are benefiting from it.

    Quietly utilizing it, and liking it.

    Insurance companies love it. Care to indigent families, people that never had a check up before. Kids covered till 26. No pre-existing conditions.

    The very idea that these thugs demonize something that benefits so many people is disgusting.

    Probably the biggest flaw in the ACA, other than no single payer component,  is that the President’s not completely white.

    Nothing “unconstitutional” about the very “mandate” the same rethugs calling it illegal in 2012 were screaming for in ’93.

    One really positive thing that comes out of reading some nasty, nonsensical, snarky, fabricated, bullshit post by any red troll is that it motivates me to go out the next day or week or month and volunteer my ass off for the Democrats, my wife’s and my future, and for the Americans coming up.

    And thanks for this thread.

    Women will decide this election, and that’s how it should be. Good for you ladies, you deserve the best.

    The most powerful message this year, this election just might be:


  5. Sir Robin says:

    The “Balance Sheet” looks like this:


    Economic and political disaster ending in high unemployment, high gas prices and high interest rates.

    An honest and deeply religious man voted in following the scandal-plagued Nixon Administration to restore America’s faith in government.


    Turned the Carter economy around, cut taxes, cut unemployment, lowered gas prices and “won” The Cold War.

    More than doubled 200+ years of National Debt by the end of his presidency, “solving” every problem by putting it on the National Credit Card (ie: “he borrowed it”), including spending the Soviet Union into oblivion by forcing them into a costly arms race that bankrupted their country (and nearly ours too in the process.) Reagan also RAISED taxes four of his eights years in office to offset the exploding National Debt he saw himself creating.


    The less said about him, the better. “Was no Reagan”. “Would of won reelection were it not for that danged Ross Perot.”

    Called Reagan’s economic plan of increased spending while cutting taxes, “voodoo economics”. Then tried to do Reaganomics without the tax cuts. Presidency ended in Recession, giving rise to the Clinton battle-cry: “It’s the economy, stupid!”


    A “philandering, pot-smoking draft-dodger.” Credit for his economic success is given to the Republican control of Congress following their capture of both houses of Congress in 1994 (reversing 44 years of unbroken Democratic control of the House.) Impeached for lying to Congress about having an affair with a young intern that “disgraced the office of the president”. Left with an economy “headed for a recession”.

    Reversed 12 years of Reagan/Bush economic disaster, brought unemployment to a 40-year low, streamlined and shrank the size of government, balanced the Budget and left his successor a projected surplus of $250 Billion dollars. “Impeachment” was the result of an eight-year Republican witch-hunt with a Special Prosecutor (Ken Starr) who leaped from one phony “gate” (Whitewater, “trooper-gate”, even Socks-the-cat’s Fan Club was investigated for misappropriation of tax dollars to buy stamps for his newsletter) to the next, until they were able to get him for lying under oath regarding a personal matter.


    “Inherited” a Recession from Bill Clinton, made worse by the attacks of 9/11. Cut taxes across the board. “Liberated” Iraq and “got” Saddam Hussein.

    The Republicans in control of Congress during the “Clinton economic success” were THE VERY SAME REPUBLICANS in control of Congress when Bill Clinton supposedly “handed Bush-43 a recession”. Bush-43: all the spending of Reagan without the tax increases. You know the rest.

    Bring it on.


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